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Favorable Winds of Change: Q123 Total Joints Market Recap

By Lisa Mahan on 6/8/23 9:30 AM

Increased elective procedure volume recovery lifts market growth to new heights

The winds of change precipitated a strong season of growth for the Total Joints Market. Company after company reported increasing elective procedural volume recovery due to the underlying post-COVID demand. Procedure momentum and easier year-over-year comparisons drove market growth above double-digits with the US Total Joints Market growing +14.5% in Q123. Easing of staffing headwinds and normalization of surgery cancellation rates were also contributing factors to accelerating procedures.

Among the many topics covered in detail in SmartTRAK's comprehensive Q123 Total Joints Market Recap* are:

  • Complete Q123 Total Joints Market Overview
  • SmartTRAK's Expert Market Analysis and Insights
  • All Company News, Revenues, Data, Charts and Shares
  • Technologies and Procedure Recovery Elevating Hip Growth
  • The Ongoing March Towards Cementless Knees
  • Deals and Financing Highlights
  • Q123 Regulatory Highlights

Will this momentum continue throughout 2023? SmartTRAK believes underlying demand for hip and knee replacement surgery will ...

Read the entire Q123 Total Joints Market Recap, including SmartTRAK's expert analysis, news, data, charts, company revenues and shares*

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AAOS 2023: Total Joint Viewpoint

By Lisa Mahan on 3/27/23 11:00 AM

AAOS approaches “Next to Normal” as surgeons and industry focus on solutions to meet the needs of patients returning to joint replacement

If an ad agency had branded the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2023 Annual Meeting this year, the tagline would have read “Getting back to normal.” Surgeons toured the exhibit hall throughout the day not just during dedicated hours. The meeting felt as if it had come back to life with industry symposiums and conference presentations often seeing standing-room-only crowds when a few years ago even the exhibit floor felt like a ghost town. And while some of the large orthopedic companies slightly scaled down their booth space, several mid-tier and small market players increased their presence at the meeting in an attempt to pique surgeon interest. So what was the buzz at AAOS 2023 related to hip and knee replacement? In this article, SmartTRAK outlines some of the key takeaways, including: 
  • Procedure Recovery May Signal Return of Deferred Procedures
    • Both clinicians and company representatives at the meeting revealed to SmartTRAK that they are seeing increased hip and knee procedure volumes heading into 2023. The overall consensus was ...

  • The Move to Outpatient Joint Replacement Continues.
    • Data presented at AAOS 2023 continues to support the move of joint replacement surgeries to an outpatient setting. A study focusing on patient satisfaction after outpatient joint replacement in an academic medical center reported ...

  • Cementless Knee Trend Growing Despite Mixed Results
    • Clinical evidence presented at AAOS showed mixed results for cementless total knees with some studies reporting excellent outcomes and others identifying increased risks associated with ...

  • Assistive Technologies Growing and Evolving
    • Assistive technology presentations and booth exhibits seemed to generate the most interest at AAOS 2023. Elise Wolf, SmartTRAK’s assistive technologies expert, noted the most innovative products and ...

To download and read the complete "AAOS 2023: Total Joint Viewpoint" article by SmartTRAK's Lisa Mahan,  VP Product Development & IT, Sr. Analyst TJ&E, just click the button below. Download the AAOS 2023 Article

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Strong Revenue Growth: Q422 Total Joints Market Highlights

By Lisa Mahan on 3/24/23 9:42 AM

Procedure recovery above Q4 seasonality, new products and assistive tech push strong revenue growth

  For Q422, the US Hip Replacement Market grew +8.4% according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard . Newer products, implant pull-through from assistive technologies and procedure recovery continued to positively impact growth. Nearly all companies in our reporting universe cited procedure recovery as a growth driver.
The US Knee Replacement Market grew +9.3% in Q422, driven in part by knee procedure recovery. Recovery appeared to be above that of the typical year-end seasonality of patients trying to fit in surgery before insurance deductibles reset. SmartTRAK has heard rumblings that the growth seen in Q4 may be a sign that ...

