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Q418/FY18 Joint Fluid Market Recap

Posted by Freddy Buntoum on 3/18/19 12:45 PM

Q418 Joint Fluids Mkt RecapRevenues down again, owing to intense competitive pricing pressures

Pricing pressure continued to negatively impact the US Joint Fluid market, which experienced a decline of -7.9% based on Q418 revenues according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard. While this market continued to see unit volume increases, ASPs experienced notable declines over the past four quarters as a result of several companies not listing ASPs to CMS, which fueled competitive pricing. Additionally, revenues were impacted by the Anthem non-coverage decision that took effect in Q118 and kept impacting suppliers over the course of the year...

Among the many topics covered in the Q418/FY18 Joint Fluid Market Recap:

  • Market Overview and Highlights
  • Slow Decline in Single-Injection Segment

  • Fierce Competition with No End in Sight in 3-Injection Arena
  • 5-Injection Continues To Decline
  • Market Shares Shifting in Times of Changes

Big winners for 2018 in the Joint Fluid market were Bioventus, with a 35.6% YoY increase,  and OrthogenRx, with 18.8% gain YoY, according to year-end results in the now published SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard.

Looking ahead to 2019, headwinds that may have future ramifications on the US Joint Fluid market include the possible FDA reclassification as a “drug” and non-reporting by most HA suppliers to CMS...

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