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#INS2017 Exhibit Hall is Open!

Posted by Rebecca Gonzalez on 5/29/17 3:33 PM

And Anne Staylor is off and running!

Meet with Anne Staylor at #INS2017, Senior SmartTRAK Analyst and Managing Editor, and get your questions answered about SmartTRAK and Neuro Therapies business, market and competitive intelligence. 

Meet with Anne Staylor at INS 2017

Anne Staylor at #INS2017 Scotland

While you’re at the Congress, chat with Anne Staylor, BioMedGPS Managing Editor/Neuro Analyst about the trends and competitors in NeuroModulation market! 

#INS2017 Scotland

You can reach Anne by filling out a 3-second online form, or on Twitter @MedtechAnne or simply email her at Anne@BioMedGPS.com .

Anne will happily share with you, the types of Neuro Therapies business intelligence data available on SmartTRAK!

 Meet with Anne Staylor at INS 2017


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