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The Effect of Clinical Trial Investment On Hernia Matrices Revenues

6/14/22 9:30 AM

Effect of CLinical Trials HeaderSmartTRAK investigates recent trends in hernia repair clinical trials and how these trends relate to competition in the hernia repair market. Using a new SmartTRAK tool to analyze data in clinicaltrials.gov, SmartTRAK describes shifting trends in hernia repair research with company-sponsored studies and randomized controlled trials (RCTs)

The worldwide hernia matrices market was dominated by synthetic (e.g. polypropylene or PTFE) matrices that have 71.4% of the total market. The large hernia market opportunity is controlled by competitors like Becton Dickinson* (BD), JNJ*/Ethicon*, Medtronic* and AbbVie*. The hernia matrices market is mature with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of only +1.8% between the years of 2013 and 2021 (excluding 2020 due to its impact on procedure volume). However, research-backed technological advancements (e.g. the Phasix* biosynthetic matrix) have shown larger growth, nearing double digits.

Historically, clinical trials investigating hernia repair were equally focused on inguinal hernias and ventral hernias, while fewer trials focused on other indications (e.g. parastomal). Researchers conducted roughly equal numbers of inguinal and ventral hernia trials until growth in the number of inguinal hernia studies slowed and then peaked in 2015. Ventral hernia studies continued their growth until 2010 when they slowed. The COVID-19 pandemic may account for part of the decline in inguinal hernia trials and the peak in ventral hernia studies in 2020, though it’s too early to know if these are trends or temporary disruptions ...

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Doug Devens
Written by Doug Devens

20 years of diverse medical device experience, including leading companies 3M, Coloplast and Boston Scientific, along with emerging companies. Leadership experience in product development, including championing the process for voice of customer and concept feedback sessions with key thought leaders.

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