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Gary Delhougne

SmartTRAK GM, Wound. Licensed attorney with 20 years’ medical device and consulting experience in market access, health economics and policy roles at Smith & Nephew, Covidien, Avalere Health and Ernst & Young.

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SmartTRAK’s 2022 Outlook for the US Skin Substitute/CTP Market

By Gary Delhougne on 2/8/22 9:30 AM

From Site of Care Migration to the Impact of Reimbursement Changes SmartTRAK evaluates market trends to watch for in 2022.
by Gary Delhougne, GM Wound

The Skin Substitute/CTP (Cellular and/or Tissue-based Products) market is undergoing significant growth and change. Reimbursement motives, COVID-19 and clinician site of care decisions had a profound impact on the market in 2020 and 2021. The growth outlook for 2022 remains strong as providers and industry adapt to unique market conditions.

SmartTRAK estimates the 5-year CAGR (compound annual growth rate) through 2025 for Skin Substitutes/CTP products to be in the mid to high single digits. In 2020, industry revenue surpassed $1B and SmartTRAK expects the market to pass $1.5B by 2025.

To better understand the impact of site of care changes, SmartTRAK launched a new subscription module specifically covering site of care changes occurring in the Skin Substitute/CTP market. It’s SmartTRAK’s fastest-growing new product offering and you can learn more by clicking here.

As SmartTRAK looks to 2022, we see three trends to consider for the Skin Substitute/CTP market –

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Continued Rebound: Q321 Advanced Wound Care Market Recap

By Gary Delhougne on 12/22/21 12:00 PM

Advanced Wound Care (AWC) continues to rebound in 2021 with growth from US Skin Substitutes and WW Advanced Dressings despite weakness in NPWT.

The WW Advanced Wound Care (AWC) market grew +6.5% YoY in Q321, according to the SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard.

The WW AWC market is made up of a diverse array of wound care products comprising the segments of Advanced Dressings, Wound Biologics and External Devices. WW Advanced Dressings grew in Q3, driven by robust gains in Foams, Antimicrobials and Superabsorbents. WW Wound Biologics showed continued gains among US Skin Substitute market leaders. WW External Devices (of which NPWT makes up 96%) was mostly flat due to delta variant headwinds and low elective procedure volumes slowing growth.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q321 Advanced Wound Care Market Recap* are:

Topics: Wound Care
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SAWC Fall 2021 - The Return of In-Person Wound Care Conferences

By Gary Delhougne on 11/22/21 10:00 AM

Clinical and industry attendees return to in-person conferences but product launches were limited.

It has been more than two years since the last in-person Society for Advancement of Wound Care (SAWC) meeting and based on attendance at this year’s meeting in Las Vegas (October 29-31), wound care clinicians and exhibitors were ready to be live and in person again.

SmartTRAK returned to the conference in person too and walked the exhibit floor, attended symposia and talked to exhibitors and clinicians to understand the latest trends in the US market for Advanced Wound Care, which is projected to reach
* by 2025E according to SmartTRAK estimates. Two dominant takeaways emerged from SAWC Fall 2021, including the enthusiastic return of in-person wound conferences and only a limited selection of new product introductions.

Topics: Wound Care
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