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Q318 Extremities Market Recap: Increased Pricing Pressure

1/9/19 9:30 AM

Q318 Extremities Market Recap WristExtremities Fixation decelerates as shoulder replacements remain strong

Q318 WW Extremities Market growth declined sequentially to +3.7%, compared to +6.2% growth in Q2. Steeper growth slowdowns in the fixation market segments – Upper Extremities Fixation at +1.8% and Foot & Ankle Fixation at +1.4% - were due in part to...

Among the many topics covered in SmartTRAK's Q318 Extremities Market Recap are:

  • Q318 Extremities Market Overview
  • Extremities Fixation: Tough Comps, Supply Disruption and Ever-Present Pricing Pressure Impacts Growth
  • Stemless Shoulders Still the New Wave
  • Regulatory Highlights

Extremities powerhouse Stryker posted moderate growth in Q3 as a result of softness in the market and supply issues and the fact that...

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Topics: Orthopedics

Natasha Weeks
Written by Natasha Weeks

13 years' experience in marketing and product development, including 5+ years at DePuy Synthes Trauma - most recently as Product Director at DePuy Synthes Trauma.

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