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Smith & Nephew: What’s New in Ortho and Sports Medicine

11/9/20 1:29 PM

SMith 7 NephewSmartTRAK highlights what’s new in orthopedics and sports medicine, with a spotlight on Smith & Nephew (SNN). We constantly monitor the worldwide MedTech industry, sifting through the noise to present to our subscribers the most relevant international news, trends, new products, patents, research, financial data and competitor developments in the global life sciences industry.

The following is a sampling of recent market updates covering Smith & Nephew that were compiled, reviewed and posted in real time by our SmartTRAK analysts covering the markets for Computer Assisted Surgery, Extremities, OrthoBio, Soft Tissue Fixation, Total Joints and Trauma.


  • NAVIO*- Smith & Nephew* — A 30-patient study in Poland is comparing robotic-assisted TKA to conventional TKA using SNN’s Journey II BCS Knee System*. Primary outcome measures are Oxford Knee Scores at baseline (preop) & 6-months postop. Completion is scheduled for Dec 2022. clinicaltrials.gov
  • S&N has planned a 160-patient study to evaluate safety and efficacy of the HEALICOIL Knotless Suture Anchors in subjects with rotator cuff tendon repair. Primary outcome measures repair failure rate at 6 months. Estimated study completion is 10/21/23. clinicaltrials.gov
  • In Q2, Smith & Nephew completed requirements to CE Mark the REGENETEN Bioinductive Implant and completed the first cases in Europe.


  • Acetabular Liner Dissociation: Pinnacle vs R3 Cups— A single-center retro study of 961 primary THAs using modular cementless acetabular shells (535 Pinnacle/DePuy Synthes*; 426 R3/SNN*) with poly liners reported a higher revision rate with Pinnacle compared to R3 at seven years mainly due to poly liner dissociation (1.12%). Arthroplasty Today


  • SNN* notes it is seeing overwhelmingly positive feedback on its next-generation CORI robot for TKA and UKA, given its smaller, more portable form factor. SNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha
  • Smith & Nephew announced the launch of the HEALICOIL Knotless Suture Anchor expanding its portfolio of Advanced Healing Solutions for rotator cuff repair.
  • SNN also touted its ARIA digital platform that connects providers across a patient’s episode of care, launched in Aug 2020. The foundation of ARIA is based on SNN’s acquisition of MiJourney announced earlier this year. SNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha
  • SNN launched CORI* in the US in July 2020 and OUS in August. The Company is also planning to launch a knee revision module for CORI in 2021. Canaccord Genuity 2020 SNN Analyst Event


  • In SNN* Sports Medicine, Q320 Joint Repair revenue was $186MM, -2.7%. with improving performance driven by recovering elective surgical volumes. Below normal levels of competitive sports activity remained a drag on some specific knee procedures. SNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha
  • Roland Diggelmann believes that the Integra Ortho acquisition is attractive and complementary, providing an entire continuum of care to specialists, with the ability to bridge nicely from sports med into recon. SNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha
  • SNN’s -3.1% decline in Q320 Other Reconstruction revenue included growth in the US reflecting capital sales recovery and weak Q319 business from the acquisition of Brainlab’s orthopedic recon business. SNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha
  • SNN’s Trauma business continued to improve with growth in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific in Q320, as well as for plates and screws and its hip fracture business globally. SNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha
  • Discussing its acquisition of IART’s extremity bus to close in Q420, SNN notes its retail/sports specialists already call on shoulder arthroplasty surgeons and trauma reps already call on foot & ankle and upper extremities surgeons. SNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha
  • SNN’s acquisition of IART’s extremity business adds a next generation shoulder alone with short stem and stemless technology expected to launch in 2022. The Company expects to drive double-digit revenue growth for the acquired productsSNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha
  • SNN saw strong additional growth in Hips from the rollout of its OR3O Dual Mobility Hip System. SNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha
  • SNN’s US business continued to improve with surgeries restarting in all states with restrictions in TX relaxing and lifting elsewhere by end of Q3. SNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha
  • SNN Established Markets recovery was mixed with Germany and France returning to growth and Southern Europe improving, but growth in the UK continued to be slower to recover. SNN Q320 Earnings Transcript on Seeking Alpha


  • Two major players, Stryker* and Smith & Nephew (SNN)*, focused on mini fragment plating systems during OTA industry sessions. Stryker introduced their Variax 2 Mini Fragment Plating System and SNN showcased their Mini Fragment Plating System in their virtual exhibitor booth.

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  • SNN’s* US Patent Application “SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR USING POLYAXIAL PLATES” was published, describing plates and methods that combine polyaxial locking fixation with a thinner profile and enhanced bone contouring. 20200323570
  • SNN’s US Patent Application “Adjustable endoprosthesis” was published describing knee arthroplasty components and a device that projects visible alignment light markings. 20200289291
  • SNN’s US Patent Application “ORTHOPAEDIC IMPLANT” was published, describing an orthopedic implant comprising a titanium substrate having silver deposited thereon, wherein the silver is operable to be eluded over a period of 14 days. 20200282108
  • SNN’s US Patent “Axially-complaint driver assembly” was issued, relating to a driver assembly configured to protect a threaded sleeve of an anchor from damage due to over-insertion of the anchor into bone during arthroscopic soft tissue repair procedures. 10,631,850
  • SNN’s US Patent “Suture anchor” was issued, relating to an improved suture anchor which reduces reliance on patient bone quality and provides improved fixation of both the suture and the anchor to use in arthroscopic procedures. 10,631,851


  • SNNs* acquisition of IART’s Extremity Ortho business provides a more rounded portfolio to leverage its position in upper extremities & sports med (strong presence in shoulders with RCR & coblation) and seems to complement its focus on ASC/Outpatient setting. Canaccord SNN Report
  • Canaccord believes SNN’s deal to acquire Integra’s Extremity Ortho business helps fill out SNN’s portfolio, filling the gap for shoulder replacement. Also, with the expected close of Stryker’s WMGI acquisition, it could result in market disruption. Canaccord SNN Report
  • SNN partnered with Avail Medsystems to provide remote real-time access to sales reps, medical education professionals and visiting surgeons during orthopedic procedures in hospitals and ASCs. Avail places its telemedicine consoles free-of-charge and manufacturers subscribe to console access.

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