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Know Before You Go: NANS 2020

By Thomas Wallick on 1/20/20 4:19 PM

Are you getting ready to head out to Las Vegas to attend NANS 2020 - the North American Neuromodulation Society 23rd Annual Meeting? We sat down with Anne Staylor, SmartTRAK's Managing Editor and Senior Director of Advanced Technologies for our new series, Know Before You Go, to find out what she's looking forward to ahead of NANS 2020.

NANS 2020, billed as the premier meeting in the field of neuromodulation, is being held this year at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV, and will showcase the latest scientific research and technical advancements in neuromodulation.

To hear Anne's take on the upcoming meeting, just click on the following video to listen to the full interview. A transcript of the interview is also provided below the video.

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Preventing Incisional Hernias: Mesh vs Better Surgical Skills

By Doug Devens on 1/20/20 9:30 AM

A panel session at ACS Clinical Congress 2019 examines the evidence behind currently proposed techniques to prevent incisional hernias after midline laparotomy closure, including the use of prophylactic mesh and small-bite 4:1 suture closure.

At the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress 2019, there was an important session in which panelists discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using prophylactic mesh after closure of midline laparotomies to prevent incisional hernias. Ajita Prabhu, MD and Benjamin Poulose, MD moderated the panel session on October 28, 2019.

Heidi Miller, MD of University of New Mexico gave background on risk factors for incisional hernias, which she estimated at 12-13% incidence after closure of a laparotomy. She characterized incisional hernias as “mostly due to technical failures,” including poor wound hemostasis or coagulopathy, too much inflammation of the wound and the associated abnormal collagen structure, and sutures without proper tension. With respect to the latter topic, she described how she likes to view the hernia as a chronic wound, with proliferation and remodeling dependent on proper tension of approximation. She also described modifiable risk factors associated with the patient. Smoking and diabetes affect tissue perfusion, with strong data supporting tissue ischemia associated with smoking. Tissue perfusion greatly affects wound healing, as do modifiable factors that affect inflammation, including proper wound care, nutrition (especially vitamin A intake) and obesity, which is associated with chronic inflammation. Additionally, obesity is also associated with increased risk of wound dehiscence and increased mechanical stress tending to open the wound ...

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Topics: Wound Care
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Q319 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap: Steady As She Goes

By Freddy Buntoum on 1/17/20 12:57 PM

Steady as she goes...Soft Tissue Fixation Market on track to achieve SmartTRAK estimates for FY 2019

For the third quarter of 2019, the WW Soft Tissue Fixation Market revenue was up +3.4% YoY. Aggregate growth for the quarter benefited from solid revenue growth in the Hip Labral Repair segment, which was up +10.1% YoY, based on SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard

Focusing on the US region, the Soft Tissue Fixation market was up YoY. However, on a sequential basis, growth was slightly down, attributable to the seasonal nature of Sports Medicine where many surgeries are elective with Q4 generally seeing high procedure volumes. Aggregate growth for Q319 was pulled by notable growths in the Shoulder Soft Tissue Fixation and the Hip Labral Repair segments. Although Knee Soft Tissue Fixation represents the 2nd largest segment, revenue growth was marginal, with the moderate growth seen steady at slightly above  ...

Among the many topics covered in the complete, comprehensive Q319 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap*, including all the news, financial data, revenues, charts and SmartTRAK's expert analysis, are:

Topics: Orthopedics
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Abbott's Proclaim XR: Extended Battery Life in a Recharge-Free SCS

By Anne Staylor on 1/14/20 12:43 AM

Abbott’s Allen Burton, MD, discusses the Company’s new recharge-free Proclaim XR Neurostimulation System in an interview with SmartTRAK

In the market for Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS), companies have been looking at different ways to extend the battery life of an implantable pulse generator (IPG) and minimize the amount of time patients spend recharging a device. One competitor that’s making advances in battery longevity is Abbott Laboratories.

Armed with its own research that showed patients do not like recharging, Abbott launched the recharge-free Proclaim Elite SCS in 2017 with a patient-centric strategy and an eye for capturing share in the US SCS market. Since then, there have been questions about battery life, and whether or not a recharge-free IPG would have to be replaced more frequently than a rechargeable SCS.

