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Thomas Wallick

30+ years’ experience in Consumer and Life Sciences Industry marketing including Orthopedics and Cardiology.

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SmartTRAK's Top 12 Blog Posts of 2023

By Thomas Wallick on 1/30/24 1:04 PM

Throughout 2023, SmartTRAK led the way in helping you Be The Expert in the MedTech industry. Serving as your trusted resource for the latest industry developments, we provided real-time market data and analysis across the orthopedic, wound care, regenerative medicine and neurotherapy sectors.  Presenting SmartTRAK's Top 12 Blog Posts from 2023, featuring indispensable insights from our expert analysts.

  1. Could Reverse Hips Change the Total Hip Game?
    Hip Innovation Technology is betting on its Reverse HRS Hip to change the practice of total hip replacement

  2. Three Ortho Robotics Companies to Watch in 2023
    SmartTRAK identifies three orthopedic robotics companies strategically positioned to shake things up this year in the fast-growing robotic-assisted TJA market.

  3. Saluda Medical: Changing the Game in Spinal Cord Stimulation
    Saluda Medical President and CEO Jim Schuermann discusses the Company, the Evoke System and changing the game in SCS in an interview with SmartTRAK.

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SmartTRAK Experts Take the Stage at MNVC 2023

By Thomas Wallick on 11/14/23 9:30 AM

SmartTRAK's Elise Wolf, Vice President and General Manager of Orthopedics, Digital and Quality, along with Beth Roach, Director, Data Strategy, will be discussing new trends in Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) and effective targeting strategies at the 2023 Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference (MNVC) on Nov 14-15 at the FedEx Institute of Technology in Memphis, TN. They will also delve into a detailed case study on ASC builds. Their presentation is titled "Targeting the ASC: Essential Knowledge for Orthopedic Companies." Make sure you don’t miss out on Elise and Beth's expert insights!

Topics: Orthopedics
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What's New in Orthopedics Research & Development

By Thomas Wallick on 2/27/23 11:28 AM

In recent years, there have been significant advances in orthopedic treatments, surgical techniques and rehabilitation methods that have transformed the way we approach musculoskeletal disorders.SmartTRAK continues to report daily, in real-time on the challenges still ahead, covering all aspects of the Orthopedic market: Extremities, OrthoBio, Spine, Computer Assisted Surgery, Total Joints, Trauma, Soft Tissue Fixation and EU Extremities and Trauma.

SmartTRAK features curated content by our team of industry experts, bringing the most relevant information and insight directly to you in real-time. Learn about the latest news, emerging technologies or start-ups to watch, conference happenings and more via articles, videos and interviews and Be The Expert.

The following is just a small sampling of recent Orthopedic updates from around the world compiled, reviewed and posted daily by our SmartTRAK analysts.

New Products:

  • NuVasive*

    NUVA spoke about its upcoming product launches, including an expandable Lateral called MOD-EX XLIF and extended blade-fixation options for Modulus ALIF, and predicted that both will support the continued interest in NUVA. NUVA Q422 Earnings Transcripton Seeking Alpha

  • GMED mgmt stated the ortho robot will launch w/ a knee application first w/ other applications to follow, noting it is unlikely that gap-filling joint implant systems would be launched prior to the knee application for robotics. GMED Q422 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha

  • CurvaFix announced a it will launch the 7.5 mm CurvaFix IM Implant, which received FDA clearance in Oct 2022, at this year’s AAOS annual meeting in Las Vegas. BusinessWire


  • SeaSpine*

    7D Surgical was granted US Patent “Systems And Methods For Intraoperative Spinal Level Verification” disclosing the use of segmented surface data from volumetic pt image data compared w/ intra-op surface data to verify spine levels w/o x-rays. 11564752

  • Method for Treating Joint Pain  

    US Patent "Method for treating joint pain" was granted relating to treating joint pain by inserting a bone dowel and BMA into the subchondral of a bone and introducing BMA into the intra-articular space of the joint being treated. 11583402

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SmartTRAK's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022

By Thomas Wallick on 2/2/23 9:00 AM

As the COVID-19 epidemic waned and companies got back to business as usual, SmartTRAK continued to keep you informed of everything that transpired in the MedTech industry in 2022. Here are SmartTRAK's Top 10 blog posts of the past year that garnered the most attention from you and your colleagues, plus 4 bonus posts, because at SmartTRAK we always strive to deliver more than what's expected!

As the leading provider of real-time market data and analysis for the orthopedic, wound, regenerative medicine and neuro therapies markets, SmartTRAK is uniquely suited to make you the expert on all the latest developments. Our knowledgeable analysts covered a lot of ground, everything from breaking medical device event coverage to interviews with some of the industry's top thought leaders.

Medtronic: The Future of Neuromodulation in 2022 and Beyond
by Anne Staylor

Dave Anderson, Medtronic’s President Neuromodulation, and Charlie Covert, Vice President and General Manager of Pain Therapies, discuss the Company, the pandemic and the future of neuromodulation in a wide-ranging interview with SmartTRAK.

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Neuromodulation Trends: SmartTRAK at NANS 2023

By Thomas Wallick on 1/10/23 9:00 AM

SmartTRAK takes a look back at Neuromodulation Trends in 2022 and looks forward to reporting on emerging trends at NANS 2023

Anne Staylor, SmartTRAK's Executive Editor VP & GM, Neuro Therapies, will again be attending and reporting on the North American Neuromodulation Society Annual Meeting (NANS), this year being held in Las Vegas, January 12-15th. If you would like to meet with Anne while at NANS, just click here.

