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NASS 2022: Emerging Markets and Trends in Spine

11/3/22 9:30 AM

NASS 2022 Emerging SpineSmartTRAK identified several trends at NASS 2022 that have the potential to improve patient care and drive advancement in the spine market, including the shift of fusion procedures to the ASC setting, a potential tipping point for the adoption of endoscopic spine care, and emerging innovations within the interbody space.

At the North American Spine Society (NASS) 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago, SmartTRAK witnessed a revival in energy that has been absent in recent years due to COVID-19, healthcare disruption and industry M&A integration. Exhibitors had the opportunity to teach attendees about new technology in a multitude of ways – a new live surgical theater was proudly projected throughout the exhibit hall and most companies were equally inviting to conversations about macro technology developments. Though SmartTRAK has seen so much innovation in spine over the recent several years, which of these advancements will truly lead to improved patient care? SmartTRAK identified several trends at NASS 2022 that have the potential to improve patient care and drive growth in the spine market over the coming two-to-five years. These include the shift of procedures from the hospital to outpatient and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) settings, increased adoption and adaptation within surgical approaches and the introduction of custom interbody implants, and many others.

Among the many topics covered in detail in this article are:

  • Site-of-Care Shift: Spine Procedures Migrate from the Hospital to ASCs
    • Complex Spine Surgeries Migrating to ASCs
    • Potential Healthcare Savings with Shift to ASCs
  • Surgical Approach Trends
    • Endoscopic Spine Surgery at a Tipping Point
      • Patient Benefit vs. Cost
      • Training Will Help Drive Adoption
      • LLIF Surgical Technique Flexibility
      • Prone Lateral Interbody Fusion
  • Implant Technology Trends
    • Patient-Matched Interbody
      • Carlsmed aprevo
      • Aurora DEXA-C
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Courtney Sheedy
Written by Courtney Sheedy

15+ years of Global Marketing and Product Development experience dedicated to the spinal medical device market serving in leadership roles for companies like Zimmer Biomet, Alphatec, Corelink and joimax.

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