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The Future is Today in Remote Patient Monitoring: An Interview with Scott Laster

3/28/22 9:30 AM

Future is Today Laster Interveiw HeaderScott Laster, CEO and co-founder of MiCare Path, discusses the present and future of monitoring patients between office visits in an interview with SmartTRAK

Scott Laster is the CEO and co-founder of MiCare Path, a leading platform to connect patients with their providers between visits. Scott is a medical device industry veteran with 15+ years of experience in the trenches launching products and supporting clinicians. In this interview with SmartTRAK, Scott shares his thoughts on the benefits of monitoring patients between office visits, the evolution of reimbursement of remote monitoring and where MiCare Path is going in the future.

To find out more, including Scott’s take on how MiCare Path benefits orthopedic and wound care patients and clinicians, click on the following video recorded live via Google Meet (17:04 min). Specific interview topics by timecode are outlined below. To download a complete transcript of the interview, click here.

Download the complete interview transcript

Interview Topics by Time code:

00:26 Hear Scott introduce why MiCare’s founders started the platform.

03:08 Learn how MiCare Path works in orthopedic and wound care.

06:24 Listen to Scott describe the evolution of remote monitoring reimbursement.

10:13 Find out how providers’ perceptions of remote monitoring changed after using MiCare Path.

12:00 As a medical device industry veteran hear Scott’s thoughts on what industry should know about remote patient monitoring.

14:10 Hear Scott describe the three phases of growth for MiCare Path.

To download the complete transcript of the "The Future is Today in Remote Patient Monitoring" interview with Scott Laster,  click the button below.Download the Transcript

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Gary Delhougne
Written by Gary Delhougne

SmartTRAK GM, Wound. Licensed attorney with 20 years’ medical device and consulting experience in market access, health economics and policy roles at Smith & Nephew, Covidien, Avalere Health and Ernst & Young.

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