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Recovery Predictions, Elective Surgery and Future Outbreaks: COVID-19 Updates

7/20/20 1:40 PM

COVID-19 Updates 7.20.20As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses and continues to affect everyday life around the world, the path that lies ahead for the MedTech industry and the search for effective therapeutics and vaccines remains hard to predict.

The following is a small sampling of the updates compiled, reviewed and posted in real time last week by our SmartTRAK analysts. We constantly monitor  the worldwide MedTech industry, sifting through the noise to present to our subscribers the most relevant international news, trends, financial data and competitor developments in the global Life Sciences industry.

SVBLeerink Expects Q2 Recovery to Exceed Expectations 
Based on prelim Q220 MedTech Company results, SVB Leerink expects May/June COVID recovery to exceed expectations noting elective procedure shutdowns are regionalized and halts are not expected to be as bad or prolonged as in March/April. SVBLeerink Medical Supplies and Devices
Positive COVID-19 Vaccine Data Could Fuel Medtech Sectors

With 4 of the leading vaccine candidates expected to enter Phase 3 studies in July (Sinovac, Moderna, BioNTech/PFE, CanSino), Phase 2 data could be reported in summer/fall 2020. If +, WFS says it could be a catalyst for some medtech sectors in recovery of elective procedures.

Public Perception of Resuming Elective Surgery

A survey assessing public perceptions towards resuming elective surg found out of 722 people 61% were concerned w/ contracting COVID-19 during surg. Overall, 57% would have surgery at a hospital vs outpatient and 27% would undergo surg in the first mo of reopening. J Arthroplasty

Preparation for Future Outbreaks

The European Commission published a document about the preparedness of health systems in Europe for future COVID-19 outbreaks. Topics comprise testing, contact tracing, surveillance, accessibility of medical devices and capacity measures.

WFS Sees July 4th Holiday Impacting Elective Procedures

WFS reports US elective procedures for the week ending July 3rd were down -45% compared to the pre-COVID baseline w/ negative impact by the July 4th holiday. Also, because of data latency, WFS believes the actual decline may be in the -30 to -33% range. WFS MedTech

3M and MIT Developing Rapid Test for COVID-19

3M announced it is working w/ MIT researchers to develop a paper-based, rapid test to detect the virus that causes COVID-19 in minutes at point-of-care, w/ the potential to manufacture millions of tests per day.

Ortho Elective Procedures Recovery

WFS’ feels US elective ortho procedures are recovering faster than others w/ rotator cuff and knee replacement surgeries near 80% of pre-COVID vols and hip replacement over 80%. In-person visits for the week ending July 3 down ~31% were impacted by the holiday. WFS MedTech

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Jefferies Sees Recovery Losing Steam

Based on JNJ and Abbott Q2 results Jefferies believes underlying demand for elective procedures post-COVID shutdowns may be below normal through at least the end of the yr and notes their hospital tracking data shows the recovery losing steam. Jefferies Medical Devices & Supplies

WFS Sees Better than Expected Recovery

Based on JNJ and Abbott Q2 results WFS feels Q2 recovery is tracking ahead of expectations due to economies opening earlier than expected globally, Q3 recovery may be stronger than expected, concern about a 2nd COVID wave have lessened and Q4 will approach normal. WFS MedTech

3M's Ongoing Actions Against COVID-19 Fraud

3M continues to share its ongoing actions against COVID-19 fraud including filing 18 lawsuits and removing thousands of deceptive websites and social media posts. The Co. has also launched a website highlighting its fraud prevention activities w/ a hotline number to report fraud.

Rising Cases: Increasing Concern
In Canaccord’s June/July Ortho Survey (n=50), analyst Kyle Rose reports rising COVID cases in states (TX, FL, AZ) not hit early on are a “cause for concern” going forward raising questions re sustainability of the rebound in H220 as well as catch-up demand vs new pt flow.

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