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Key Studies, Trends and Technologies in Neuromodulation

Posted by Anne Staylor on 9/7/17 11:35 AM

International Neuromodulation Society (INS) President Tim Deer, MD discusses important research results as well as key trends and technologies in neuromodulation.

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Timothy Deer, MD, FIPP, President of the International Neuromodulation Society (INS),  at the INS 13th Annual Congress May 26-June 3 highlighted key studies, trends and technologies in neuromodulation in an interview with SmartTRAK in Edinburgh, Scotland...

In the video below, Dr. Deer provides highlights from the REACTIV8 and AVALON clinical trials, provides an overview of the EVOKE study, the first Level 1, blinded, clinical trial in the pain field, and discusses how researchers are beginning to address some of the challenges and inherent biases in spinal cord stimulation (SCS) research.

Other meeting highlights include potentially high-impact technologies, such as brain computer interfaces, trends in non-invasive neuromodulation, and growth in new waveforms, pulse trains, frequencies and closed-loop stimulation for use in the the spinal cord, as well as in the brain, bladder and other areas of the body.

To find out more, including what patient populations will benefit from new technologies and what forces are driving growth in the market for neuromodulation, click below:

Key Questions:

00:14 Can you discuss the “need-to-know” research results from the INS meeting? I.e., the top two studies?

2:05 There was a lot of discussion at INS 2017 regarding the challenges and inherent biases in spinal cord stim studies. Can you discuss those biases and how you’re addressing those in the EVOKE study?

3:48 When can we expect initial results from the EVOKE study?

4:28 What are some of the top technology trends right now in neuromodulation?

5:45 What are some of the potential indications that will be impacted by these new technologies?

6:57 Can you discuss how these new technologies will drive growth in the market?


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