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5/29/18 2:04 PM

 Press Release SmartTRAK 2017 Market Recaps May-2018 - Blog SocialBioMedGPS is pleased to announce, as of April 2018, all 2017 Ortho, Wound & Neuro Market Recaps and Financial Dashboard Results are available on app.SmartTRAK.com. And Q118 results are just around the corner! SmartTRAK is the world’s first real-time business intelligence portal for the Orthopedics, Wound Care and Neuro Therapies markets. Daily updates, strategic insights and in-depth analyses by domain expert analysts allow device executives to stay abreast of critical market information in real-time and access relevant information quickly.

SmartTRAK’s Full Year 2017 Market Recaps and Financial Dashboard Results are available online for the major markets listed below. These Market Recaps summarize 2017 performance across a variety of verticals and provide deep insight into each market.


  1. Extremities: US Extremities Market experiences bump with new competition expected to fuel future growth. Full Year 2017 Extremities Market Recap.
  2. OrthoBio: Gains in sports medicine, extremities, advanced biologics and joint fluid offset softening spine market. Full Year 2017 Ortho Bio Market Recap.
  3. Spine: Spine is ending a slow year on a slightly more positive note. Full Year 2017 Spine Market Recap.
  4. Soft Tissue Fixation: Pricing pressure and commoditization slows Soft Tissue Fixation Market but 2017 still finishes strong. Full Year 2017 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap.
  5. Total Joints: Q4 finishes year stronger despite increasing pricing pressure. Full Year 2017 Total Joints Market Recap.
  6. Trauma: Combination products, new introductions and new players support steady growth for the trauma market. Full Year 2017 Trauma Market Recap.

Wound Care

  1. Advanced Wound Care: Biologics and Single-use NPWT devices’ strong growth offset by weakening sales of market leaders in Advanced Dressings. Full Year 2017 Advanced Wound Care Market Recap.
  2. US Surgical Matrices: The US Surgical Matrices Market advanced again in Q417, reaching sales of $338.2MM, up +6.8% YoY, fueled by double-digit growth in allograft breast matrices and biosynthetics hernia matrices. Full Year 2017 US Surgical Matrices Market Recap.
  3. Hemostats & Sealants: The US market for Hemostats and Sealants recovered in Q417, up +5.0% YoY, in line with historic growth rates. While biologic sealants continue to lag, every other segment grew, led by absorbable hemostats and fibrin sealants. Full Year 2017 Hemostats and Sealants Market Recap.
  4. Infection Prevention: The FY17 Vascular Access Adjunct Products market showed solid gains in all segments, up +4.7% YoY, and the closing of major acquisitions reshapes the competitive landscape ahead. Full Year 2017 Infection Prevention Market Recap.

Neuro Therapies

  1. Spinal Cord Stimulation: The US Spinal Cord Stimulation market reached new heights in Q417/FY17, driven by new products, expanding indications, and a growing demand for non-narcotic alternatives for treating chronic intractable pain. Full Year 2017 Spinal Cord Stimulation Market Recap.

For more detailed information about SmartTRAK’s market coverage, as well as areas of research and analysis, please go to www.smarttrak.com/Coverage .

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