To read more about the strong revenue growth in the Total Joints Market, including Procedure Recovery, New Products and Assistive Technologies Driving Growth in the Hip Market and Cementless Knees and Enabling Tech Expanding the Knee Market, just click the link below.

* This link and the complete unedited article can only be viewed by SmartTRAK  subscribers to this module. For more information on SmartTRAK, including how to receive a demo and subscribe, please  click  the button below.Learn More about Subscribing to SmartTRAK
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Total Joints Trends Heading Into 2023

By Lisa Mahan on 2/27/23 9:00 AM

SmartTRAK examines conditions lowering the flame for Total Joints

Procedural growth strengthened in 2022 giving rise to the hope that a backlog of patients created by the COVID pandemic would return to surgery, stoking the fires of Total Joint Market recovery. However, external market forces appear to be setting the market to simmer in 2023 while other forces influence the recipe for success for market players.
An analyst from JP Morgan has  drawn  parallels between the current behavior of the US stock and bond markets and the conditions leading up to the 1969 recession, according to a recent  Forbes  article. Interest rate hikes and high inflation have increased the likelihood that the US economy will face a recession in 2023. But what does that mean for the Total Joints Market?

Among the many topics covered in detail in this comprehensive article are:

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Personalized Arthroplasty: The Future of Total Joint Surgery?

By Nick Fitzpatrick on 1/26/23 10:22 AM

SmartTRAK interviews Dr. Pascal-André Vendittoli to learn more about the Personalized Arthroplasty Society and this year’s annual meeting.

Dr. Vendittoli explains the difference between mechanical and kinematic alignment, what he looks for in total joint computer-assisted surgery systems and why he thinks personalized arthroplasty is the future of joint surgery. To find out more, listen to the SmartTRAK interview with Dr. Vendittoli in the video below (14:56 min). A link to download the transcript of the complete interview is also provided below.
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The Future of PEKK in Orthopedics: An Interview w/ Oxford Performance Materials' Scott Felice

By Nick Fitzpatrick on 1/23/23 10:18 AM

SmartTRAK interviews Oxford Performance Materials CEO Scott DeFelice to learn more about the company’s PEKK-based materials solutions in orthopedics.

In an interview with   SmartTRAK, Oxford Performance Materials’ (OPM) CEO Scott DeFelice explains the history of his company, the difference between PEKK, PEEK and titanium-based implants and the Company’s future plans in the orthopedic space.

To find out more, including OPM’s plan to expand into the custom trauma market and its planned release of an all-polymer total knee, just click on the following video to listen to the full interview. (29:13 min).  A link to download a transcript of the complete interview is also provided below.

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Economics and the Shift to ASCs: SmartTRAK at AAHKS 2022

By Lisa Mahan on 11/29/22 9:30 AM

Highlighting the economic conversation at AAHKS 2022 changing the landscape of joint replacement

At the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) 2022 Annual Meeting in Dallas, SmartTRAK identified economics as a leading conversation theme under the guise of other topics. AAHKS 2022 itself was not immune to rising economic pressures as many clinicians were rumored to have backed out of attending the meeting and several exhibiting companies scaled down their participation as well. Surgeons not only attended sessions to enhance their clinical knowledge, but they also discussed facing the challenges of reduced reimbursement. In the exhibit hall, Companies featured products and technologies seemingly geared towards the shift of hip and knee replacement procedures to the more cost-conscious ambulatory surgery center (ASC) setting.

Among the many topics covered in detail in the complete article, which can be downloaded here, are:

  • Economic Pressures
  • Reimbursement Challenges 
  • The Decline of CMS Physician Primary Hip Replacement Reimbursement
  • Manufacturers Targeting ASCs, including:
    • Smith& Nephew
    • ConFormMIS
    • Exactech
    • Maxx Medical
    • DePuy Synthes
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Could Reverse Hips Change the Total Hip Game?

