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SmartTRAK Patent Watch - Advanced Wound Care

2/21/20 10:05 AM

Skin Graft HeaderAll SmartTRAK subscribers receive a Daily Updates email containing content curated by our analysts, all former marketing, R&D or competitive intelligence professionals with leading medical device companies. The updates contain the latest need-to-know news from earnings calls, conferences, studies, patent filings, new products and more. It's the perfect way to start your day!

Here are some highlights from recent Advanced Wound Care patent filings that were picked up by our analysts, posted on SmartTRAK, and included in the Daily Updates email.

S&N was granted US Patent “Apparatus for topical negative pressure therapy” describing a topical negative pressure (TNP) therapy apparatus under the control of negative pressure within a wound dressing. 10,561,769

Mölnlycke’s US Patent Application “CONNECTOR SYSTEM FOR A NEGATIVE PRESSURE WOUND THERAPY SYSTEM” was published describing a connector that allows for the provision of a correct level of negative pressure at the wound site w/ a flexible, safe and convenient system. 20200054804

3M was granted US Patent “Conformable drape cover dressing” relating to a conformable wound dressing system that includes a wound dressing and a dressing support layer. 10,561,536

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3M/KCI’s US Patent Application “FLUID-ASSISTED SKIN GRAFT HARVESTING” was published relating to methods and devices for generating and harvesting skin grafts having improved properties for ensuring efficient and consistent blister formationm and discomfort. 20200046395

BSN Medical was issued US Patent “Medical dressing“ describing a nitric oxide-releasing medical dressing with a modular structure consisting of at least two layers for the treatment of chronic wounds. 10,543,293

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Lindsey Wolejko
Written by Lindsey Wolejko

Senior Director Commerical Marketing. 12+ years experience in marketing and branding with a strong focus on healthcare and finance. Roles in Account Management and Brand Strategy with the likes of Ogilvy and Connecticut's top shop, Cronin. MBA in consulting from the University of Connecticut's School of Business.

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