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Advanced Wound Care Team Welcomes new Biosurgery Analyst

Posted by Susan Paquette on 7/31/17 9:34 AM

Doug Devens has joined SmartTRAK to cover new Hemostats & Sealants area including Surgical Matrices

SmartTRAK is happy to introduce you to the newest member of the SmartTRAK team, Doug Devens, PhD. Doug will be heading up our Biosurgery efforts, including our newest segment in Advanced Wound Care, Hemostats and Sealants; and Surgical Matrices – both Hernia and Breast. The new Hemostats & Sealants area covers over 27 companies and 55 products on a global basis, with several currently in development.

Doug Devens
Advanced Wound Care Analyst, Biosurgery

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Topics: Wound Care-Biosurgery, Wound Care-Advanced Wound Care

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