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Freddy Buntoum

18+ years’ experience with expertise in Market Insights and Competitive Intelligence at major manufacturers in Medical Device and Crop Science, including 4+ years at Bioventus as a Sr. Manager, Market Insights.

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Back Down the Revenue Track: Q120 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap

By Freddy Buntoum on 7/10/20 10:37 AM

A well-oiled engine, the Soft Tissue Fixation train was prepped for a good start to 2020, then COVID-19 sent it in reverse back down the revenue tracks.

Looking back at how 2019 finished, market sentiment was quite optimistic that 2020 could be another positive year for the WW Soft Tissue Fixation Market. With +3.7% YoY growth in Q419, the first quarter of 2020 seemed set for a good start, with companies chugging along nicely, actively pushing products, planning or recruiting for clinical trials, and some of them also receiving FDA 510(k) clearance for new products or for line extensions. All appeared to be business as usual, that is, until COVID-19 reared its ugly head, picking China as its first target. Alas, the rapid worldwide spread of this devastating virus forced a major halt in elective procedures to enable healthcare systems to focus on the rising number of COVID-19 cases. 

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q120 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap* are:

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Q120 US Joint Fluid Replacement Market: Riding Out the COVID-19 Storm

By Freddy Buntoum on 6/8/20 5:35 PM

Coming through Q120 bruised and expecting much harder punches before the calm, companies ride the COVID-19 storm

According to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard, Q120 revenue for the US Joint Fluid Replacement market was down -2.8%, which is within the range predicted by market leaders and physicians in SmartTRAK’s Impact of COVID-19 on the US Joint Fluid Replacement and Regenerative Medicine Injectable Markets for Knee OA*. Albeit revenue is down for Q120, the stay-at-home orders across US states triggered by the rapid spread of COVID-19 were not implemented until mid-March, which helped to mitigate what could have been much bigger losses. 

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q120 US Joint Fluid Replacement Market Recap* are:

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Weathering the COVID-19 Storm in Orthobiologics: An Interview with Steven Sampson, DO

By Freddy Buntoum on 5/11/20 9:00 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant effect on physician practices in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, including the number of elective procedures being postponed, when normal operations might resume, the adoption of telemedicine, delivery of physician education and interactions with industry. To find out more, SmartTRAK Analyst Freddy Buntoum interviewed Steven Sampson, DO, founder of The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) and an internationally-recognized expert in the field of non-surgical orthopedics and the science of sports medicine. To hear Dr. Sampson’s take on how things might evolve throughout the rest of 2020, and how his practice and organization are supporting patients and other stakeholders, click on the following video to listen to the interview recorded via Uberconference (25:20 minutes). A transcript of the interview can be downloaded below.

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Q419/FY19 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap: Overall Positive Growth

By Freddy Buntoum on 4/29/20 9:21 AM

For the fourth quarter of 2019, WW Soft Tissue Fixation Market revenue was up +3.7% YoY. Aggregate growth for the quarter especially benefited from healthy and continued revenue gains in the Hip Labral repair segment, which was up +8.9% YoY. And, to a smaller extent, the Meniscal repair and the Shoulder repair segments also contributing to the overall WW market growth in Q419 with YoY increases of 4.4% and 4.1%, respectively, based on SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard. Similar to other orthopedic markets, such as the Joint replacement market, Soft Tissue Fixation is typically seasonal with lower sales during Q3 and recovery in Q4 driven by a year-end increase in the number of elective procedures and stronger product push as competitors race to finish the year at or above their respective budget projections.

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Swim with the Sharks: A Deep Dive in the Biologic Association Think Tank

By Freddy Buntoum on 4/17/20 2:23 PM

The Biologic Association kicked off its very 1st Summit (Feb 5-7, 2020 in Carlsbad, CA) with what turned out to be a big crowd-pleaser. Initially set up as a “by invitation only” attendance, the Summit’s opening program, “Biologic Association Think Tank” raised such a high level of interest that everyone in attendance was ultimately let into the session.

The format for the Think Tank was quite similar to the hugely popular television show “Shark Tank.” Only in this session, the “school of fish” (contestants/presenters) included a lineup of industry and/or academic researchers in the field of Orthobiologics who gave presentations on their respective lead product candidates.

