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Freddy Buntoum

18+ years’ experience with expertise in Market Insights and Competitive Intelligence at major manufacturers in Medical Device and Crop Science, including 4+ years at Bioventus as a Sr. Manager, Market Insights.

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BiologicsMD: Targeted Treatments for Bone Disorders and Hair Loss

By Freddy Buntoum on 8/16/22 9:47 AM

Mr J. David Owens, President & CEO of BiologicsMD, and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Robyn Goforth, discuss the Company’s highly-targeted therapies, a series of recombinant fusion proteins designed to treat hair loss and severe bone disorders, in an interview with SmartTRAK.

In an interview with SmartTRAK, BiologicsMD President & CEO J. David Owens and CSO Dr. Robyn Goforth discuss BiologicsMD’s innovative highly-targeted treatments for severe bone disorders and hair loss diseases.

To find out more about this early-stage company, the science behind highly-targeted therapies, and two of its lead compounds, click on the following video to listen to the full interview (29:10 min). A link to download a complete transcript of the interview is also provided below.

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Springing Back: Q122 US Joint Fluid Replacement Market Recap

By Freddy Buntoum on 7/8/22 9:30 AM

US Viscosupplementation Market players march on the positive momentum of Q421 and Q122, putting the spring back into their steps.

For Q122, US Joint Fluid Replacement market players continued on a running growth, which did not seem too disrupted by the COVID Omicron variant. Furthermore, some players shared that despite physicians’ offices not yet running at 100% levels, company sales representatives were able to hold face-to-face visits and secure new orders.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q122 US Joint Fluid Replacement Market Recap* are:

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Trends To Watch in 2022: Injectable Regenerative Medicine Therapies

By Freddy Buntoum on 5/10/22 9:00 AM

From the impact of stringent regulations to the shift toward new indications and rising market segments, SmartTRAK explores some of the trends to watch for in 2022 and beyond.

Orthopedic regenerative medicine therapy as an emerging area of science holds great promise for treating and promoting faster healing in a variety of injuries. There is also a belief among some scientists and industry stakeholders that it may hold the key to halting or reversing degenerative chronic conditions through self-healing. In a previous article, SmartTRAK had highlighted several challenges that Regenerative Medicine therapies would need to overcome to become a fully viable business and recognized treatment solution for patients. In 2021, businesses, societies and health care systems across the world continued to experience disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent waves of variants. Furthermore, much greater scrutiny and tougher regulations for some of the injectable regenerative medicine therapies were put into place. The start of 2022 is also not quite as “rosy” as most had hoped for ...

Download the complete Injectable Regen Medicine article

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Emerging Leaders in Regen Med: A Talk with Jointechlabs' CEO Nathan Katz

By Freddy Buntoum on 1/31/22 2:56 PM

Jointechlabs – Emerging leader in point-of-care regenerative and rejuvenation medicine therapies

Nathan Katz PhD, ALBB, Co-founder, CEO and Chief Technical Officer at Jointechlabs* (JTL) discussed the Company’s unique technology platform and product developments in a recent interview with SmartTRAK.

Download the Nathan Katz Interview Transcript

JTL is a privately-held regenerative medicine solutions company based in North Barrington, IL. As an emerging leader in point-of-care regenerative and rejuvenation medicine therapies, JTL has patented, portable medicine products that enable personalized therapies. The Company’s lead product, MiniTC*, is an FDA-cleared portable medical device for isolation of fragmented and purified fat grafts (microfat) at the point-of-care. Additionally, JTL is developing therapies for unmet medical needs, with its first product candidate, JTL-T-01*, a proprietary injectable stem cell scaffold in clinical development as a biologic therapy for osteoarthritis, for approval under the FDA’s fast-track program.

SmartTRAK: Can you first tell us a little bit about yourself and then about Jointechlabs?

Nathan Katz: I have a medical background. I graduated from medical school back many years ago in Russia, then graduated from Tel Aviv University and acquired my Master’s Degree and PhD in Cell Biology. I came to the US 16 years ago, first, working on genetics and embryonic stem cells. I spent quite a lot of time in research with embryonic stem cells in the first decade of this millennia and then I was looking for the technology that could be translated into applicable medical technology and translated into therapy.

Adult stem cells came up as the first and obvious choice to look at more precisely, so we shifted, and I shifted personally, my focus from embryonic stem cells towards adult stem cells. I came across PadZuke, and Patricia, who published the first publication on actual adipose-derived stem cells in 2001. My idea was that it is the right way to go and could lead to ...

To read the entire interview with Dr. Katz, please click the button below to download the complete transcript.Download the Nathan Katz Interview Transcript

SmartTRAK is the leading source of competitive intelligence used by the top ten global wound care & orthopedics companies. If you would like a demo of what SmartTRAK has to offer and how we can help increase proficiency, improve productivity and reduce costs for your company, just click here.

