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Elise Wolf

Elise Wolf has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Bioengineering from Northwestern University and the University of Pittsburgh. After graduation, Elise designed biologically-inspired autonomous robots for the Department of Defense at K2T, a spin-off of Carnegie Mellon University. She also has 15+ years of experience in the medical device industry in product development, marketing and business development in emerging medical device technologies and orthopedics prior to joining BioMedGPS. Elise has worked for BioMedGPS since 2010 as an Analyst covering Orthopedics and is currently the General Manager of SmartTRAK’s Computer-Assisted Surgery business.

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Beyond Robotics: Enabling Tech Innovations at AAOS 2023

By Elise Wolf on 5/19/23 9:30 AM

More than just robots. Targeting enabling technologies to the ASC setting, development of novel assistive technologies, next-generation software updates, new applications and data insights abound at AAOS 2023.

In the US Markets for Spine and Orthopedic Enabling Technologies, it’s clear that companies are rapidly innovating and designing next-generation technologies that continue to advance the market well beyond the robotic surgical arms and platforms developed in the last decade. At this year’s American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ (AAOS) Annual Meeting, enabling technology was a big focus both on the podium and the exhibit floor. The Canaccord Genuity (CG) Musculoskeletal Conference also included a number of presentations from companies with innovative enabling technologies, including Enovis, OnPoint Surgical, THINK Surgical, OrthAlign, Augmedics, Canary Medical and newcomer Caira. Additionally, several companies on the AAOS exhibit floor were showcasing new developments across surgical planning, navigation, augmented reality, robotics and smart implants. In this Perspective article, SmartTRAK focuses in on several of the aforementioned companies, exciting technologies and important topics, including:

  • These Are Not Your Father’s Robots: They're Here to Stay
  • ASC Shift Driving Smaller, More Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Dream Becoming Reality: Augmented Reality Competition Heats Up
  • More Than Just Data: Smart Implants Show Promise in Improving Post-op Recovery
  • Enabling Technology Space Continues to Grow
  • Physician Adoption

With a lot of new developments expected later this year and over the next 24-48 months, the enabling technology space continues to grow and physician adoption is ...

To download and read the complete and unedited "Beyond Robotics: Enabling Tech Innovations at AAOS 2023" article by Elise Wolf, GM & VP, SmartTRAK Orthopedics, Digital & Quality, just click the button below. Download the Beyond Robotics Article

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A Banner Year: Q422 Ortho Enabling Tech Market Recap

By Elise Wolf on 5/4/23 9:45 AM

Q422 was a banner quarter for ortho enabling tech installations, technological advances and expanding applications on the horizon.

The Q422 WW Ortho Enabling Tech Market was down -7.2% YoY, according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard . Stryker (SYK) remained the market leader with 65.1% share, followed by Smith+Nephew (SNN), Zimmer Biomet (ZBH) and DePuy Synthes (JNJ). For detailed Q422 revenues and shares by company in the US, EU and ROW, see the SmartTRAK Ortho Enabling Tech Financial Dashboard .*
Among the many topics explored in detail in this comprehensive article are:
  • Strong Robotic Performance Despite Lackluster Revenue from Changing Deal Mix
  • Expanding Robotic Applications Contribute to Growth
  • Other Orthopedic Robotics Moving Forward
  • Orthopedic Enabling Tech Making Inroads into Spine and Vice Versa
  • Navigation Highlights
  • Advances in Augmented Reality
  • Preoperative Planning Highlights

Orthopedic robotics market leader SYK reported that Q422 was a record quarter for MAKO installations, both in the US and internationally, with an unsurpassed number of MAKO installations in ASCs. In Q422, SYK saw ...

Read the entire Q422 Ortho Enabling Tech Market Recap, including SmartTRAK's expert analysis, news, data, charts, revenues and shares.*

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Key Trends in Enabling Technology for Spine: NASS 2022

By Elise Wolf on 11/28/22 10:18 AM

For the first time in recent years, robotics was not a main headline in the academic program at NASS 2022, but SmartTRAK notes that the exhibit floor was buzzing with exciting new developments in enabling technology.

Although there were limited program sessions focused solely on enabling technology at NASS 2022, the floor was abuzz with digital solutions, including recently launched and upcoming products. Based on conversations with NASS exhibitors, SmartTRAK identified key trends in the market for spine enabling technology including new spine robotic systems, augmented reality (AR) platforms and compact navigation solutions, as well as advances in surgical planning and unveiling of digital ecosystems. These innovations will help drive double-digit growth in the US market for Spine Enabling Technologies.

Among the many topics covered in detail in the complete article, which can be downloaded here, are:

  • Beyond Robotics: Leveraging Data and Ecosystems
  • Battle Bots: New Spine Robots on Display
  • Augmented Reality Positioned to Target ASCs
  • Small-Footprint Platforms and Disposable Spinal Navigation
  • Problem-Solving Differentiated Technology
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What's New in the Computer Assisted Spine Market: SmartTRAK at NASS 2022

By Elise Wolf on 10/7/22 2:35 PM

Spine enabling tech companies continue to report positive momentum moving into H222 despite limited hospital budgets, chip shortages and continued staffing issues. The North American Spine Society (NASS) 2022 annual meeting next week is sure to provide a preview of what is coming next for both spine robotics from players like Medtronic and Globus, as well as surgical guidance solution providers such as NuVasive and SeaSpine. We are also looking forward to new enabling tech solutions to be launched at the meeting.

