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Neuromodulation Ramping Up in 2021

8/9/21 10:00 AM

Neuromodulation Ramping UpAs in-person meetings start to ramp up in 2021, SmartTRAK identifies the latest research, technologies and trends from ASPN and the mid-year NANS meetings

In this article, SmartTRAK identifies the latest research, technologies and trends at two recent neuromodulation meetings: the mid-year North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) 2021 meeting, held July 15-18 in Orlando, FL and the American Society of Pain and Neuroscience (ASPN) meeting held in Miami, FL July 22-25. Following are the highlights of the neuromodulation news from these meetings in the areas of expanding indications, digital solutions and peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) as covered by Anne Staylor, SmartTRAK's Executive Editor, VP & GM, Nuero Therapies.

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  • SCS for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
    • In regards to expanded indications, the biggest news during the mid-year NANS meeting happened on Friday, July 16th when FDA approved Nevro’s* (NVRO) HF10 for ... 
  • Non-Surgical Refractory Back Pain.
    • During NVRO’s industry luncheon, Aaron Calodney, MD presented six-month data on 10 kHz SCS for non-surgical refractory back pain (NSRBP) vs CMM ...
  • Advances in Digital Solutions
    • All the major players in neuromodulation continue to advance patient care through innovative digital solutions and platforms designed to improve patient engagement and outcomes, track objective pain measures and ...
  • Boston Scientific: Using AI to Predict and Treat Pain
    • In an interview with SmartTRAK, Nilesh Patel, MD, vice president of medical affairs at Boston Scientific* (BSX), discussed the Company’s latest research into digital initiatives and the IBM project, which is using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies to better understand, predict and ...
  • Medtronic Piloting CareGuide Pro
    • Charlie Covert, VP/GM of MDT’s Pain Therapies, told SmartTRAK that MDT is currently in a pilot phase with the CareGuide Pro, a software app designed to manage the patient’s care journey from pre-implant through follow-up. It will include ...
  • Abbott Advances Remote Programming
    • ABT was the first company to bring remote programming for neuromodulation to the US market through its NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic, which the Company launched in March 2021. Since then, the Company ...
  • Nevro Looks to Boost Omnia Utilization through HFX Connect
    • At NANS, NVRO highlighted its HFX brand platform and its Senza Omnia SCS powered by HFX Connect, the centerpiece of its digital strategy. The full launch of this recent upgrade is currently ...
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Ramping Up
    • There is a growing number of companies, products and research studies in PNS as device manufacturers look to address more focal chronic pain conditions that can be more difficult to treat with SCS or other pain therapies. The market for PNS ...
  • Stimwave Technologies
    • Stimwave was showcasing its recently launched next-gen Freedom* PNS and SCS products at the mid-year NANS meeting, an upgraded platform based on ...
  • Mainstay Medical: Slow, Deliberate Launch in 2021
    • Mainstay Medical initiated a limited market launch of its ReActiv8 implantable Restorative Neurostimulation System in June for the treatment of intractable, mechanical chronic low back pain associated with dysfunction of the lumbar multifidus muscle, a key stabilizing muscle of the low back. The implantable therapy includes ...
  • Moventis PNS
    • At the mid-year NANS meeting, newcomer Pain Specialists Group was showcasing the Moventis PNS, a novel PNS system that received FDA 510(k) clearance in ...
  • Other Important Neuromodulation News
    • Including detailed data, study results and new product info

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Anne Staylor
Written by Anne Staylor

Former Senior Editor, Medtech Insight. +25 years in various leadership roles in business intelligence, marketing, communications, product management, and consulting for medical device industry, hospitals, physician groups, insurers. Registered nurse and former Director of Marketing for a national ambulatory surgery company.

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