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Q319 US Infection Prevention: Antimicrobial Devices Leading the Way

12/20/19 11:34 AM

Q319 Inf PreventionPositive gains in the mid-single digits for Q319, a slight decrease from previous quarter

Prevention of HAIs continues to drive measures and practices to reduce Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSIs) and is creating demand for products that can address these issues. In response, numerous programs and educational tools are being launched providing measures and strategies to assist healthcare providers in the prevention and reduction of infection in acute care and other settings.

Last quarter, a coalition of nurses and the AVA launched a drive to support a safety initiative for placing vascular access specialists in every hospital across America. This theme continued at this year’s AVA conference with the mission statement of “Protect the Patient, Educate the Clinician and Save the Line” highlighting the overall focus for the event. Acknowledgment of the importance of the vascular access nurse and team were featured in numerous studies and presentations demonstrating the value of the vascular access team in practice...

Among the many topics covered in the complete, comprehensive Q319 US Infection Prevention Market Recap* are:

  • Complete Market Overview with Q319 Highlights
  • Dressings: Securement and Stabilization of VA Devices
  • Antimicrobial Devices
  • Antimicrobial IV Skin Preps
  • Mechanical Securement Devices
  • Other Q319 Infection Prevention News

According to BioMedGPS' SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard, the Q319 US VA Adjunct Products market saw a solid increase of +3.9% reaching $XXX Blurred for the four segments: Dressings, Antimicrobial Devices, Antimicrobial IV Skin Preps and Mechanical Securement Devices. In Q319, Antimicrobial Devices captured 1st position, at 30.9% share up +5.1%, reaching $XXX BlurredMM. Dressings used for the securement of catheters was close behind in 2nd place, with a 30.1% share and revenue of $XXX BlurredMM, followed by IV Prep skin antisepsis products at $XXX BlurredMM, a 24.5% share and Mechanical Devices used for catheter securement rounded out the market with 14.6% share and revenue of $XXX BlurredMM...

Read the complete, comprehensive Q319 Infection Prevention Market Recap including news, financial data, charts, company revenues and shares, plus insightful analysis from our team of experts*...

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Susan Paquette
Written by Susan Paquette

Susan Paquette, MS, MBA | Vice President and General Manager, Wound. 25+ years' experience in new business development, R&D, international and marketing. Director, New Business Development & Commercialization, 3M Health Care; Technical Director, 3M Medical.

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