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Digital Solutions in the Wound Care Arena: An Interview w/ Sofia Heddson Fransén

11/8/22 9:00 AM

....ANIKO Digital Solutions HEADER copySofia Heddson Fransén, Essity’s Global Solution Owner, Intelligent Medical Solutions discusses the Company’s recent digital app launch as well as current and future trends in the digital field in an interview with SmartTRAK at SAWC Fall 2022.

Digital healthcare plays an increasingly important role in healthcare today. In the face of global concerns related to epidemics and pandemics, high costs and the effects of staff shortages, digital health-related technology continues to grow in importance and evolve. A broad scope of stakeholders are involved in the digital health field, including patients, practitioners, application developers and medical device manufacturers and distributors.

To find out more about Essity and the Company’s initiatives around digital solutions in wound care, click the video below to listen to the interview in which Sofia Heddson Fransén, Essity’s Global Solution Owner, Intelligent Medical Solutions, discusses the Company’s recent digital app launch and what the current and future trends in the digital field (05.33 min) are. A link to download the complete interview transcript is also provided below.

Download the Interview Transcript

SmartTRAK: This is Anikó Szekér from SmartTRAK here at SAWC Fall in Las Vegas. I'm joined by Sofia Heddson Fransén, Global Solution Owner, Intelligent Medical Solutions at Essity, the Swedish company that develops, produces and sells consumer goods, health and medical, as well as professional hygiene products across the globe. Sofia, welcome.

Sofia Heddson Fransén: Thank you so much for inviting me. I'm very happy to be here.

Thank you. Let's start with your title and position at Essity. It says Intelligent Medical Solutions. How would you describe it, what would you mean by that in the medical area?

SHF: Yes. So, I work with global solutions that support our wound care business. So wound care is my passion and that means that we have to complement our fantastic products with solutions that help before and after the process of treating a patient.

That's clear. And I know that last year you launched “Cutimed Wound Navigator” as a digital solution. Could you describe a little bit about the future around the app and especially how was it accepted and perceived by healthcare professionals?

SHF: Yes. So, we started out in Germany. They did a fantastic project around launching this tool in their country and it was very much appreciated. We have a large offering of our products and it is sometimes difficult to find the right one when you are treating your patients. Plus, also the wound assessment part is where our healthcare professionals get the help of being more consistent and also finding the right path in the jungle of treating patients in the best way. So very good reception.

And then what we've done since then is we've launched in six more countries focusing on Europe. And just now, we're actually working on seven more countries to come. And now we're actually going more global to ...

To download and read the rest of this fascinating interview with Essity's Sofia Heddson Fransén in which she discusses the market landscape and future trends re "Digital Solutions in the Wound Care Arena", just click the button below. Download the Interview Transcript

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Anikó Szekér
Written by Anikó Szekér

Senior Analyst, Wound Care - 10+ years of medical device experience, Wound Care and Surgical single-use products. Most recently responsible for Marketing Manager Eastern Europe Wound Care and Surgical function at Mölnlycke. Anikó is based in Hungary.

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