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Who's Next? Emerging European Wound Care Products

Posted by Susan Paquette on 1/17/18 11:39 AM

1 Who's Next Emerging Wound Care Markets Jan-2018 LRG 1px stroke.pngEWMA 2017, held in Amsterdam,  provided a unique and interesting look at the European Advanced Wound Care market - showcasing products approved for the European market but not yet launched in the US. Europe has always been a breeding ground for innovative medical devices, and has long served as a gateway for companies looking to bring new devices to the US. While some of these companies have no desire to enter the US market, many look to the US market with high expectations. It is the largest medical device market in the world, with one language and one regulatory and reimbursement system, and is much less complicated than the European market where distribution partnerships and regulatory approvals are sometimes needed for each country.

To read more about Advanced Wound Care growth for the US and EU and high tech advanced wound care products emerging from Europe that could be competing in the US market, please click to download the SmartTRAK Emerging Wound Care Products article...Download PDF of SmartTRAK Emerging  European Wound Care Market Article

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