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ASPN 2023: Advancements in Interventional Pain Treatment

By Shelly Caruso on 8/28/23 9:30 AM

SmartTRAK was on-site at ASPN 2023 covering industry-sponsored RCT updates and data reveals, as well as new players and trends in the interventional pain space.

As the number of patients suffering from chronic pain increases, the interventional pain market continues to grow. Physicians and device developers are rising to the challenge by offering more personalized pain treatment options for an expanding list of indications. As a result, new differentiators for spinal cord stimulation (SCS) players have emerged, as well as newcomers in the peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) market. Beyond neuromodulation, minimally-invasive surgical (MIS) spine procedures, sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion and regenerative medicine products also provide innovative solutions for chronic pain management. In this interesting article, SmartTRAK highlights the newest data, innovation and market developments at the American Society of Pain and Neuroscience (ASPN) 2023 Annual Meeting held in Miami, FL.

Among the many topics discussed in comprehensive detail in this article, which can be downloaded here, are:

  • SCS Sees Cutthroat Competition
    • MRI Compatibility and Closed-Loop SCS
    • Painful Diabetic Neuropathy (PDN)
    • Artificial Intelligence, Programming Solutions and Remote Monitoring
  • Expanding Horizons in PNS
    • Types of Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
    • Outcomes, Comfort and Wearability for Externally-powered Devices
    • Injectrode Technology
  • What’s New in MIS Spine and SI Joint Fusion
    • Leveraging Enabling Technology for Pain Procedures
    • Innovations in MIS Spine and SI Joint Instrumentation
  • Scientific Focus on Biologics and Regenerative Medicine

To identify current and future trends in interventional pain management and PNS, SmartTRAK recently surveyed 30 interventional pain physicians, including 18 who perform PNS, to get an inside view of procedure trends, what treatments and devices they use and who they see as future winners in the chronic pain space. To purchase the results of this comprehensive survey, see SmartTRAK’s Trends in Interventional Pain Management and PNS.

To download a complimentary copy of the complete "ASPN 2023: Advancements in Interventional Pain Treatment" article, just click the button below. Download the ASPN 2023 Article

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The Future of Interventional Pain Management and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

By Anne Staylor on 7/17/23 3:13 PM

SmartTRAK’s survey of interventional pain physicians reveals valuable insights into current and future trends in interventional pain management and peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS)

SmartTRAK recently conducted a survey of 30 interventional pain physicians, including 18 doctors who perform PNS, to gain insight into the current state of interventional pain management and identify future trends in the field. This includes physician use of SCS, DRG Stimulation, short- and long-term PNS, RFA, TDD, Regenerative Medicine injections and MIS spine procedures, with an emphasis on PNS companies and technologies.

This comprehensive study sheds light on procedure trends, preferred treatment approaches, physicians' perspectives on PNS and more!

Key questions include:

  • What interventional pain procedures are expected to grow the most in the next 12-24 months?
  • What minimally invasive spine procedures do physicians think will increase the most in the next few years?
  • What are expected procedure volumes for Regenerative Medicine injections?
  • What are the most preferred treatment approaches for different chronic pain conditions?
  • What are physicians' impressions of the different PNS technologies/brands?
  • What are the top targets for PNS and what's driving and limiting physician adoption of PNS?
  • What technology improvements do physicians want to see in PNS devices?

Click the button below if you are interested in purchasing SmartTRAK’s Interventional Pain Management and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Survey. Be The Expert with the latest insights and trends in the field and equip yourself with valuable knowledge. Click Now! Get the Survey

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