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SAWC Spring 2024: Highlighting the Hot Topic of Skin Substitute Reimbursement

6/19/24 11:55 AM

SAWC Spring 2024 v2 copyThe proposed MAC LCDs for Skin Substitutes/CTPs was the hot topic of SAWC and will continue to be until the LCDs are finalized. In this article, SmartTRAK highlights new learnings from discussions at SAWC and the MAC open meetings.

The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Spring 2024 meeting welcomed clinicians, researchers and industry to Orlando, FL, to learn, earn continuing education credits, share knowledge and network on the latest developments in advanced wound care. As is typical during SAWC, the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders also held a meeting of their members. With the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) recently announced proposed changes in the Local Coverage Determination (LCD) governing Skin Substitutes/CTPs (cellular and/or tissue-based products), the Alliance pivoted and invited an expert to speak to the group about how the LCD process works and what laws govern what can be done at the MAC level versus the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) levels. Kudos go out to the team at the Alliance for bringing this meeting together. In addition to the Alliance meeting at SAWC, the MACs held open meetings for these LCDs from May 16 to May 29, and anyone, including manufacturers, could present comments, make a request and provide evidence. SmartTRAK participated in several of these meetings.

In this downloadable article, SmartTRAK gives an overview of LCDs, how they are drafted, the coverage limitations by wound type, issues surrounding evidence for inclusion on the covered list and an implementation timeline. For more information on what the proposed LCDs cover, see also “Medicare Administrative Contractors’ (MACs) LCD Changes: Impact on Skin Substitutes/CTPs.

The following subjects are covered in detail in this downloadable article:

  • The Process for Drafting LCDs
    As background, CMS governs the process for drafting the LCDs in their Medicare Program Integrity Manual (PIM) in Chapter 13, which was most recently updated in 2019 with almost every section re-written. These changes include ... (read more)

  • Coverage Limitations
    The LCD is a literal guide to what is allowed and, conversely, what is automatically denied within the limits written in the LCD. The LCDs for Skin Substitutes/CTPs are for ... (read more)

  • Missing or New Evidence and Reconsiderations
    One area that generated the most questions from manufacturers was how to address coverage decisions if the MAC working groups are missing recently published evidence or have evidence currently in development. The comment submission period was ... (read more)

  • Timeline for LCD Implementation
    During the MAC open meetings, participants had several questions regarding the timeline for LCD implementation, and some requested a delay in implementation. The following timeline applies to all LCDs ... (read more)

Just click the button below to download and read the complete "SAWC Spring 2024: Highlighting the Hot Topic of Skin Substitute Reimbursement" Perspective article by Jay Merkel, SmartTRAK Sr. Analyst.
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Jay Merkel
Written by Jay Merkel

Senior Analyst - 20+ years’ commercial experience in the medical device and technology industries including senior and executive roles at both start up and large organizations such as Integra Life Sciences, BD, Olympus Inc. and B. Braun Medical.

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