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What's New in Wound Care in China

10/7/22 11:13 AM

China Whats Neew in Wound CareAs one of the fastest growing markets globally, China is a key market for companies competing in the Advanced Dressings Market. China is the second largest Advanced Dressings Market in the world and is projected to grow in the high single digits over the next five years according to SmartTRAK estimates. Not surprisingly, most of the global leaders in the Advanced Dressings Market have a presence in China, either via distributors or a direct sales force or through manufacturing sites, including Coloplast, WEGO, Mölnlycke and Smith+Nephew, among others.

To find out more about these companies and what’s new in the China Advanced Dressings Market, SmartTRAK highlights market updates covering the top news on new products, clinical studies, deals/financing, market trends, clinical/regulatory and company revenues. Following are some recent updates that were gathered and curated by our expert analysts and sent out to subscribers in SmartTRAK's Daily Updates. To discover how to learn more about the China Advanced Dressings Market, click here.

New Products:

  • China NMPA Approvals in August

    In August 2022, NMPA approved 210 medical devices. Among them, 161 were domestic Class III devices, 25 imported Class III and 22 imported Class II devices. One NPWT kit from Nantong Changyu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was the only wound care product.

  • ForYou Medical announced that they received a China NMPA approval for LUOFUCON Silicone Foam to be sold in China. Class III, National Machinery Note 20223140748. The dressing is manufactured by ForYou Medical, available in several anatomical shapes.

  • Winner Medical shared that in 2021, they received China NMPA Class II and III approval for a Silicone Gel Foam Dressing and Foam Dressing allowing them to be sold in China.


  • Foryou Medical Devices Co.*

    ForYou Medical’s China Patent “Wound dressings and negative pressure wound therapy devices” was publishedCN202210082159.7

  • Zhende’s China Patent Application “A silicone gel foam dressing” was published, comprising an outer layer, a water-locking layer, a foam layer, an adhesive layer and a protective layer.CN202122625773.7

  • Top Medical’s China Patent Application “A dressing containing nano-silver functional hydrocolloid” was published, a dressing that comprises a transparent layer, an absorption layer, an alginate layer, an antibacterial layer and an isolation layer. CN202123029195.7


  • Treatment of Chest Wall Tuberculosis Ulcer

    A 12-pt retrospective study in China of partial de-epidermal local flap in repair of tuberculous chest wall defect wounds found the method successful in treating this rare condition. Chinese Journal of Burns

  • Factors Associated w/ DFU Healing in China

    A retro analysis of 520 pts assessed factors associated with 3 month healing outcomes. Healing occurred in 33.9% of pts; 19.1% underwent minor amputation. Smaller and larger, older and ischemic/neuroischemic ulcers were negatively associated with healing. Adv Skin WoundCare

  • NPWT Effect on Poor Healing of Abdominal Surgery

    A 42-pt study in China on the clinical effect of NPWT for the treatment of poorly healing incisions after different abdominal operations showed that intestinal fistula and bile leakage were risk factors to consider.


  • Zhende*

    Zhende announced the acquisition of Shanghai ISO Medical Health Products Co., Ltd (SIMP) for $61.9MM (CNY 400.0MM). SIMP manufactures central IV access products, as well as advanced wound care dressings including cotton gauze, island dressings, films and silicone foam dressings.

  • Winner Medical
    Over the last 2 mos, Winner Medical has announced three deals inChina, using funds from pandemic-related revenue, signaling aggressive growth plans. Longterm Medical (Innomed), Ping An Medical Equipment and Guilin Latex were acquired for a total of $272.6MM (CNY 1.83B).


  • China Wound Dressing Registration Guidelines 

    NMPA in China published registration guidelines for 27 medical devices, including Guidelines for the review of registration of non-chronic wound dressings.

  • Winner Medical*

    Winner Medical announced that the recently acquired Zhejiang Longterm Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Innomed) includes 4 Class III and 21 Class II products approved for sale in China by NMPA. 300888 H122 Earnings Presentation

  • Medical Devices Exempt from Clinical Evaluation
    China NMPA published a proposed new and revised list of medical devices exempt from clinical evaluation. Related to wound care is that wall suction pumps in hospitals and clinics, often used for NPWT, may be exempt.


  • Q222 AWC Market Recap - China Dressings
    Interesting dynamics in China recently, where the leader Coloplast reported declining growth in Q222, at the same time as domestic companies Winner Medical grew +266.7% in H122 (+112.8% organic), and Zhende grew Wound & Ostomy by +241.0% in H122. SmartTRAK Q222 AWC Market Recap*

  • China's Unique Age Distribution
    The age distribution in China is a bit unique, largely caused by the one-child policy, which soon will make the non-working population larger than the working population, putting a strain on the health care system. SmartTRAK China Advanced Dressings*

  • China Wound Dressings Market
    Most manufacturers of advanced dressings in China have the majority of their revenue generated as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Many of them are now launching their own brands in China, taking shares from international companies. SmartTRAK China Advanced Dressings*


  • Huibo Medical*

    For H122, Henan Huibo Medical reported revenue of $10.3MM (CNY 70.4MM), +11.7% vs H121. Currently, they have 90 sales reps covering China. Plans to establish sales agencies in Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Japan and other countries. 838460 H122 Earnings Report

  • Coloplast*

    Coloplast reported that in Q3FY22 , their wound revenue in China declined due to COVID-19 related restrictions. Outside China, growth in procedure levels is largely back to pre-pandemic levels. COLO B Q322 Earnings Release*

  • Chinese Companies Growing Strong
    SmartTRAK notes strong growth for China-based companies. Winner Medical* grew Adv Dressings +266.7% in H122. Zhende* grew Wound & Ostomy by +241.0% in H122. These are largely acquisition-driven and are a mix of OEM and direct sales. Find out more by clicking on the company links.

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Lennart Stadler
Written by Lennart Stadler

Senior Analyst, Wound Care

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