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Q419/FY19 US Joint Fluid Market Recap: Stronger Demand for Single Injection

By Freddy Buntoum on 3/16/20 2:14 PM

Overall, 2019 was a good recovery year for the US Joint Fluid market with Single-injection treatment options at the helm

For Q419, revenue in the US Joint Fluid market was up, recovering fairly well from a year ago according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard. Aggregate growth for the quarter was attributable to a double-digit revenue growth in single injection. Stronger demand and heavy product push in that segment, especially at year-end, was offset to a certain extent by revenue declines in 3- and 5-injections. 

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q419 US Joint Fluid Market Recap* are:

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SmartTRAK Highlights Recent Studies in OrthoBio

By Lindsey Wolejko on 2/27/20 9:30 AM

Here are some highlights of recently announced trials in OrthoBio that were picked up by our analysts, posted on SmartTRAK, and included in our Daily Updates email.

A 76-pt study is underway evaluating if pts who receive a bioinductive graft (REGENETEN) have better function and fewer re-tear at 1-yr post-op vs those who received a debridement alone. Anticipated completion date is 9/23. clinicaltrials.gov

A 30-pt double blind, randomized, split mouth study was initiated evaluating the non-inferiority of Fibro-Gide in comparison to connective tissue graft for the tx of Miller Class I or II recession defects at 6 mos post tx. clinicaltrials.gov

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Q319 Trauma Market Recap: Easy YoY Comparisons Support Sequential Gains

By Natasha Weeks on 12/19/19 9:30 AM

Easy YoY comps along with new product introductions help drive sequential growth 

SmartTRAK reports that In Q319, the WW Trauma Market (defined as fixation of the pelvis, femur & proximal/shaft portion of the tibia) increased +3.7% (as reported), with the US posting +4.6% growth. Q319 WW share leaders remained relatively steady compared to last year, with top trauma player DePuy Synthes, followed by Stryker, Zimmer Biomet and Smith & Nephew. The WW Trauma Market Segment shares were...

Among the many topics covered in the complete, comprehensive  Q319 Trauma Market Recap*  are:
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Q319 OrthoBio Market Recap: Healthy YoY Growth

By Kim French on 12/16/19 9:30 AM

With a boost from an extra selling day during the third quarter, the US OrthoBio Market continues to be healthy, with Q319 revenue up +5.8% YOY. Year-to-date revenue is up +5.5% compared to the same time period for 2018. In addition to the specific factors that were discussed in the Q219 OrthoBio Recap, the segment’s success may be attributed to robustness in the broader economy and more people feeling comfortable scheduling procedures. As reported in Needham’s Q319 Review, in Q319 vs. Q219, overall orthopedic market growth improved to 5.0% vs. 3.1%, with spine improving to ...

Among the many topics covered in the complete, comprehensive Q319 OrthoBio Market Recap* are:
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TOBI 2019 Update: Issues & Trends in Orthobiologics

By Freddy Buntoum on 11/11/19 3:56 PM

SmartTRAK's Senior Regenerative Medicine Analyst, Freddy Buntoum, attended TOBI 2019 this summer. Here's a look at some of the key trends and takeaways in Orthobiologics from the 10th PRP & Regenerative Medicine Symposium, hosted by TOBI, that are still prevalent today.

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