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Q118 Ortho, Wound & Neuro Market Recaps Now Online at SmartTRAK

Posted by Sharon O'Reilly on 6/29/18 9:21 AM

BLOG FINAL SmartTRAK Q118 Market Recaps May-2018 - Blog SocialBioMedGPS is pleased to announce, as of June 2018, all Q118 Ortho, Wound & Neuro Market Recaps and Financial Dashboard Results are available on app.SmartTRAK.com. SmartTRAK is the first real-time business intelligence portal for the Orthopedics, Wound Care and Neuro Therapies markets.

Our daily updates, strategic insights and in-depth analyses by domain experts allow device executives to always be in-the-know and be able to distill relevant insights quickly. 


  1. Extremities: The US Extremities Market experienced a slight dip in Q118, with sequential growth down from +8.4% to +6.9% that extended into all categories... Q118 Extremities Market Recap
  2. OrthoBio: Up 3.4% YoY, the OrthoBio market is off to a good start. Companies that are surpassing growth expectations tend to have differentiated products...  Q118 OrthoBio Market Recap
  3. Spine: The beginning of 2018 has again revealed the Spine market’s true colors – with a slight decline in the overall market and notable pricing pressures... Q118 Spine Market Recap
  4. Soft Tissue Fixation: Seasonality slowed Soft Tissue Fixation market growth, but the addition of biologics to RC repair implants makes the future promising... Q118 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap
  5. Total Joints: The Total Joints Market started the year facing increased headwinds from high deductibles and canceled surgeries due to a severe flu season... Q118 Total Joints Market Recap
  6. Trauma: Strong US growth supported by healthy international sales helped propel the WW Trauma Market up +4.7% in Q118...  Q118 Trauma Market Recap

Wound Care

  1. Advanced Wound Care: For Q118, according to BioMedGPS’ SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard, WW Advanced Wound Care (AWC) revenues for Advanced Dressings, External Devices and Biologics was up +4.1% YoY... Q118 Advanced Wound Market Recap
  2. US Surgical Matrices: In Q118, the US Surgical Matrices Market grew +8.9% YoY according to BioMedGPS’ SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard... Q118 Surgical Matrices Market Recap
  3. Hemostats & Sealants: Most manufacturers in the Hemostats and Sealants market saw revenue growth in Q118... Q118 Hemostats & Sealants Market Recap
  4. Infection Prevention: In Q118, the US Infection Prevention - Vascular Access Adjunct Products market grew +3.9% YoY... Q118 Infection Prevention Market Recap

Neuro Therapies

  1. Spinal Cord Stimulation: The US Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) market saw another quarter of exceptional growth in Q118, yet the market decelerated QoQ, posting 23% growth vs 24.6% growth in Q417... Q118 Spinal Cord Stimulation Market

    For more detailed information about SmartTRAK’s market coverage, as well as areas of research and analysis, please go to www.smarttrak.com/Coverage .

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