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Meet Stacy Spirito - Director of Sales

By Lindsey Wolejko on 1/10/20 12:55 PM

We are pleased to announce that Stacy Spirito has joined the team at SmartTRAK as Director of Sales. Stacy has spent 14+ years in the medical device and technology industries, most recently as an Account Executive with Gartner, working with Investors.  Prior to that, Stacy was part of a sales team that launched a disruptive new medical device for breast cancer at Mammotome/Leica Biosystems. 

Meet Stacy Spirito:

  1. Stacy, what is your role with SmartTRAK? My role at SmartTRAK is Director of Sales. I will be developing and managing the relationship with our clients and ensuring we are providing value and actionable insights to enable them to deliver on their key initiatives.

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Meet Anikó Szekér - Senior Analyst, Wound Care

By Lindsey Wolejko on 1/9/20 9:43 AM

SmartTRAK is pleased to welcome Anikó Szekér, the newest addition to our Wound Care team. Anikó has 10+ years of medical device experience in Wound Care and Surgical single use products. Before joining SmartTRAK, Anikó was  Marketing Manager, Eastern Europe Wound Care and Surgical at Mölnlycke Health Care.

Topics: Wound Care
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SmartTRAK Seeking an Enterprise Sales Executive

By Sharon O'Reilly on 1/8/20 12:58 PM

Location: Northeast region of US (NY, NJ, MA, PA)

Full-time Position


BioMedGPS, a leading strategic advisory and healthcare analytics firm serving the life sciences industry, is seeking a Director of Enterprise Sales with extensive healthcare B2B experience for its SmartTRAK Business Intelligence platform and related products. Applicant must reside in the Northeastern region of the USA for easy access to major accounts.

SmartTRAK is the first business intelligence portal that provides real time data, analytics and curated content by a team of industry experts to help medical device executives make more informed strategic decisions. SmartTRAK is utilized by leading medical device companies within the orthopedic, wound care, regenerative medicine and neuro therapeutic areas. The Director of Sales will be responsible for selling SmartTRAK’s suite of business intelligence solutions to C- suite and other senior level executives, as well as building long term strategic programs and relationships at all levels of the enterprise.

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SmartTRAK's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

By Sharon O'Reilly on 1/6/20 2:58 PM

It was a busy year, and SmartTRAK, the leading provider of real-time market data, analysis and advisory services for the orthopedic, wound, regenerative medicine and neuro therapies markets, covered all the key industry happenings in 2019, providing comprehensive industry coverage of the latest trends, news, intel and interviews most important to you.

And if you'd like to stay on top of hot trends and technologies in 2020 in the ortho, wound, regen and neuro markets, make sure to sign up to receive a weekly summary of our latest blog posts.

Here are SmartTRAK's Top 10 blog posts of the past year with two bonus posts, because at SmartTRAK we always strive to deliver more than what's expected!

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Q319 US Hemostats and Sealants Market Recap: All Companies Post Gains

By Doug Devens on 1/6/20 12:16 PM

The US market for Hemostats and Sealants grew +5.6% YoY in Q319, a continued deceleration from +6.4% YoY in Q219, with fibrin sealants and absorbable hemostats driving the increase.

As reported in SmartTRAK’s Financial Dashboard, every manufacturer in the Hemostats and Sealants market experienced revenue growth in Q319. Leading the way was Becton Dickinson (BD), with IntegraEthicon and Baxter all posting strong gains. The US Hemostats and Sealants market was up +5.6% YoY with all competitors posting gains for the quarter. Sealants continued their solid growth, up +6.5% YoY, with fibrin sealants leading the way. Absorbable hemostats resumed their leadership, contributing to the +5.1% YoY growth to...

Among the many topics covered in the complete, comprehensiveQ319 US Hemostats and Sealants Market Recap* are:

Topics: Wound Care
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Q319 SCS Market Recap: Getting Back on Track

By Anne Staylor on 1/3/20 10:03 AM

The SCS market is still down YoY, but improved sequentially as companies get back on track

In Q319, US and WW spinal cord stimulation (SCS) revenues continued to be down YoY against tough comps, but the rate of decline slowed sequentially for most companies as they address ongoing commercial execution issues, customer destocking and initiate new product launches. In the US, SCS revenue was down -4.7% in Q318 according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard, an improved sequential growth rate vs a -6.3% YoY decline in Q219. On a WW basis, the SCS market followed a similar pattern, with Q319 revenue of...

Among the many topics covered in the complete, comprehensive Q319 SCS Market Recap* are:

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