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Gary Delhougne

SmartTRAK GM, Wound. Licensed attorney with 20 years’ medical device and consulting experience in market access, health economics and policy roles at Smith & Nephew, Covidien, Avalere Health and Ernst & Young.

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Focus on Skin Substitutes and Debridement: 2023 Boswick Symposium

By Gary Delhougne on 2/14/23 9:33 AM

New products from Kerecis, Vericel, Epien, PixaMed and the role of debridement take center stage.

The 45 th  Annual JAB Maui Burn & Wound Symposium met on January 21-26 with a significant focus on the use of skin substitutes and proper wound bed debridement. Though some clinical presentations focused on chronic, surgical and other trauma wounds, burns dominated the agenda. Compared to diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), pressure injuries and other chronic wounds, there are fewer burns, but their unique treatment requirements and impact on patients increase the importance of targeted therapies. In the US,   SmartTRAK estimates there were approximately 496,530 burns requiring treatment in 2021 with 40,870 burns requiring hospitalization. SmartTRAK estimates the burn market will reach 513,550 cases requiring treatment by 2026 with hospitalization for 42,270 cases (+0.7% 5-year CAGR).

Treating burns with skin substitutes dominated the clinical presentations and discussions on the exhibit hall floor. A close second discussion point was the role of proper wound bed preparation or debridement. This article highlights new products from Kerecis*,Vericel*, Epien Medical, PixaMedand the role of debridement in wound healing.  

Among the many topics covered in detail in the complete article, which is available as a download, are:

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The Future of Skin Substitute Reimbursement: SAWC Fall 2022

By Gary Delhougne on 12/6/22 9:30 AM

The potential of US reimbursement changes to Skin Substitutes weighed heavily on companies at SAWC Fall, yet subsequently, CMS decided to delay finalizing its proposed changes.

The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Fall 2022 gathered for another year in Las Vegas. The exhibit hall was filled with most wound care manufacturers and though booth hours were short, the clinical attendees made the best of their time searching out the latest in wound care technologies.

In this articleSmartTRAK discusses:

  • Alternative Product Developments to the Skin Substitute Market 
  • Potential Impact of Proposed Reimbursement Changes
  • The Top Four Companies by Revenue 
  • CMS' Proposed Terminology Change from “Skin Substitute”
  • Packaging Skin Substitutes as “Incident to” Supplies
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New Approaches in Foundational Wound Care: Wild on Wounds 2022

By Gary Delhougne on 10/4/22 9:42 AM

Wild on Wounds (WOW) focused clinicians back to the essential skills and products of wound care

Nurses, doctors and industry descended on a beachfront resort in Hollywood, FL, from September 7 through 10, for educational sessions and hands-on learning in foundational wound care at Wild on Wounds 2022 (WoW). WoW, as its fun name suggests, is designed for those clinicians focused on, and desiring foundational knowledge in skin and wound care. In reflecting on this focus,SmartTRAKnoted conference buzz and product innovation at this year’s WoW centered on the use of advanced wound dressings and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) over other conferences that include more biologics.

SmartTRAK will also be attending the upcoming SAWC Fall conference, covering everything new, exciting and important from the event. Our experts are ready to answer your questions, share insights on the latest in the wound market and discuss how we can help you Be the Expert in your market! If you'd like to meet with SmartTRAK at SAWC, please reach out.

Kicking off WoW, clinician presenters highlighted many “buzz” worthy products and what differentiates them across numerousSmartTRAK-covered product categories. For instance:

Topics: Wound Care
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Continued Growth: Q222 Advanced Wound Care Market Recap

By Gary Delhougne on 9/22/22 9:30 AM

WW Advanced Wound Care continues to grow in the mid-single-digits as company revenues reflect normalcy in wound care with a likely increase in wound severity.

For Q222, SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard reports the WW Advanced Wound Care (AWC) market grew +6.4%. WW Advanced Dressings and WW Wound Biologics were also up, while NPWT-heavy External Devices revenue increased marginally.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q222 Advanced Wound Care Market Recap* are:

  • Complete Q222 AWC Overview and Highlights
  • SmartTRAK's Expert Analysis and Insights
  • All Company News including Revenues, Data, Charts and Shares
  • Growth Analysis – Currency Having a Significant Impact in Q2
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6 min read

Diagnostic and Digital Devices on Display: WOCNext 2022

By Gary Delhougne on 7/25/22 10:21 AM

Emerging from the COVID-19 era, wound care innovation is driven by small players, especially in the digital and diagnostic spaces

In June, wound, ostomy and continence-focused nurses, and supporting industry gathered in Fort Worth, TX for the hybrid WOCNext 2022 conference. In-person attendance was below expectations, but healthy booth time allowed for product discussions with exhibitors.

SmartTRAK observed that product innovation at WOCNext came from smaller companies and those focused on digital and diagnostic solutions not large manufacturers like Smith+Nephew*, 3M* or Mölnlycke*SmartTRAK learned that the large manufacturers are not launching new products for multiple reasons, including supply chain limitations, access to raw materials and the confidence to be able to supply enough products to serve the market.

