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Key Trends in Neurovascular Intervention for 2024

By Shelly Caruso on 5/21/24 9:45 AM

SmartTRAK highlights market and technology trends that will help drive growth in neurovascular interventions in 2024.

The neurovascular intervention market is poised for another exciting year in 2024, with key trends driven by an expanding treatable population and innovative technologies addressing critical gaps in patient care. The percentage of eligible acute ischemic stroke (AIS) patients who receive endovascular therapy (EVT) is projected to increase from ~25% in 2022 to ~40% in 2027E. According to the SmartTRAK US Mechanical Thrombectomy Market Overview, the market will generate a 5-year CAGR of 11.1%. Amidst market growth driven by treatment time window expansions, direct-to-EVT protocols and increasing evidence supporting EVT to treat large core stroke patients, SmartTRAK predicts continued advancements in three key areas: aspiration thrombectomy for ischemic stroke, automated stroke detection software and novel devices for treating intracranial aneurysms.

#1: Innovations to Increase Aspiration Efficiency
Aspiration thrombectomy is a mainstay of stroke treatment. With the increasing adoption of A Direct Aspiration, First Pass Technique (ADAPT), companies are innovating to improve aspiration efficiency, effectiveness, procedure speed, reperfusion and patient functional outcomes. SmartTRAK sees ... (read more)

#2 Accelerating Adoption of Automated Stroke Detection Technologies
Early and accurate stroke diagnosis is critical for timely intervention. Automated stroke detection software is gaining traction, with companies like Brainomix, RapidAI and Viz.ai leading the charge. Studies have shown that ... (read more)

#3 Aneurysm Treatment Beyond Flow Diverters
 While flow-diverting stents (FDS) remain a mainstay in treating intracranial aneurysms, SmartTRAK has witnessed the development of more novel devices catering to a broader range of aneurysm types and sizes since MicroVention introduced the Woven EndoBridge (WEB) device in 2011, the first intrasaccular device developed specifically for the treatment of wide-neck bifurcation aneurysms. This trend towards tailored solutions based on ... (read more)

The neurovascular intervention market is on an exciting trajectory, driven by increasing patient populations, innovative technologies and a focus on improving patient outcomes. 2024 promises to be a year of significant advancements in ... (read more)

Just click the button below to download and read the complete "Key Trends in Neurovascular Intervention for 2024" Market Outlook article by  Shelly Caruso, SmartTRAK Market Analyst/Associate Editor. Read the Article

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Route 92 Medical: Raising the Bar in Neurovascular Thrombectomy

By Anne Staylor on 3/19/24 9:30 AM

Adam Hattan, VP of marketing for Route 92 Medical, discusses the SUMMIT MAX trial and provides an update on the company and products in an interview with SmartTRAK.

Route 92 Medical (R92) is raising the bar and advancing the treatment of acute ischemic stroke through its 250-patient SUMMIT MAX clinical trial, the first randomized controlled trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of “super-bore” 0.088” aspiration catheters. The company recently announced enrollment is complete in SUMMIT MAX, which features the company’s Monopoint Reperfusion System, including the HiPoint 88 and HiPoint 70 Reperfusion Catheters and the Tenzing Catheters. HiPoint is currently approved by the FDA as an access catheter, but the company plans to submit the results of SUMMIT MAX to the FDA to obtain the NRY indication, which would allow physicians to use the device on label as an aspiration catheter.

For an update on R92, its products and what SUMMIT​ MAX means for the company and market, SmartTRAK interviewed Adam Hattan, R92’s vice president of marketing. Click on the video below to listen to the interview, recorded via Google Meet (19:48 min). A link to download the complete transcript of the interview is also provided below.

Download the Adam Hattan Interview Transcript

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What’s New in Neuromodulation? News to Know Before NANS 2024

By Anne Staylor on 1/9/24 9:30 AM

The North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2024 and is once again bringing together the leading clinicians, researchers and manufacturers to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for the NANS 2024 Annual Meeting, to be held January 18-21. To get you up to speed before the meeting, SmartTRAK has put together highlights of recent neuromodulation news. The following is just a small sampling of recent Neuromodulation-related news and updates from around the world compiled, reviewed and posted in real-time every day by the expert analysts at SmartTRAK.

SmartTRAK will be attending NANS 2024 from January 18-21. If you'd like to meet with us in person, please reach out to Anne Staylor, SmartTRAK’s Executive Editor and VP & GM, Neuro Therapies, at anne.staylor@smarttrak.com, or just click the button below. Meet with SmartTRAK

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What's New in the Neurovascular Market

By Anne Staylor on 8/1/23 9:53 AM

SmartTRAK constantly monitors the worldwide MedTech industry, sifting through the noise to present to our subscribers the most relevant international news, trends, new products, patents, financial data and competitor developments in the global Life Sciences industry. Contact Us if you'd like to learn how to receive these expert insights daily. Our users think it's the perfect way to start their day.

The following is just a small sampling of recent Neurovascular market updates from around the world compiled, reviewed and posted daily by our SmartTRAK analysts.

New Products:

  • ZOOM* - Imperative Care* 

    Imperative Care announced the completion of first cases using the recently FDA-cleared Zoom 88 Support catheter. One of the cases was an AIS patient with a tandem occlusion treated at Erlanger Health System in Chattanooga, TN. SmartTRAK reported FDA clearance of the device on Jun 15.

  •  MicroPort NeuroTech announced in May 2023 that it has completed the first clinical implantation of its NUMEN Detachable Embolization Coil for neurovascular aneurysm treatment in both the UK and Ireland.

  • EOSolutions Launches Dr. Banner BGC

     EOSolutions announced the full commercial launch of its Dr. Banner, Balloon Guide Catheter (BGC), developed in collaboration with InNeuroCo. According to the Company, the BGC features a 0.091 ID, proximal stability, distal trackability and a compliant polyurethane balloon.


  • phenox*

    phenox GmbH’s US Patent Application “Insertion System For Implants For Treatment Of Bifurcation Aneurysms” was published disclosing a Y-shaped tubular implant and Y-shaped insertion catheter for bifurcation aneurysm treatment. 20230233347

  • Aspiration Catheter with an Adjustable Tip

    The Univ of Toledo’s US Patent Application “Aspiration Catheter With An Adjustable Tip For The Intracranial Circulation” was published disclosing a neurovascular aspiration catheter with an adjustable tip controlled by pull wires. 20230233221

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Emerging Technologies in Neurointervention

By Anne Staylor on 1/31/23 9:30 AM

SmartTRAK identifies emerging technologies at the most recent SNIS and ESMINT meetings that have the potential to disrupt the market for neurointervention.

In the market for neurovascular devices, companies continue to innovate and are focusing research and development efforts into novel technologies that could lead to improved outcomes and help fuel growth in the market for ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke devices. At two recent neurointerventional meetings, the Society for NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS) 19th Annual meeting and the 14th European Society for Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy (ESMINT) Congress 2022, SmartTRAK identified emerging technologies that could potentially disrupt the neurovascular market over the next two to five years. This includes enabling technologies for neurointerventional procedures, novel approaches to aspiration for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke (AIS) and innovation in intrasaccular flow disruption devices.

Among the many interesting topics covered in this informative article are:

  • Enabling Technologies for Neurointervention
    • Corindus' CorPath GRX System
    • Robotic-assisted Neuroendovascular Navigation
  • Update on Aspiration
    • Cyclical Aspiration
    • Modulated Aspiration
  • Advances in Intrasaccular Flow Disruption Devices
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