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Advancements and Innovations In Bio-Integrative Fixation: An Interview with Orahn Preiss-Bloom

7/13/23 9:48 AM

Preiss-Bloom HEADER v2Orahn Preiss-Bloom, founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Ossio Ltd. discusses Osssio’s advancements in innovations in the world of bio-integrative fixation devices.

In an interview with SmartTRAK, Orahn Preiss-Bloom, the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Ossio Ltd, discusses how Ossio came to be, what makes their products different and where he sees the Company going in the future.

To find out more about Ossio, click on the following video to watch the interview (24:42 min). To download a complete transcript of the interview, click here. For more details, interview topics by timecode are provided below.

Interview Topics By Timecode

00:44 Orahn’s background in the medical industry.
03:53 What differentiates the OSSIO product.
07:55 Initial uses for OSSIOfiber.
12:40 Overcoming surgeon objections to biointegrative materials.
15:13 Ossio education labs.
19:44 Ossio in sports medicine.
22:41 Surgeon concerns.

To download the complete transcript of the interview with Orahn Preiss-Bloom, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Ossio Ltd, just click the button below. Download the Interview Transcript

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Andy Knapik
Written by Andy Knapik

Sr. Analyst, Soft Tissue & Arthroscopic Technologies - 20 years’ experience in US and International sales and marketing for the orthopedics and sports medicine markets, including 12 years at Smith & Nephew.

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