SmartTRAK is closely watching advances and innovation in the digital and diagnostic space in wound care. Specifically, SmartTRAK Analyst Kris Flinn recently published an article, "The Future of Biosensors and Smart Dressings in Wound Care Diagnostics", available here, highlighting developments in diagnostic biosensors in smart dressings. Additionally, in an early 2022 interview with reimbursement expert Kathleen Schaum, we learned about reimbursement trends that support the development and use of these products. 

Outlined below are several wound diagnostic and digital products prominently highlighted at WOCN.

Topics: Wound Care
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Moving Past COVID: Q122 WW Advanced Wound Care Market Recap

By Gary Delhougne on 6/16/22 9:38 AM

WW Advanced Wound Care growth settles to a traditional mid-single digit growth rate as global wound care moves past COVID-19.

Topics: Wound Care
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Leveraging Government Affairs for Commercial Success: An Interview w/ Jack Kalavritinos

By Gary Delhougne on 5/26/22 9:30 AM

Jack Kalavritinos, Former HHS/FDA Senior Official and Principal of JK Strategies, discusses the importance and benefits of government affairs in medtech

Jack Kalavritinos is the Founder and Principal of JK Strategies, a communications and public policy firm that helps organizations develop winning communication and policy strategies. Jack is also a former senior government official and appointee in HHS, FDA and DOL. Jack has decades of Washington, DC government, political and business experience including in the medtech sector with Covidien.

In this interview with SmartTRAK, Jack shares his thoughts on the benefits to medtech commercial leaders of developing collaborative relationships with their government affairs colleagues. Specifically, SmartTRAK’s interview with Jack covers the next phases of the COVID-19 public health emergency, the potential impact of the midterm elections and ways companies can work with the FDA.

To find out more, including Jack’s take on how medtech commercial leaders can develop relationships with their Representatives and Senators, click on the following video recorded live via Zoom. Outlined below are specific interview topics by the minute. To download a complete transcript of the interview, click here.

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Trends in Product and IT-Driven Innovations: SAWC Spring 2022

By Gary Delhougne on 5/19/22 10:56 AM

Emerging from the COVID-19 era, wound care innovation is driven by smaller companies

In April, the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Spring 2022 returned to an in-person format for the first time since 2019. Though the turnout was below expectations, attendees enjoyed reconnecting with clinicians, engaging with vendors and catching up with colleagues and competitors.

Despite being three years since the last SAWC Spring, large wound care companies like Smith+Nephew* (SNN), Mölnlycke*, 3M* and others were oddly without major product introductions. SmartTRAK has learned that extended FDA review timelines and supply challenges may be playing a significant role in this reality. Companies have publicly commented that innovation and new product launches are planned for 2022, but timelines must have slipped past the SAWC Spring deadlines.

Regardless, innovation was not completely absent from SAWC Spring as smaller companies introduced new products and more companies exhibited IT-driven diagnostic, measurement and data-capture technologies.

(The SmartTRAK team will be attending the upcoming European Wound Management Association (EWMA) event May 23-25 in Paris. We would love to schedule some time to meet and hear your perspectives and views and discuss how SmartTRAK can help you make more informed strategic business decisions.)

In this article, SmartTRAK highlights new products and novel technologies exhibited at SAWC Spring 2022.

Topics: Wound Care
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Supply Chain and Inflationary Pressures Weigh on Wound Care Companies

By Gary Delhougne on 4/26/22 8:30 AM

Macroeconomic headwinds are projected to continue through the first half of 2022.

Supply chain headaches and inflationary pressures significantly impacted wound care companies in 2021. Though Advanced Wound Care revenue rebounded +11.5% in 2021 according to SmartTRAK’s Financial Dashboard, it was not without strong headwinds of higher input costs, logistical nightmares and labor shortages.

To understand how these macroeconomic trends affected wound care companies, SmartTRAK reviewed quarterly and fiscal year earnings reports from FY21 to see how various wound care companies reported the company-specific impact. From troubles sourcing materials to higher input costs and the need to raise prices, SmartTRAK uncovered a consistent trend of macroeconomic pressures affecting many global and regional wound care manufacturers.

Be The Expert in Wound Care -  Click for FREE SmartTRAK Updates for 30 Days

Topics: Wound Care
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Strong Gains with Room to Grow: Q421/FY21 AWC Market Recap

By Gary Delhougne on 4/7/22 9:41 AM

Advanced wound care delivers strong double-digit growth and still has room to grow.

The WW Advanced Wound Care markets regained their form in FY21 as wound care recovered globally after COVID-19 impacted FY20. Advanced Dressings delivered nearly double-digit growth, with Wound Biologics and External Devices also reporting excellent revenue growth vs FY20.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q421/FY21 AWC Market Recap* are:

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