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SmartTRAK at EWMA 2019

Posted by Thomas Wallick on 6/24/19 4:22 PM

SmartTRAK hosted a tour, dinner reception and briefing at Gothenburg's Universeum before EWMA 2019. Attendees were treated to a private tour of the Universeum and the Ocean Zone prior to dinner and the briefing, entitled Trends, Opportunities and Innovations in Advanced Wound Care, with a special focus on the European market.

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Artificial Intelligence for DFUs: An Interview with Dr. Ronald Baxter of Spectral MD

Posted by Susan Paquette on 5/30/19 11:20 AM

Dr. Ronald Baxter of Baylor University and Spectral MD, discusses the Spectral MD DeepView Wound Imaging System in predicting DFU wound healing utilizing artificial intelligence in an interview with SmartTRAK.

Spectral MD has developed the DeepView Wound Imaging System to utilize real-time data and artificial intelligence to predict wound healing. The Company has seen initial success in burn treatment and is now moving into validation of their system for diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) with the goal to predict a wound’s healing potential at the initial clinical visit.

To learn more about Spectral MD’s multi-spectral imaging system, DeepView; the pilot DFU study to analyze the predictive qualities of its artificial intelligence deep learning program, and the company’s plans moving forward; SmartTRAK interviewed Dr. Ronald Baxter, of Baylor University and Spectral MD.

A transcript of SmartTRAK’s interview with Dr. Baxter is below. To view the interview recorded live at SAWC Spring 2019, click on the following video.

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SmartTRAK Seeking a European Wound Care Analyst

Posted by Lennart Stadler on 5/23/19 12:57 PM

The SmartTRAK analyst team is expanding and we are looking for an experienced and motivated individual who would like to manage one or more of our Advanced Wound Care modules, with a focus on the European markets. As you know, all of our SmartTRAK analysts are former marketing, business development or competitive intelligence professionals with one of the major medical device manufacturers and, in fact, most have come to us via recommendations from our subscribers. We believe that having a person of this caliber with relevant experience and deep insight on the market is a tremendous value-add to the SmartTRAK platform.

Learn More and Apply

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Top 10 Things To Do in Gothenburg Sweden While at EWMA

Posted by Thomas Wallick on 5/15/19 10:54 AM

Beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden is hosting EWMA 2019 - the European Wound Management Association conference, on June 5-9.

Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city after Stockholm, located on the coast in southwestern Sweden, is considered "the quintessential 'second city': understatedly hip and unexpectedly vibrant with neoclassical architecture lining its tram-rattled streets, locals sunning themselves beside canals, and always an interesting cultural or social event going on."

Here are some of SmartTRAK's top things to do when taking a break from the conference. And we know what we're talking about - SmartTRAK's Senior Analyst, Advanced Wound Care, Lennart Stadler lives there!

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SmartTRAK Hosts Pre-EWMA Event at Gothenburg's Universeum Aquarium

Posted by Susan Paquette on 5/13/19 11:34 AM


BioMedGPS is excited to host its subscribers and guests on Tuesday, June 4th, at a very special Pre-EWMA 2019 event at Gothenburg’s Universeum Aquarium.

SmartTRAK will be hosting an exclusive Private Event Pre-EWMA at Gothenburg’s Universeum Aquarium. Guests will be treated to an aquarium tour, dinner and briefing on the latest Trends, Opportunities and Innovations in Advanced Wound Care.

SmartTRAK’s Advanced Wound Care Experts will serve as panelists. Susan Paquette - SmartTRAK VP & General Manager, Wound - will be providing overall insights on the wound market and Lennart Stadler - SmartTRAK Senior Analyst, Advanced Wound Care - will be presenting data on important trends and innovations.

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SmartTRAK Cited in 3M's Acelity Acquisition Press Release

Posted by Susan Paquette on 5/10/19 4:04 PM

SmartTRAK, the leading source of competitive intelligence used by the top ten global orthopedic & wound care companies, was cited as a source in 3M's presentation "3M to Acquire Acelity Inc." published on May 2.

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DSM Biomedical's Material Contribution to the Wound Care Market - SmartTRAK Interviews Raoul Verheggen

Posted by Susan Paquette on 5/8/19 6:30 PM

SmartTRAK talks with Raoul Verheggen, Global Product Director for DSM Biomedical, regarding the Company’s recent foray into the wound care space and how its addressing unmet needs for patients and businesses

Novel materials and components are key to innovative wound care products that provide superior patient outcomes. DSM Biomedical is a B2B supplier whose business it is to provide these unique components to the medical device industry. SmartTRAK talks with Raoul Verheggen of DSM Biomedical, Global Product Director for Wound, about the company, their capabilities and plans moving forward in support of wound care. A transcript of the interview is below. To listen to the interview recorded via Uberconference, click on the following video. 

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SAWC Fall 2018: Novel Compression Garment for Complex Edema

Posted by Susan Paquette on 4/24/19 10:00 AM

SmartTRAK highlights the latest research on Sigvaris SECURE presented at SAWC Fall

A novel hybrid compression garment offers promise for patients with difficult-to-treat chronic edema according to an 11-patient case series presented at SAWC Fall. Patients with chronic edema, including lymphedema, are challenged in finding compression garments that are clinically efficacious, cosmetically appealing and comfortable to wear. The 11-patient case series evaluated Sigvaris’ recently launched SECURE, an innovative new Compression and Containment Hybrid (CCH) garment that combines the comfort of circular knit garments and the stiffness traditionally provided by thicker textiles, inelastic wraps or flat knit garments. The new hybrid circular knit garments are thin, cosmetically appealing, and meet the clinical requirement of chronic edema management – graduated compression and containment.

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Q418/FY18 Advanced Wound Care Market Recap

Posted by Susan Paquette on 4/18/19 9:30 AM

Dressings recover Q418, all segments showing solid gains

For FY18, according to BioMedGPS’  SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard, WW Advanced Wound Care (AWC) revenues for Advanced Dressings, External Devices and Biologics were up +4.1% YoY.  Acelity remains the global market leader followed by S&N and Mölnlycke. Advanced Dressings, the workhorse of Advanced Wound Care, accounts for 52.3% of WW revenues, up +3.3% YoY. Skin/Dermal Substitute (CTP) revenue was up +10.7% YoY, lower than previous years, but still double-digit gains. WW NPWT was up +4.3% YoY, with traditional devices having a slight uptick and single-use driving the increase of +28.9%.

Among the many topics covered in the Q418/FY18 Advanced Wound Care Market Recap are:

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S&N Solidifies its Leadership Position in Wound Biologics

Posted by Susan Paquette on 4/15/19 12:00 PM

S&N plans to shore up its Advanced Wound Bioactives business with the acquisition of Osiris Therapeutics but the deal may be in question as Osiris shareholders challenge the price.

 Smith & Nephew (S&N) announced on March 12, 2019 that it has agreed to acquire Osiris Therapeutics for $660MM with the deal expected to close Q219. However, the deal could be in question as a group of Osiris shareholders is suing to block the acquisition. The lawsuit disputes Cantor Fitzgerald’s discounted cash flow analysis, saying it does not adequately reflect Osiris’s future growth prospects, and is based on growth rates that are about half of what Osiris has experienced in recent years, resulting in a valuation that is too low. The acquisition would add the Osiris’s Grafix and Stravix product lines to S&N’s ailing Advanced Wound Bioactives portfolio. If allowed to proceed, the acquisition would solidify S&N’s leadership in wound biologics and changes the competitive landscape in the Advanced Wound Care market...

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