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Bursting Bubbles: Q321 Joint Fluid Market Recap

By Freddy Buntoum on 12/9/21 9:00 AM

Q321 results were a letdown compared to the previous quarter as COVID-19 continues to burst HA players’ bubble but hopes for a return to normal prevail.

Spring 2021 brought on much relief to the US Joint Fluid Replacement market and the summer looked promising for a return to normal business conditions. However, as more cases of COVID-19 Delta variant were reported, especially in key hyaluronic acid (HA) states, like Texas and Florida, companies were left as though their bubble got burst. Some players expressed concerns that volumes could be depressed for Q421 since it does not seem to be picking up as fast as they projected. But, for Q321 and for the most part, the majority of HA market players did report positive revenue increases in the third quarter.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q321 US Joint Fluid Replacement Market Recap* are:

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Evolution is Inevitable: An Interview with Anika's Cheryl Blanchard, PhD

By Freddy Buntoum on 10/18/21 9:37 AM

Cheryl Blanchard, President and CEO of Anika Therapeutics, discusses the Company’s metamorphosis from a partnered, single product company into a customer-facing, global joint preservation market player, in an interview with SmartTRAK.

Cheryl Blanchard, PhD, discusses the Company’s remarkable achievements amid a global healthcare crisis and progress made as Anika continues to execute on its Transformational Growth Strategy and grand plan in an interview with SmartTRAK at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery (AAOS) 2021 in San Diego, California. To find out more, click on the following audio recording. A link to download the complete transcript of the interview is also provided below.

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The Debate Over HA Therapy: AAOS 2021

By Freddy Buntoum on 10/15/21 9:48 AM

This Year’s AAOS Annual Meeting was no different--scientific bodies are still divided on the efficacy of HA therapy and it remains a “bête noire” sitting outside of the gold standard for the treatment of patients affected by knee OA.

For some time now, hyaluronic acid (HA) viscosupplement injections (aka intra-articular (IA) HA injections) have become a standard and an integral part of the physician’s armamentarium in the treatment continuum for an ever-growing number of patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis (OA). With OA universally established as the most prevalent form of arthritis afflicting the US population, SmartTRAK estimates that approximately 2.3 million HA injection procedures will be performed for knee OA alone.  Yet, confusion and debates persist over the efficacy of HA therapy, product composition and source of the HA, volume and number of injections, treatment cost and, more recently, regulatory classification for HA products. SmartTRAK believes that the plethora of studies on the use of HA injection that show varied results is ...

To download and read the complete article by Freddy Buntoum, Sr. Analyst, Orthobiologics and Regenerative Medicine at SmartTRAK, please click the button below.

Download the Article

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The Slingshot Effect: Q121 US Orthobio Market Recap

By Freddy Buntoum on 7/16/21 9:30 AM

In spite of various headwinds, a strong uptick in surgical procedures and business activities in March was the slingshot effect needed to propel the US Orthobio Market into double-digit percentage growth for Q121.

In spite of the headwinds from a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Q420 that spilled over to the early part of Q121 and winter storms of historical proportions in February, a strong uptick in elective surgical procedures in March was the slingshot effect the US Orthobio Market needed to propel it.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q121 US Orthobio Market Recap* are:

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A Smoother Road Ahead: Q121 US Joint Fluid Replacement Market Recap

By Freddy Buntoum on 7/14/21 9:30 AM

The first quarter of 2021 felt like riding a car with square wheels, but ahead, the road looks smoother.

Coming out of a rough Q420 that sent the US Joint Fluid Replacement market players spinning at dizzying speed around the roulette wheel, the first quarter of 2021 gave them a bumpy ride on the road to COVID-19 recovery. As if a resurgence of positive COVID cases in late Q420 spilling into Q121 was not enough of a headwind, in mid-February, winter storms Uri and Viola landed a one-two hit across North America. 

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q121 US Joint Fluid Replacement Market Recap* are:

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Sometimes You Win: Q420/FY20 US Joint Fluid Market Recap

By Freddy Buntoum on 5/5/21 10:23 AM

Like the ball whirling around a casino roulette wheel, COVID-19 sent the US Joint Fluid Market players bouncing and spinning off widely, with some landing the year as winners, and others not so much.

Once again COVID-19 sent players spinning at dizzying speed around the roulette wheel, all in hopes that Lady Luck would let them land unscathed for Q420. With the continued pressure from COVID impacting recovery of the healthcare system and business operations, including the US Joint Fluid Replacement, total revenue for Q420 finished lower vs Q419, according to  SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard. 

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q420/FY20 US Joint Fluid Market Recap* are:

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