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What's New in Sports Medicine: SmartTRAK at AOSSM 2024

By Thomas Wallick on 7/10/24 9:45 AM

Meet with SmartTRAK in Denver

The American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) will hold its annual meeting in Denver, CO, from July 10-17, 2024. This meeting will bring together sports medicine physicians, clinicians and industry professionals and feature the latest research, cutting-edge updates and discussion on the future of sports medicine. SmartTRAK will be there.

Andy Knapik, SmartTRAK Senior Analyst, Soft Tissue & Arthroscopic Technologies, will be getting the scoop on what’s new at AOSSM and will be available to meet in person at the meeting. If you or your company have important news you’d like to share, or would like to learn more about SmartTRAK, please reach out to Andy at andy.knapik@smarttrak.com.

SmartTRAK has put together highlights of recent news in sports medicine to catch you up on the “news to know” before going to AOSSM 2024. The following is just a small sampling of recent news and SmartTRAK updates from around the world compiled, reviewed and posted in real-time every day by the expert analysts
at SmartTRAK.

New Products:

  • Comparison Techniques For Medium To Massive Posterosuperior Cuff Tears

    Researchers look to prove that both transosseous-equivalent suture-bridge and independent double-row techniques provide comparable clinical results and retear rates for medium to massive posterosuperior RC tears. BMC Musculoskelet Disord

  • FNA mgmt highlighted five full launches YTD in 2024 in the high growth forefoot, minimally invasive and soft tissue markets including Grappler Knotless Anchor, Bridgeline Adaptive Tape, Mister Tendon Harvester, FJ200 Power Console and Burr System and PRECISION MIS Bunion System.

  •  Stryker launches Citrefix Suture Anchor System

    Stryker announced the launch of Citrefix, a suture anchor system for foot and ankle procedures. The new system uses Citregen, a bioresorbable material designed to mimic the chemistry and structure of native bone. SmarTRAK reported on the Citrefix 510(k) approval in Feb 2021.


  •  Tissue Repair Devices and Methods

    US Patent “Tap-in bone anchor with expanding ring” was issued describing devices that can wrap around elongate tissue and are capable of supporting the tissue or keeping two severed ends in close proximity to one another. 12023030

  •  CONMED's US Patent Application "MENISCAL TRANSPLANT SYSTEM" was published relating to a meniscal transplant workstation and accompanying tools for preparing a meniscal transplant and tibial surface and mounting the transplant to a tibia. 20240207068

  • JNJ DePuy Synthes was issued US Patent “Methods And Devices For Repairing Meniscal Tissue” describing a suture anchor w/ an expanding ring that provides additional locking force for the device in bone. 12016545

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Highlights in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy from AAOS 2024

By Andy Knapik on 3/26/24 9:30 AM

SmartTRAK highlights key trends and happenings in sports medicine and arthroscopy at AAOS 2024.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) convened this year in San Francisco, California, from February 12-16. Following several years of subdued participation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last year's strong showing at AAOS in Las Vegas fostered expectations for a continuation of momentum this year. Despite lower-than-projected attendance from medical professionals, the event featured a robust presence of large and small companies presenting their products and services. So, what was the buzz at the meeting?

In this Perspective article, which can be downloaded here, SmartTRAK highlights key takeaways from AAOS for companies competing in the Sports Medicine Market, including the following topics:

  • Continued Interest in Biologic-driven Soft Tissue Fixation
    Companies are still helping drive soft tissue fixation sales through the use of biologics, which now are key advancements in technology at the forefront of sports medicine surgical procedures. Smith+Nephew continues to drive its Sports Medicine business with ... (read more)

  • Ongoing Focus on the ASC Market
    Companies at AAOS had a prominent focus on the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Market. According to the SmartTRAK US Ortho ASC Market Overview, as of 2022, there were over ... (read more)

  • Developments in Arthroscopic Technologies
    Another common theme on display across the AAOS 2024 exhibit floor was the showcasing of surgical video technologies. All the big players in sports medicine had their video systems on display, and some notable systems stood out. Stryker highlighted its newest ... (read more)

To download and read the complete "Highlights in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy from AAOS 2024" Perspective article by Andy Knapik, SmartTRAK Senior Analyst, Soft Tissue Fixation and Arthroscopic Enabling Technologies, just click the button below. Read the Article

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Sports Medicine and Extremities Start-Ups to Watch

By Sharon O'Reilly on 1/3/24 9:30 AM

SmartTRAK highlights start-ups developing innovative products for joint resurfacing, soft tissue fixation, ligament and tendon augmentation at the 2023 MNVC.

