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Desert Foot 2023: Caring for Patients with DFUs

3/12/24 9:30 AM

Desert Foot 2024 HEADER FINALEstablished and innovative new biologic products share space at Desert Foot 2023.

The diabetic population in the US continues to rise, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimating that ~11.3% of US adults will be diagnosed with diabetes in 2021, the vast majority having Type II. The number of diabetics is even higher in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), where one in four (25%) has diabetes, according to recent statistics published in VA News.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Type II diabetes can eventually lead to high blood sugar levels, which can cause disorders of the circulatory, nervous and immune systems. One ailment that often arises with diabetes is the occurrence of a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) due to poor blood flow and neuropathy that many of these patients experience. The prevalence of a DFU varies with age, ranging from two percent in younger adults to eight percent in adults 65 and older.

In this article, which can be downloaded here, SmartTRAK reports on:

  • Skin Substitute Market Leaders at Desert Foot
    • Four of the top five US skin substitute/ CTP companies had a strong presence at the meeting. They were ... (read more)

  • Companies and innovations that caught SmartTRAK’s attention, including:
    • MicroVascular Tissues (MVT) - Featured mVASC, an off-the-shelf human tissue allograft consisting of ... (read more)
    • Fidia US - Showcased its newly launched Wound Care line of products, including ... (read more)
    • Merakris Therapeutics - Provides Dermacyte Amniotic Wound Care Matrix (Dermacyte Matrix) to the market as a skin substitute. However, at Desert Foot, the company discussed its ongoing clinical trial to investigate ... (read more)
    • Omeza - Presented its unique Omeza Complete Matrix (OCM) product and started the presentation by stating, “Omeza is not a Collagen Dressing or Product!! OCM is not a Dressing.” The company described OCM as ... (read more)

      To download and read the complete "Desert Foot 2024" article by Susan Paquette, SmartTRAK VP & General Manager, Wound, just click the button below.
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Susan Paquette
Written by Susan Paquette

Susan Paquette, MS, MBA | Vice President and General Manager, Wound. 25+ years' experience in new business development, R&D, international and marketing. Director, New Business Development & Commercialization, 3M Health Care; Technical Director, 3M Medical.

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