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A Whopping Quarter for Biologics: Q123 Advanced Wound Care Market Recap

6/23/23 12:30 PM

....Q123 AWC HEADER copyBiologics had a whopping quarter, Advanced Dressings saw strong gains and External Devices continue to show minimal gains due to traditional NPWT holding down the segment.

The global AWC market is split geographically, with the US accounting for just over half, followed by Europe and then ROW, due to the US using higher technology products and their allowed reimbursement. SmartTRAK has noted shifts in market share, largely driven by currency movements. In Q123, there was less of an impact. From Q221 to Q123, the US went from 52.6% share to 53.1%, Europe from 27.9% to 28.6% and ROW from 19.5% to 18.2%.

Among the many topics covered in detail in SmartTRAK's comprehensive Q123 Advanced Wound Care Market Recap* are:

  • Complete Q123 Advanced Wound Care Market Overview
  • SmartTRAK's Expert Market Analysis and Insights
  • All AWC Companies' News, Revenues, Data, Charts and Market Shares
  • WW Advanced Dressings: Acceleration of Continued Solid Growth
  • Biologics: An Impressive Quarter
    • Skin Substitutes/CTPs
    • Topical Delivery/Drug
    • Collagen/Active Dressings
  • External Devices: Single-use NPWT and Topical Oxygen Therapy Drive Growth
  • Growth Analysis – Currency Having a Less Strong Impact
    • Growth Details for Key Companies in Q123
  • Other Notable Q123 AWC Events

3M remained the global revenue leader in the Q123 WW AWC market, with Smith+Nephew (SNN) is in second place and Mölnlycke rounding out the top three,  with revenues of ...

Read the entire Q123 AWC Market Recap, including SmartTRAK's expert analysis, news, data, charts, company revenues and shares*

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Susan Paquette
Written by Susan Paquette

Susan Paquette, MS, MBA | Vice President and General Manager, Wound. 25+ years' experience in new business development, R&D, international and marketing. Director, New Business Development & Commercialization, 3M Health Care; Technical Director, 3M Medical.

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