Sports medicine and extremities were prominent themes at the 21st Annual Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference (MNVC) held in Memphis in November 2023. Approximately one-third of the 38 presenting companies debuted new and innovative technologies for treating sports-related injuries of the knee, shoulder, hand, foot & ankle ranging from soft tissue fixation, ligament and tendon augmentation and cartilage resurfacing. Now that investment in robotics and surgical navigation craze has peaked, major orthopedic manufacturers are directing research and development (R&D) dollars toward restoring joint function using biological approaches and a variety of less invasive techniques. 

Among the topics covered in this market outlook article are:

  • Promising Knee and Shoulder Start-Ups
  • Extremity Fixation: An Emerging Market
  • Resurgence in Joint Resurfacing

A fertile ground for strategic negotiations and deal-making, several of the major players have broadened their range of products through strategic tuck-in acquisitions in the past year. Also, several start-ups are targeting the multi-billion dollar Soft Tissue Fixation market.  This landscape reflects a dynamic and competitive environment where established players seek to strengthen their positions through ...

To download and read the complete "Sports Medicine and Extremities Start-Ups to Watch" market outlook article by Sharon O'Reilly, SmartTRAK's Founder and CEO, just click the button below. Read the Article

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Statera Medical: Smart Shoulder Implant - An Interview with Samuel Bourdon

By Nick Fitzpatrick on 8/11/23 11:46 AM

Samuel Bourdon, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Statera Medical discusses Statera Medical’s development of a smart shoulder implant.

In an interview withSmartTRAK,Samuel Bourdon, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Statera Medical, discusses how Statera Medical came to be, why their focused on creating a smart implant for the shoulder arthroplasty market and where he sees the Company going in the future.

To find out more, including the design rationale behind Statera’s smart shoulder ecosystem and how Statera fits in the shoulder arthroplasty market, click on the following video to listen to the full interview (29:25). If you would like to download the complete transcript of the interview, click here.

SmartTRAK: Hey guys, this is Nick with SmartTRAK. I'm here with Samuel Bourdon, CEO and founder of Statera Medical. I appreciate you joining me this morning and doing this interview. Samuel, can you give us an introduction about your yourself and a brief background of your experience in the orthopedics industry?

Samuel Bourdon: I'm a mechanical engineer by training. I have worked in product development since 2012 and mostly in the aerospace and recreational product. And when I turned 30, I quit my job and decided to go back to school to do a full-time master degree in biomedical engineering. And then I managed to do a master in business administration part-time during the same period. So before Statera Medical I had no experience in orthopedic industry at all, so it's a first time for me.

That's definitely monumental. Why'd you switch from aerospace to biomedical?

SB: Yeah, I just hit a bigger why in my career and I wanted to put a human at the center of it, so that's what made me took that decision.

Where did you get your master's in biomed from?

SB: From Polytechnique Montreal. It's the same university I got my mechanical engineer degree.

Let's dive into the company that you founded, Statera Medical. So what was the inspiration behind founding Statera Medical, and what's your mission statement behind it?

SB: What happened is I met another engineer and an orthopedic surgeon, and it was really all about reducing complication rates and improving patient outcomes, which ultimately results in ...

To download the complete transcript of SmartTRAK's interview with Samuel Bourdon, the Co-Founder and CEO of Statera Medical, just click the button below. Download the Transcript

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The Market Rebounds: Q123 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap

By Andy Knapik on 7/10/23 10:02 AM

Soft Tissue Fixation Rebounds in Q123 To Start the Year In a Positive Direction

In Q1, the STF market experienced notable growth, primarily driven by several factors, including an increase in elective procedures, a decrease in the effects of supply chain issues and increased growth over a sluggish Q122. Overall, these factors collectively propelled the STF market to exhibit robust growth during the first quarter.

