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Advanced Wound Dressings: 2024 Market Outlook

2/20/24 9:30 AM

AWC OUTLOOK 2023 From OEM manufacturers getting dressings approved in the US to pressure injury prevention focus - SmartTRAK takes a closer look at what to keep an eye on in 2024.

SmartTRAK forecasts the WW Advanced Wound Dressing Market will grow at a 5-year CAGR of +5.2%. The market grew +5.2% in Q323 and +5.6% in the first three quarters of 2023. Advanced Wound Dressings is a market spread relatively evenly across geographies, with Europe currently representing a 44.1% share of the 2023 worldwide (WW) market, the US representing 27.9% and the ROW 28.0%.

Looking ahead, SmartTRAK sees three trends continuing in 2024. They are:

  • Growing Use of OEM Manufacturers in the US
    In the US, most dressings require 510(k) clearance by the FDA. A strong trend in recent years is that original equipment manufacturer (OEM) providers have been getting their products approved for sale in the US and then ... (read more)

  • Major Players Investing in Infrastructure
    Another trend of interest is more activity than usual from leading companies investing in infrastructure. SmartTRAK examines recent events and the potential drivers behind those decisions ... (read more)

  • Growth in Dressings for Pressure Injury Prevention
    SmartTRAK expects the use of dressings for pressure injury prevention to be a key growth driver in the Advanced Wound Dressing Market in the coming years. The trend is supported by an increasing body of evidence indicating that ... (read more)

SmartTRAK has developed an in-depth analysis of the pressure injury prevention market, including the market size for the US, Europe, and the rest of the world (ROW), five-year forward forecasts, clinical and laboratory evidence, key drivers of market growth, and product technologies and claims. To find out more, please click here.

To download and read the complete "Advanced Wound Dressings: 2024 Market Outlook" by Lennart Stadler, SmartTRAK GM, OUS & Sr. Analyst, Wound and Anikó Szekér, SmartTRAK Sr. Analyst, Wound, just click the button below. Read the Article

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Lennart Stadler
Written by Lennart Stadler

Senior Analyst, Wound Care

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