By Lisa Mahan on 10/24/22 10:02 AM

Hip Innovation Technology is betting on its Reverse HRS Hip to change the practice of total hip replacement

Most recent innovations in hip replacement have focused on the use of new materials, new surgical approaches and new assistive technologies. However, one company, Hip Innovation Technology* (HIT), is betting on its investment to change the practice of total hip replacement with an innovative design resulting in the world’s first reverse hip system. The Company is getting even closer to realizing a payoff on this bet by receiving US FDA Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) approval in January 2022 to initiate a pivotal multi-center clinical trial to evaluate the HIT Reverse Hip Replacement System (Reverse HRS)*. Most likely, HIT will be ready to submit for FDA approval of the device following the primary completion of the IDE trial slated for July 2026.

Who is Hip Innovation Technology?

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Hip Innovation Technology is a privately held company formed in 2011 with the vision of developing and marketing orthopedic device solutions. The Company got its start through a seed round of funding with an initial raise of $225K. George Diamantoni, chief executive officer, is also the founder and CEO of Joint Innovation Technology, HIT’s parent company. He has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry including positions at The Upjohn Company, Pharmacia Corporation, Pfize, and Schering Plough. Zafer Termanini, MD, FACS, the inventor of the Interlocking Reverse Hip, serves as the president and chief medical officer of HIT. Termanini, an orthopedic surgeon with over 30 years of experience, is also a Diplomate of the American College of Disability Analysts and the American College of Forensic Examiners, with specialties in Orthopedic and Joint Reconstruction, Sports Medicine and Biomechanical Analysis.

What is a Reverse Hip Replacement?

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What's New in the Total Joints Market?

By Lisa Mahan on 10/21/22 11:11 AM

In the market for Total Joint Replacement, companies continue to innovate with assistive technologies and new implants and instruments to advance clinical outcomes and increase efficiency of care. From new hip products optimized for the direct anterior approach to cementless knee solutions, companies are focusing on technologies that provide optimal outcomes whether surgeries are performed in a hospital, hospital outpatient or ASC setting. The following is a sample of SmartTRAK's recent Total Joints news and developments from around the world, compiled, curated and posted in real time by the expert analysts at SmartTRAK.

We constantly monitor the worldwide MedTech industry, sifting through the noise to present to our subscribers the most relevant international news, trends, new products, patents, financial data and competitor developments in the global Life Sciences industry. If you'd like to receive these expert insights daily, Contact Us to learn more. Our users think it's the perfect way to start their day.

New Products:
  • JNJ/DePuy Synthes*

    JNJ/DePuy Synthes did not discuss its new EMPHASYS hip implants during its Q322 earnings call. However, SmartTRAK would not be surprised to see the Company introduce the system at AAHKS 2022 with the EMPHASYS Cup* recently receiving 510(k) clearance to round out the platform.

  • Exactech announced the successful first surgeries and limited launch of the Novel Total Hip Arthroplasty System with the Spartan Stem* and Logical Cup* with full commercial US launch planned for H123. Exactech is a distributor of the implants supplied by Signature Orthopaedics*.

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Positive YoY Growth Despite Stronger Headwinds: Q222 Total Joints Market Recap

By Lisa Mahan on 9/7/22 9:30 AM

Despite stronger headwinds from slowing elective procedures, supply chain challenges and unfavorable foreign exchange rates, most total joint companies saw positive growth in Q222.

The WW Total Joints Market grew in Q222 despite slowing sequential growth compared to Q122’s growth. A slowdown in elective procedures late in the quarter along with continued supply chain challenges and the effect of foreign exchange rates resulted in stronger headwinds. SmartTRAK notes that several companies reported the carryover of these headwinds into Q3 that could dampen market recovery through year-end.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q222 Total Joints Market Recap* are:

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