Our spine experts will be roaming the floor, bringing our subscribers real-time news direct from the show. We'll also be on the show floor at booth #2341, ready to answer your questions, share insights on the latest in the CAS Spine Market and discuss how SmartTRAK can help you Be the Expert in your market.

To make sure you’re up to speed before the meeting, here is a sample of recent CAS Spine news collected and curated by the expert analysts at SmartTRAK. If you would like to book a meeting with us at NASS, please click the button below. Schedule a MeetingNew Products:

  • Stryker*

    SYK announced the launch of its Q Guidance System for spine applications, which includes surgical planning and intra-op guidance for spine procedures in patients age 13 and older.

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Swings in Robotic Performance: Q222 CAS Spine Market Recap

By Elise Wolf on 9/28/22 9:30 AM

A market fraught with challenging hospital budgets, chip shortages and continued staffing issues results in apparent swings in robotic performance. On the other hand, enabling tech platforms companies continue to report positive momentum moving into H222.

The Q222 WW CAS Spine Market was down YoY according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard. Medtronic* (MDT) remained the market leader, followed by Globus* (GMED) and other enabling tech competitors including Stryker* (SYK) and Brainlab*. For detailed Q222 revenues and shares by company in the US, EU and ROW, see SmartTRAK CAS Spine Financial Dashboard*.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q222 Computer Assisted Surgery Spine Market Recap* are:

  • Complete Q222 CAS Spine Market Overview and Highlights
  • SmartTRAK's Expert Analysis and Insights
  • All Company News including Revenues, Data, Charts and Shares
  • Variable Robotics Performance in a Difficult Climate
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A New View: AI-Driven Imaging

By Elise Wolf on 3/1/22 9:23 AM

In this article, SmartTRAK reviews the development of AI in healthcare and profiles four companies implementing AI-driven imaging in these spaces.

The US Orthopedic Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS) Market is one of the fastest-growing markets in orthopedics and is expected to reach revenues of $1.14B by 2025, according to SmartTRAK estimates. The Orthopedic CAS market includes a range of enabling technologies including robotic platforms, navigation systems, surgical planning tools, augmented/virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence (AI). AI is being increasingly incorporated into diagnostics and planning to assist in optimization of surgical decision making and anomaly detection.
The prominence of AI and machine learning technologies in medicine has snowballed over the past decade. Diagnostic Imaging and navigation is experiencing a new paradigm of technology through the emergence of AI-driven 3D reconstruction, segmentation and navigation applications. Two areas seeing quick implementation and adoption of these new systems are orthopedic planning/navigation and neurovascular diagnostics. In this article, SmartTRAK reviews the development of AI in healthcare and profiles four companies implementing AI-driven imaging in these spaces.

Download the complete AI-Driven Imaging article

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Pushing the Envelope: Q221 CAS Spine Market Recap

By Elise Wolf on 11/11/21 11:26 AM

Enabling tech continued to assist above-market growth in Q221 with continued demand for spine robotics and navigation systems. New developments in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and smart instruments continue to push the envelope in the spine space.

The WW Spine CAS market, the US Spine Robotics market and the US Spine Navigation market were all up significantly in Q221 according to SmartTRAK Financial DashboardMedtronic* (MDT) remained the market leader with > 50% share, followed by Globus* (GMED) and other enabling tech competitors including Brainlab*DePuy Synthes* (JNJ) and Stryker* (SYK). For detailed Q221 revenues and shares by company in the US, EU and ROW, see the SmartTRAK CAS Spine Financial Dashboard*

Among the many topics, including company revenues, market shares, charts and expert analysis, covered in the comprehensive Q221 CAS Spine Market Recap* are:

Topics: Spine CAS Spine
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Robotics Are Heating Up the Market: Q221 CAS Ortho Recap

By Elise Wolf on 11/4/21 1:21 PM

Robotics continued to help fuel growth in orthopedics in Q221 as new products and companies heat up the market and enabling technologies gain momentum across TJR.

Once again, robotics contributed to revenue growth in the orthopedics market in Q221 and competition continues to heat up with several regulatory clearances and other developments from new market entrants in the quarter. Aside from robotics, enabling technology including intra-operative augmented reality, preoperative planning and navigation reached a number of milestones in Q221 across all indications in total joint replacement.

Among the many topics, including company revenues, market shares, charts and expert analysis, covered in the comprehensive Q221 CAS Ortho Market Recap* are:

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Moving the Ball Forward: Q121 CAS Spine Market Recap

By Elise Wolf on 8/2/21 10:24 AM

SmartTRAK reports that strong sales of spine robotic and enabling technology in Q121 continue to move the ball forward in the adoption curve. Companies are noting an inflection point on the pathway of these technologies becoming mainstream with centers buying multiple robots, and community and university hospitals adopting them.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q121 CAS Spine Market Recap* are:

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Are Robotics Reaching a Tipping Point? - Q121 CAS Ortho Market Recap

By Elise Wolf on 7/23/21 9:30 AM

Despite an ongoing slowdown in elective procedures due to COVID, enabling technology continued to experience strong demand in orthopedics in Q121. Since the vast majority of patients who put off elective procedures due to the pandemic are expected to come back into the funnel, SmartTRAK anticipates that robotic and other technologies will continue to gain traction well into next year and beyond.

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