Last year, Anne published a prescient article from the NANS 25th Annual Meeting titled "Neuromodulation Trends in 2022 and Beyond" in which she identified key trends from the meeting in Orlando and provided an outlook of what’s on the horizon for neuromodulation. This included trends in research and technology that will help shape the markets for spinal cord stimulation (SCS), deep brain stimulation (DBS) and peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS), advances in closed-loop therapies, improving care through digital solutions and driving growth through expanding indications.

To download and read the complete "Neuromodulation Trends in 2022 and Beyond" article, just click here.  

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Meet Sara Cooley - Relationship Manager, Customer Success

By Thomas Wallick on 11/4/22 1:44 PM

We are pleased to announce that Sara Cooley has joined the team at SmartTRAK as Relationship Manager, Customer Success. Sara has 5+ years of experience in Account Management and Sales in the medical device industry with a concentration in Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, and ENT. Her prior roles were with Kairos Surgical, an Arthrex Distributor, and American Surgical Company.

Meet Sara Cooley:

What is your role with SmartTRAK? Relationship Manager, Customer Success.

What do you like about SmartTRAK? I love that Smarttrak is helping to create an innovative industry by giving companies the information they need to make smart, strategic decisions based on industry trends.

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SmartTRAK Announces New Chief Growth Officer Linda Bernier

By Thomas Wallick on 10/26/22 10:15 AM

SmartTRAK is pleased to announce that Linda Bernier has been named new Chief Growth Officer (CGO). Linda will oversee Sales, Customer Success and Marketing. She will be involved with projects ranging from customer retention and satisfaction, licensing new tools and data sources, new products and strategy, marketing and new messaging, among others. She comes with a depth of experience in the healthcare and SaaS world, having held CEO and Chief Marketing Officer positions during her career

"Linda has great leadership and interpersonal skills (positivity, woo and communication are among her top strengths), and she likes to put ideas into action and get things done (achiever and strategic also in her top 5). Above all, she brings the experience, knowledge and confidence we have needed to successfully make the pivot to becoming a SaaS company with our new SmartTRAK Enterprise offering." SmartTRAK CEO Sharon O'Reilly

Meet Linda Bernier, SmartTRAK's new Chief Growth Officer:

What is your role with SmartTRAK? As Chief Growth Officer, my main objectives are to execute our founder and CEO Sharon O’Reilly’s vision for SmartTRAK and to achieve the company’s full potential as the leading market insights solution for the MedTech industry. In my role, I’ll be working with the sales, marketing and customer success teams to execute key initiatives to profitably grow the company. These initiatives include increasing client engagement, continuing our stellar > 95% retention rate through voice of client, acquiring new clients, elevating the SmartTRAK brand and expanding SmartTRAK’s portfolio of products and services, including the potential entry into new markets.
What do you like about SmartTRAK? When I listen to customers, they consistently say SmartTRAK is their trusted source for

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SmartTRAK Announces New VP of Sales, Joe Mish

By Thomas Wallick on 9/26/22 10:13 AM

SmartTRAK is pleased to announce that Joe Mish has been named new VP of Sales and will lead our commercial team. Before joining SmartTRAK two years ago, originally as Director of Sales, Joe had 10+ years experience in medical device sales, with a concentration on Joint Replacement and Spine & Robotic Technologies. Joe sold and implemented analytic software to manage value-based care and bundled payment, working with Stryker, LDR/ZimmerBiomet and Stryker Performance Solutions.

"I couldn't be more pleased to have a true professional with data analytics/IT/SaaS plus medical device background like Joe in this position. I think you will agree that he is the right person to bring SmartTRAK to the next level." - SmartTRAK CEO Sharon O'Reilly

Meet Joe Mish, SmartTRAK's new VP of Sales: 

What do you like about SmartTRAK? I truly love the value we bring to our customers. With the world being so volatile and medical device markets still being disrupted in so many ways, we offer clients a predictable way to stay ahead of their competition. This is extremely rare. There is no better feeling than standing behind a company and product that you really believe in…we are focused and committed to building long term relationships and strategic partnerships with our customers, and it shows.

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What's New in Computer-Assisted Surgery

By Thomas Wallick on 8/30/22 9:39 AM

The first half of 2022 has delivered both positive and negative developments for the Computer-Assisted Surgery industry. Supply chain issues and surges of COVID-19 infections have continued to have significant impacts on revenues. At the same time, enabling tech product launches proceed at a rapid pace, with some robotic procedures accelerating. The following is a sample of recent CAS news and developments from around the world, compiled by the expert analysts at SmartTRAK.

We constantly monitor the worldwide MedTech industry, sifting through the noise to present to our subscribers the most relevant international news, trends, new products, patents, financial data and competitor developments in the global Life Sciences industry. If you'd like to receive these expert insights daily, Contact Us to learn more.

New Products:

  • Globus*

    GMED announced completion of the first clinical cases using Excelsius3D w/ the ExcelsiusGPS platform. The surgeries were completed at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital in MD, Northwest Specialty Hospital in ID & NYU Langone Health in NY.

  • SPNE touted the Q122 limited commercial launch of FLASH Navigation Lumbar Facet Fusion, which facilitates delivery of OsteoStrand Plus DBM Fiber pellets in spine MIS procedures. It is SPNE’s first procedural solution w/ integrated 7D technology. SPNE Q122 Earnings Press Release

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SmartTRAK Tip: How to Discover Gaps in your Company's Portfolio

By Thomas Wallick on 7/18/22 9:30 AM

Imagine if you could…
  • See gaps in your product portfolio vs your competitors’ 
  • Discover your next acquisition candidate
  • Find a distribution partner

…in just a few clicks!

BE THE EXPERT who fills in the gaps in your company's portfolio! Read on to view a "How To" video and learn how to outperform your peers and competitors by saving yourself HOURS of research with just ONE search.

That’s the power of SmartTRAK!

For example…

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