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SmartTRAK's Top Blog Posts of 2018: Orthopedic, Wound and Neuro News & Analysis

1/2/19 5:00 AM

SmartTRAK's Top Blog Posts of 2018 (1)

BioMedGPS is proud to feature the top 2018 news and analysis from SmartTRAK’s team of domain experts in the orthopedics, wound care, and neuro therapies markets.


We covered a lot of ground in 2018. Everything from breaking medical device event coverage to interviews with some of the industry's top thought leaders. Here are the top SmartTRAK news and analysis blog posts of 2018 that garnered the most attention. If you'd like to stay on top of hot trends and technologies in the ortho, wound care and neuro markets, make sure to sign up to receive a weekly summary of our latest blog posts.

Without further ado, SmartTRAK's 12 Top Blog Posts of the past year (not just 10, because at SmartTRAK, we always deliver more than expected).

1. US Ankle Replacement: What's New and What's Next?, by Lisa Mahan, 9/11/18

SmartTRAK discusses the current and future state of ankle replacement in an interview with Steven Haddad, MD, Senior Attending Physician, Illinois Bone and Joint Institute.

2. What’s Next for Nuvectra? An Interview with CEO Scott Drees, by Anne Staylor, 3/13/18

In an interview with SmartTRAK, Scott Drees, CEO of Nuvectra Corporation, discusses the Company’s challenges and opportunities in 2017.

3. Wound Debridement – Robust Growth in a Dynamic Market, by Lennart Stadler, 3/30/18.

The worldwide market for Wound Debridement Products is projected to increase ~22% from 2017 to 2022E, according to SmartTRAK estimates.

4. Behind the Curtain: A Closer Look at Growth Drivers in the Sports Medicine Market, by Kristina Meyer, 7/9/18.

With the US Soft Tissue Fixation Market worth an estimated $1.5B, SmartTRAK looked behind industry’s curtain at the interplay of factors driving the 5.3% CAGR in the sports medicine market.

5. Key Product Trends in the Orthopedic Trauma Market, by Natasha Weeks, 7/3/18.

SmartTRAK identified several key product trends at the Orthopaedic Trauma Association’s (OTA) 33rd Annual Meeting as manufacturers looked to differentiate themselves and gain share in the US Trauma market.

6. Top Trends to Watch in Hemostats and Sealants, by Doug Devens, 11/5/18.

The Hemostats and Sealants Market continues to grow at a steady clip. SmartTRAK projects this market will reach more than $3.5B by 2022E with a five-year CAGR of ~5%.

7. Watch NASS 2018: State of the Spine Market Panel Discussion, by Julianne Burns, 10/29/18.

SmartTRAK analysts provide insight into the markets for spine hardware, computer assisted spine surgery and spinal cord stimulation in a BioMedGPS-hosted panel discussion.

8. Who's Next? Emerging European Wound Care Products, by Susan Paquette, 1/17/18.

EWMA 2017 provided a unique look at the European Advanced Wound Care market, showcasing products approved for the European market but not yet launched in the US.

9. SmartTRAK Interview Cerapedics: I-Factor, a Novel Bone Graft, by Kim French, 8/15/18.

Cerapedics’ CEO Glen Kashuba and President and COO Jeff Marx, Ph.D. discuss the future of the bone graft substitutes and the uniqueness of i‑FACTOR Peptide Enhanced Bone Graft.

10. Strategies in Stroke Care: An Interview with Medtronic's Stacey Pugh, by Anne Staylor, 6/11/18.

Medtronic’s Stacey Pugh discusses the Company’s new Riptide Aspiration System, new products in development, and growth strategies for the neurovascular business.

11. New Tech in Computer Assisted Surgery Takes Center Stage, by Elise Wolf, 11/5/18.

Manufacturers are developing a variety of computer-assisted surgery (CAS) technologies for spine surgery, including surgical planning systems, navigation systems, robotics, augmented reality (AR) technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

12. High Frequency SCS for Upper Limb and Neck Pain: An Interview with Kas Amirdelfan, MD, by Anne Staylor, 1/18/18.

Kas Amirdelfan, MD talked with SmartTRAK at the ASRA 2017 Annual Meeting regarding preliminary 12 month results from the SENZA-ULN study.

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Sharon O'Reilly
Written by Sharon O'Reilly

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer Founder, former President & CEO, Medtech Insight, 25+ years' experience in the Medical Device industry in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Consulting with major manufacturers (J&J, Pfizer, US Surgical), start-up companies and business intelligence providers (Medical Data International, Windhover Information)

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