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Procedure Volume Recovery Isn't The Only Trend: Q122 Total Joints Market Recap

By Lisa Mahan on 6/9/22 9:30 AM

Procedure volume recovery is not the only trend on SmartTRAK’s radar

Procedure volume recovery continues to be a trend on everyone’s radar from industry execs to healthcare providers. In Q122, the Knee Replacement Market in the US seemed to experience a much stronger recovery than Hips based on YoY growth rates, according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard. However, Knees faced a much easier YoY comp as more knee procedures were postponed in Q121 compared to hips due to their more elective nature. Putting this into perspective, US Hip Market growth along with Knees reinforced the feeling that 2022 procedures will be closer to “normal” as the Total Joints Market recovers from the downsizing caused by COVID.  And, as the industry’s bandwidth for focusing on the pandemic decreases, the emphasis on other trends grows.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q122 Total Joints Market Recap* are:

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Total Joints: Trends to Watch in 2022

By Lisa Mahan on 5/16/22 10:27 AM

From economics to the ASC shift, SmartTRAK looks at the trends affecting the Total Joints Market

The start of the new year did not play out as so many of us had hoped. Heading into 2022, the next COVID surge reared its ugly head with the Omicron variant storming through countries around the globe. Healthcare facilities once again postponed elective procedures due to capacity issues and/or staff or patients being diagnosed with COVID. Overall inflation rose to a level that hasn’t been seen since the early 1980s. Looking ahead, is there a silver lining in this dark cloud? SmartTRAK believes the forecast is not all doom and gloom. Let’s look at some of the trends affecting the climate of the Total Joints market.

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