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SmartTRAK Patent Watch - Computer Assisted Surgery

2/14/20 9:30 AM

CAS January Update with logoAll SmartTRAK subscribers receive a Daily Updates email containing content curated by our analysts, all former marketing, R&D or competitive intelligence professionals with leading medical device companies. The updates contain the latest need-to-know news from earnings calls, conferences, studies, patent filings, new products and more. It's the perfect way to start your day!

Here are some highlights from the Computer Assisted Surgery patent filings from January 2020 that were picked up by our analysts, posted on SmartTRAK, and included in the Daily Updates email.

Smith & Nephew’s US Patent Application “TECHNOLOGIES FOR INTRA-OPERATIVE LIGAMENT BALANCING USING MACHINE LEARNING” was published describing a system providing real-time sensor data and applying machine learning to determine the next intra-op ligament balancing step. 20200000400

Medtronic Navigation’s US Patent “Automatic identification of instruments” was issued describing a system that determines instrument info such as type, size, number of uses, etc., that is sent to a surgical navigation system for intraop tracking of the instrument. 10,517,680

MAKO's US Patent "Systems and methods for guiding an instrument using haptic object with collapsing geometry" was granted describing an instrument’s haptic boundary that constrains its axis from being moved to an angle substantially larger than its current orientation. 10,441,364

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Orthosoft's US Patent Application "COMPUTER-ASSISTED HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY" was published describing a computer-assisted navigation system for hip replacement surgery that is not CT based. 20190307509

Ethicon’s US Patent “Methods, systems, and devices for controlling a motor of a robotic surgical system” was granted describing the use of a motor capable of generating an electromagnetic field to drive a surgical robotic system. 10,478,258

Auris Health's US Patent "Navigation of tubular networks" was granted describing improved algorithms for navigation of instruments such as endoscopes through tubular networks such as lung airways. 10,482,599

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Lindsey Wolejko
Written by Lindsey Wolejko

Senior Director Commerical Marketing. 12+ years experience in marketing and branding with a strong focus on healthcare and finance. Roles in Account Management and Brand Strategy with the likes of Ogilvy and Connecticut's top shop, Cronin. MBA in consulting from the University of Connecticut's School of Business.

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