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Vagal Nerve Stimulation With Rehab Improves Long-Term Stroke Recovery

Posted by Anne Staylor on 9/26/17 11:47 AM

SmartTRAK reports on two studies presented at INS 2017 evaluating the effect of VNS paired with rehab in stroke patients with upper limb paralysis.

Vivistim.pngOne of the hottest emerging applications for neuromodulation is for improving function and movement in patients paralyzed by a stroke. Stroke affects almost 800,000 people every year in the US alone and is a leading cause of long-term disability, with an annual cost to the healthcare system of ~$33 billion.

At the International Neuromodulation Society (INS) 13th Annual Congress May 26-June 3 in Edinburgh, SmartTRAK interviewed Jesse Dawson, MD, Clinical Lead, Scottish Stroke Research Network, and Teresa Kimberley, PT, PhD Associate Professor, Division of Physical Therapy at the University of Minnesota, regarding a randomized, double-blinded trial evaluating the effect of vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) during stroke rehabilitation on upper limb function after an ischemic stroke using Microtransponder’s Vivistim System...

At INS, Dr. Dawson presented the 90 day results of the study while Dr. Kimberley reported the long-term follow up of these patients at 9 months.




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