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Q419/FY19 US Joint Fluid Market Recap: Stronger Demand for Single Injection

By Freddy Buntoum on 3/16/20 2:14 PM

Overall, 2019 was a good recovery year for the US Joint Fluid market with Single-injection treatment options at the helm

For Q419, revenue in the US Joint Fluid market was up, recovering fairly well from a year ago according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard. Aggregate growth for the quarter was attributable to a double-digit revenue growth in single injection. Stronger demand and heavy product push in that segment, especially at year-end, was offset to a certain extent by revenue declines in 3- and 5-injections. 

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q419 US Joint Fluid Market Recap* are:

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IFATS 2019: An Interview With The GID Group

By Freddy Buntoum on 2/25/20 8:00 AM

The GID Group – Prepping to revolutionize Regenerative Medicine with an innovative modular tissue processing platform

In December, at IFATS 2019, William “Bill” Cimino, PhD, CEO of The GID Group (GID) sat down with SmartTRAK to discuss the Company’s novel modular tissue processing platform, which reduces an entire GMP cell-processing facility to a single disposable device, enabling physicians to extract and process adipose tissue in real time for use in a wide range of applications.

GID is a privately held, clinical stage cellular medicine company currently working on developing a tissue processing platform, the GID SVF-2 device, that enables cell-based treatments.

To find out more about the GID Group, its revolutionary technology and product candidate, click on the following video to listen to SmarTRAK’s interview with Bill Cimino, recorded live at the IFATS Annual Meeting held in Marseille, France December 3-7, 2019. A transcript of the interview is also provided below.

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Q319 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap: Steady As She Goes

By Freddy Buntoum on 1/17/20 12:57 PM

Steady as she goes...Soft Tissue Fixation Market on track to achieve SmartTRAK estimates for FY 2019

For the third quarter of 2019, the WW Soft Tissue Fixation Market revenue was up +3.4% YoY. Aggregate growth for the quarter benefited from solid revenue growth in the Hip Labral Repair segment, which was up +10.1% YoY, based on SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard

Focusing on the US region, the Soft Tissue Fixation market was up YoY. However, on a sequential basis, growth was slightly down, attributable to the seasonal nature of Sports Medicine where many surgeries are elective with Q4 generally seeing high procedure volumes. Aggregate growth for Q319 was pulled by notable growths in the Shoulder Soft Tissue Fixation and the Hip Labral Repair segments. Although Knee Soft Tissue Fixation represents the 2nd largest segment, revenue growth was marginal, with the moderate growth seen steady at slightly above  ...

Among the many topics covered in the complete, comprehensive Q319 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap*, including all the news, financial data, revenues, charts and SmartTRAK's expert analysis, are:

Topics: Orthopedics
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Q319 US Joint Fluid Market Recap: Essentially Flat

By Freddy Buntoum on 11/25/19 5:39 PM

Single-injection holding the torch in a market essentially flat, impacted by ferocious pricing pressures and declines in multi-injections

For the third quarter of 2019, the US Joint Fluid market revenue was essentially flat, +0.2% vs Q318. Aggregate growth for the quarter was pulled into slightly positive territory by a solid revenue growth of 14.3% YoY in single injection, according to the recently published SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard. However, strength in that segment was barely enough to counter revenue declines in 3- and 5-injections, while the 2-injection segment is still not large enough to make a significant contribution to the overall recovery of the US Joint Fluid market.

The single-injection segment held on to the market lead for Q319. Despite pricing pressure between competitors in this segment, revenue growth further solidifies the trend that the HA market is moving to the lowest treatment cycle.  For Q319, 3-injection products dropped down, strained by heavy competition and a persistent price war. Trailing behind is the 5-injections with...

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q319 US Joint Fluid Market Recap* are:

Topics: Orthopedics
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TOBI 2019 Update: Issues & Trends in Orthobiologics

By Freddy Buntoum on 11/11/19 3:56 PM

SmartTRAK's Senior Regenerative Medicine Analyst, Freddy Buntoum, attended TOBI 2019 this summer. Here's a look at some of the key trends and takeaways in Orthobiologics from the 10th PRP & Regenerative Medicine Symposium, hosted by TOBI, that are still prevalent today.

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