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Trends and Advancements in Foot & Ankle: AOFAS 2022

By Natasha Weeks on 11/17/22 9:38 AM

SmartTRAK highlights new products and Company strategies to penetrate the Foot & Ankle space at AOFAS 2022

SmartTRAK identified several key themes and takeaways from the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) 2022 meeting held recently in Quebec City, Canada. Manufacturers showcased product introductions with a continued focus on hallux valgus solutions and are investing in solutions beyond implants to differentiate themselves and gain share in the US Foot & Ankle Market.

Among the many topics covered in detail in the complete article, which can be downloaded here, are:

  • Small, Niche Players Attempt to Gain Share
    • Globus Fills Out Trauma and Extremities Product Portfolios
    • Enovis Showcases New Products and Gains Traction in F&A Space
  • Direct-To-Consumer Marketing Drives Growth in Hallux Valgus Market
    • Treace Medical Outpaces Others
    • Medartis Showcases New Products
    • JNJ/DePuy/Synthes' Acquisition
    • Paragon28 Focuses on the MIS Segment

To download the complete "AOFAS 2022: Trends and Advancements in Foot & Ankle" article by SmartTRAK's Natasha Weeks, Sr. Analyst, Trauma & Extremities, just click the button below.Download the AOFAS 2022 Article

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Trends and Advancements in Trauma: OTA 2022

By Natasha Weeks on 11/14/22 11:34 AM

SmartTRAK highlights the latest trends and innovations at OTA 2022, with a focus on deformity correction and limb lengthening.

Our expert analysts focus in on the latest advancements, key trends and takeaways from the Orthopedic Trauma Association (OTA) meeting in Tampa, Florida held October 12–15, 2022. Major trauma manufacturers showcased innovation through new product introductions.

Stepping Outside of Internal Fixation

In the market for ring fixation devices, companies have been innovating beyond static frames and are developing dynamic, computer-assisted hexapod frames to treat bone fractures and deformity corrections. One of the challenges with hexapod frames is that they require manual strut adjustments, a process that is prone to patient and clinician error and can require up to 20 manual adjustments per day—a definite burden on the patient and caregiver ...

Download the complete "Key Trends & Advancements in Trauma" Article

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New Products Will Drive Growth: Q222 Trauma Market Recap

By Natasha Weeks on 9/19/22 9:24 AM

Quarterly growth stalled due to weather, supply chain and staffing, but the promise of new product introductions in H2 will return healthy growth to the Trauma Market.

The Q222 Trauma Market was impacted by several conditions that contributed to decelerating growth, such as a reduced demand for trauma-related devices, supply chain challenges and facility staffing hurdles. The WW Trauma Market growth slowed sequentially in Q2, down compared to Q122’s growth. The US Trauma Market fared a bit better than WW results, but also experienced a sequential slump compared to Q122. For the first half of 2022, the US Trauma Market was up +3.5% YTD growth compared to H121.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q222 Trauma Market Recap* are:

  • Complete Q222 Trauma Overview and Highlights
  • SmartTRAK's Expert Analysis and Insights
  • All Company News including Revenues, Data, Charts and Shares
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Q222 Trauma Regulatory Highlights
Topics: Trauma
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Healthy Growth w/ Mixed Results: Q122 Trauma Market Recap

By Natasha Weeks on 7/28/22 9:30 AM

Despite mixed results from Trauma players, the segment experienced healthy growth as mergers and acquisitions were plentiful and regulatory clearances show promise of future new product introductions.

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Trends & Technologies in Total Joints: AAOS 2022

By Lisa Mahan on 4/11/22 9:32 AM

New products and signs of procedural recovery lighten the mood at AAOS 2022

The mood at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2022 Annual Meeting was upbeat despite scaled-back attendance and exhibit space. Surgeons and exhibitors alike were excited to get back to in-person discussions about issues in orthopedics, new products hitting the market and the potential for recovery from the impact of COVID. While at the meeting, SmartTRAK met with industry professionals from clinicians to company representatives identifying key takeaways from market drivers and limiters to new product introductions.

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New Products Offset COVID Headwinds: Q421/FY21 Trauma Market Recap

By Natasha Weeks on 3/31/22 9:30 AM

New product introductions offset slightly weaker Q4 results due to COVID-19 headwinds and international pressure.

While the Trauma segment was not impacted as heavily due to COVID-19 headwinds, companies that play within the space were impacted by deferrals of elective surgeries such as limb restoration. Long bone trauma volumes remained healthy as players cited new product introductions as growth drivers for the segment. 

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q421/FY21 Trauma Market Recap* are:

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Riding the Wave of Healthy Growth: Q321 Trauma Market Recap

By Natasha Weeks on 12/27/21 4:01 PM

Trauma market continues to ride the wave of healthy growth with positive returns for current players and new players start to stir the waters

Trauma players rode the wave of another quarter of healthy returns as trauma procedures were not as impacted by the rise in the Delta variant as its elective procedure counterparts. The Trauma Market closed Q3 up +4.5% YoY compared to Q320, with the US up +5.8% YoY.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q321 Trauma Market Recap* are:

Topics: Trauma
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Another Quarter of Healthy Growth: Q221 Trauma Market Recap

By Natasha Weeks on 9/22/21 4:00 PM

Trauma market rebounds as top segments drive growth amid easy YoY comps

The Trauma Market experienced another quarter of healthy growth as the WW and US Trauma Markets ended Q221 up YoY compared to Q220.  Looking forward to Q321, SmartTRAK feels that trauma procedures will likely not be as heavily impacted by the rise in the Delta variant as its elective procedure counterparts. We will continue to monitor the situation as the variant impacts states, as recently observed in Texas.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q221 Trauma Market Recap* are:

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Know Before You Go: AOFAS 2021 in Charlotte, NC

By Thomas Wallick on 9/10/21 11:04 AM

After another difficult year, it's time to get out there and start reconnecting in person. SmartTRAK is excited to be traveling to Charlotte, NC to attend AOFAS at the Charlotte Convention Center, September 21-25.

SmartTRAK will be represented by Natasha Weeks, General Manager, Trauma & Extremities. Natasha is also managing our 3 newest modules, Pediatric Trauma, Pediatric Extremities and Pediatric Spine. If you would like to meet with Natasha while attending the meeting, just click here.

Now that we're back to in-person meetings, it's time to resume our continuing series Know Before You Go, so I sat down and asked Natasha a few questions about what she is looking forward to at AOFAS.

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COVID Consequences in 2021: The European Trauma & Extremities Markets

By Tim Jeavons on 4/20/21 7:45 AM

SmartTRAK outlines consequences COVID-19 is expected to have on the European Trauma & Extremities Market

Twenty-five years of orthopedic business planning has taught me to monitor certain non-business factors when setting goals. Trends in weather patterns, age demographics, lifestyle and activities can have a direct influence on market growth. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted the European market with the shutdown of various countries and the ensuing changes in lifestyle such as reduced travel, work and sporting activities. In 2020, SmartTRAK predicted the European Trauma market fell by around 25% with extremities at nearly -50% in the midst of COVID-19 lockdowns. Similar market pressures are also expected during 2021.

Download the complete  "European Trauma & Extremities: COVID Consequences in  2021" article

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