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SmartTRAK Seeking a Part Time Regenerative Medicine Analyst

Posted by Sharon O'Reilly on 10/2/18 6:40 PM

SmartTRAK Careers-1The SmartTRAK analyst team is expanding and we are looking for an experienced and motivated individual who would like to manage one or more of our Regenerative Medicine modules. As you know, all of our SmartTRAK analysts are former marketing, business development or competitive intelligence professionals with one of the major medical device manufacturers and, in fact, most have come to us via recommendations from our subscribers. We believe that having a person of this caliber with relevant experience and deep insight on the market is a tremendous value-add to the SmartTRAK platform.
We are specifically interested in a person who wants to work 15-20 hours per week with experience in one or more of the following subject areas:

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•    Amniotic Tissue (Injectables and Membranes) for Orthopedics and Wound Care
•    Cell Processing (PRP, BMAC, Adipose Tissue)
•    Joint Fluid (Hyaluronic acid and other knee injectables)
•    Surgical Matrices (Orthopedics, Wound Care General Surgery)

Ideally, this individual has:

•    5+ years of marketing experience in the Regenerative Medicine market
•    Strong communication skills especially writing
•    Good analytical skills and experience with forecasting
•    Attention to detail
•    Extensive contacts in the industry with both companies and clinicians
•    Willing to work 15-20 hours per week

This is a great position for an experienced professional who wants to remain in the game but wishes to work part-time. Only those with specific experience in the aforementioned areas will be considered.

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Topics: Regenerative Medicine

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