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Wound Care Diagnostic Aids: Trends to Watch in 2022 and Beyond

8/25/22 9:58 AM

Wound Care Diagnostic Aids HEADER v2SmartTRAK looks at trends in the Diagnostic Aids market for 2022 with an eye on hard-to-heal wounds, regulatory and reimbursement checkpoints and investment deals and financing.

SmartTRAK sees continued growth in the Diagnostic Aids market driven by the following factors:
  • Hard-to-heal wounds continue to drive resource utilization and cost
  • Clinicians need diagnostic tools to help guide more efficient and effective product selection
  • Companies are making incremental progress navigating regulatory and reimbursement checkpoints
  • Investors see potential value as evidenced by deals and financing

In 2007, the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) published a consensus document on the Principles of Best Practice in Diagnostics and Wounds. The authors identified the need for new diagnostic tests to help identify why some wounds do not respond to advanced therapies. The document further suggested that the ideal diagnostic tool can detect and quantify biomarkers that impact wound healing, such as molecules, biofilms, oxygen content and temperature changes. SmartTRAK looks at trends in the Diagnostic Aids market in 2022 with a focus on ...

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Terry Hayslett
Written by Terry Hayslett

Senior Analyst, Wound Care. 20+ years of healthcare experience, including provider reimbursement, corporate compliance, BD, strategic planning, financial analysis, and health economics. Most recently responsible for the global funding and reimbursement function at Molnlycke.

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