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Q419/FY19 Total Joints Recap: US Market Strengthens

3/19/20 10:00 AM

Q419 Total Joints Header V2Product Mix Shift and Improved Pricing Strengthens US Total Joints Market

In the US, revenue in the Total Joints market for Q419 achieved much stronger growth compared to Q418, according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard. Both Hip and Knee Replacement market segments saw growth acceleration. Keep in mind that this growth does not include revenue generated by the sale of robotic systems and associated disposables. The Total Joints market is typically seasonal with a dip in sales during Q3 with recovery in Q4. However, Q419’s uptick seemed particularly strong benefiting from mix shift in products, including the increasing popularity of cementless knees and dual mobility hips.

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q419 US Total Joints Market Recap* are:

  • Complete Market Overview and Highlights
  • Knee Overview: Robotic Pull-Through and Cementless Knee Adoption Driving Growth
  • Hip Overview: Share Gap Narrows Among Market Leaders
  • Q419 Regulatory Highlights and 510(k) Clearances

For FY19, US Total Joints posted its strongest growth of the last four years at 2.9% reaching nearly $XXX Blurred. Both Hip and Knee market segments ended the year strong with growth accelerating throughout the year. US Hips increased 3.4% to almost $XXX Blurred while Knee grew 2.6% to over $XXX Blurred. In addition to the positive mix shift in implants, easing pricing pressure also helped drive growth during the year.

Read the entire Q419 Total Joints Market Recap including news, data, charts, company revenues and analysis*...

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Lisa Mahan
Written by Lisa Mahan

20+ years' experience in orthopedic industry, including 12 years at J&J DePuy Orthopaedics. Competitive Intelligence Analyst and e-Marketing manager at J&J DePuy Orthopaedics.

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