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Duramesh: MSI’s Novel Suturable Mesh: An Interview w/ Gregory Dumanian, MD

By Doug Devens on 1/11/22 8:00 AM

In an interview with SmartTRAK, Mesh Suture, Inc. (MSI) Founder Gregory Dumanian MD, discusses the Company and its novel suturable mesh that has the potential to change how hernias and other conditions are treated.

MSI is commercializing a novel suturable mesh that combines a mesh’s ability to distribute forces and support tissue with the precise placement and minimal foreign body presence of a suture. In a time when patients and physicians are rethinking how mesh is used in hernia treatment, MSI’s Duramesh offers the potential of retaining the durability of mesh repair with less foreign body presence. Today, the Company is running clinical trials and building evidence to support regulatory clearance in the United States. To find out more about the Company and its operation, SmartTRAK talked with Gregory Dumanian, MD, Chief of Plastic Surgery at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Founder & Medical Officer of MSI and the inventor of the new technology.

Click on the following video to listen to SmartTRAK Senior Analyst Doug Devens’ interview with Dr. Dumanian, which was recorded via Zoom audio (24: 35 min). A link to download a complete transcript of the interview is also provided below.

Topics: Biosurgery
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Regaining its Pre-Pandemic Stride: Q321 US Hemostats & Sealants Market Recap

By Doug Devens on 1/7/22 9:30 AM

The US market for Hemostats and Sealants regained its pre-pandemic stride in Q321 as many procedures mostly returned to normal volumes.

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