Among the many topics covered in detail inSmartTRAK's comprehensiveQ123 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap* are:

  • Complete Q123 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Overview
  • SmartTRAK's Expert Market Analysis and Insights
  • All STF Companies' News, Revenues, Data, Charts and Market Shares
  • Headwinds and Tailwinds
  • Top Competitor Results & Highlights
  • Q123 Clinical/Regulatory Highlights

In the first quarter of 2023, the orthopedic ambulatory surgical center (ASC) market in the US experienced positive developments. The market witnessed significant growth in personnel, contracts and portfolio expansion within Sports Medicine companies. In their Q1 earnings call, Zimmer Biomet* COO Ivan Tornos commented that ...

Read the entire Q123 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap, including SmartTRAK's expert analysis, news, data, charts, revenues and shares*

*These links and the complete unedited article can only be viewed by SmartTRAK subscribers to this module. For more information on SmartTRAK, including how to receive a demo and subscribe, please click the button below.Learn More about Subscribing to SmartTRAK
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Current Trends in Sports Medicine

By Andy Knapik on 2/2/23 10:20 AM

Dr. Scott Sigman, founder and chief medical officer of OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Centers and host of the Ortho Show podcast, discusses current trends in arthroscopic sports medicine and orthopedic care in an in-depth interview with SmartTRAK.

In an interview with SmartTRAK, Scott Sigman, MD discusses many trends in arthroscopic technologies and soft tissue fixation including advancements in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair with the BEAR Implant, graft selection in ACL reconstruction, the Stryker InSpace Balloon for massive rotator cuff tears, advancements in Latarjet, needle arthroscopy and more. Dr. Sigman is the chief medical officer and founder of OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Centers and the host of the Ortho Show podcast. 

To find out more about Dr. Sigman’s insights on sports medicine and arthroscopy, click on the following video to watch Andy Knapik, SmartTRAK's Sr. Analyst, Soft Tissue Fixation and Arthroscopic Enabling Technologies, interview Dr. Sigman (49:55 min). A complete transcript of the interview is available here. For more details, interview topics by timecode are provided below.

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Trends & Technologies in Total Joints: AAOS 2022

By Lisa Mahan on 4/11/22 9:32 AM

New products and signs of procedural recovery lighten the mood at AAOS 2022

The mood at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2022 Annual Meeting was upbeat despite scaled-back attendance and exhibit space. Surgeons and exhibitors alike were excited to get back to in-person discussions about issues in orthopedics, new products hitting the market and the potential for recovery from the impact of COVID. While at the meeting, SmartTRAK met with industry professionals from clinicians to company representatives identifying key takeaways from market drivers and limiters to new product introductions.

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R&D Focus on Sports Medicine: Patents, Products and Predictions

By Thomas Wallick on 6/28/21 9:31 AM

As the COVID-19 workplace restrictions ease up, the MedTech industry continues to progress with product innovation and plans for the future. In July, AOSSM and AANA are partnering for a combined annual meeting, the first in-person meeting for both since the start of the pandemic. SmartTRAK reports daily on the challenges still ahead, covering all aspects of the Sports Medicine market.

The following is just a small sampling of recent Sports Medicine related updates from around the world compiled, reviewed and posted in real time by our SmartTRAK analysts. We constantly monitor the worldwide MedTech industry, sifting through the noise to present to our subscribers the most relevant international news, patents, trends, new products, financial data and competitor developments in the global Life Sciences industry.


  • Zimmer Biomet* 

    Biomet Sports Medicine (ZBH) was issued US Patent “Method and apparatus for forming a self-locking adjustable loop”, describing methods and apparatus for forming a self-locking adjustable loop. 11,039,826

  • Cannabinoid for Sports Med Applications
    Precision Biologic’s US Patent Application “METHODS OF USING CANNABINOID COMPOSITIONS IN SPORTS MEDICINE APPLICATIONS” was published. 20210128521

  • Stryker (Ivy Sports Medicine LLC) was issued US Patent “System and method for all-inside suture fixation for implant attachment and soft tissue repair”, describing an all-inside soft tissue repair device. 10,932,769

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