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Meet Nate Greenlee, Product Director

8/28/19 10:05 AM

Meet the Nate GreenleeNate Greenlee has joined the SmartTRAK team as Product Director. Nate has 20+ years experience as a startup founder and executive. Before joining SmartTRAK, Nate helped launch software, big data and new space companies, spanning the financing gamut from bootstrapped, angel-funded and VC funded companies, including Space Adventures, LTD., which  has currently sold over $500 Million in Private Space Flights to the International Space Station.

Nate, a Colorado native, is also highly active in his community, helping in several capacities such as Community College Of Aurora Entrepreneurship Advisor, WeWork Veterans In Residence Mentor, Denver Founders Network Organizer, and the former Denver Startup Week Founder & Growth Track Chair.

Nate also flew in the Ilyushin Il-76 Zero-G plane in Star City, Russia, and worked in Antarctica for the National Science Foundation at the age of 18.

Meet Nate Greenlee:

1. What is your role with SmartTRAK? I am the product director, which essentially means that I'm the champion of the SmartTRAK platform. I serve multiple stakeholders so I will constantly be asking questions and listening. Internally, how can I improve the product for the analysts that use it every day and for the commercial team to make their jobs easier? Externally, how can we improve the product so that it performs the best for our customers?

2. What do you like about SmartTRAK? I enjoy working with fellow super-passionate, committed professionals and executive management. It's a great product as well.

3. What is something special or unique that you bring to SmartTRAK subscribers? Again, I am an advocate for the product and the subscribers. So, I'm always asking how can we make the product better for the customers? This means that I am the customer’s best friend. 

4. How/why did you get into the life sciences industry? I’ve spent most of my career in software and with startups. Life sciences is a huge market and one that can improve and ultimately save people's lives. I've done a lot of interesting things, but literally saving lives is incredible work. To be a part of an industry like this one is meaningful. Everyone I’ve met is super passionate and working on interesting things. 

5. What are your favorite online websites or resources that you check every day? The WSJ, Denver Post, Boulder Daily Camera, SmartTRAK, LinkedIn Feeds, and France24 to get a world perspective. 

6. How do you stay current on what’s going on in the industry? Obviously SmartTrak, The WSJ, and The Economist. 

7. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Super-endurance. 

8. What was the last show you binge-watched? Stranger Things. 

9. What is your life like outside of SmartTRAK? (family, kids, pets? What can we find you doing when you’re not working?) My family and extended family are largely in Colorado. Every chance that I can get I'm in the mountains or exploring the state and region hiking, biking, skiing etc. When not working or in the outdoors I’m learning/reading something. 

10. What are you the most excited about for your upcoming year at SmartTRAK? The chance to make a better product. A product that internal and external customers rave about.


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