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Four Trends to Watch in 2021: Enabling Technology in Orthopedics and Spine

By Elise Wolf on 4/12/21 9:31 AM

COVID-19 threw a curveball to spine and orthopedic implant companies in 2020 with the downturn in elective procedures, but one area that continued to make inroads was enabling technologies. Given increasing advances and expanding adoption of these technologies, even during uncertain times, SmartTRAK highlights some significant trends to watch in 2021, including:

1. Flexible Business Models
Companies with robots (Stryker*, MAKO*, Zimmer Biomet*, ROSA*, Smith & Nephew*, NAVIO*/CORI*, Medtronic*, Mazor X*, Globus*, Excelsius GPS) continued to grow at above-market growth in 2020. Record-breaking robotic and navigation system placements in Q3 and Q420 bode well for ...

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Faltering Under the Weight: Q420/FY20 Spine Market Recap

By Julianne Burns on 4/9/21 7:30 AM

An initially promising Q4 faltered under the weight of the COVID-19 resurgence, leading to a Q420 WW Spine Hardware Market decline of -1.0%. 

The continued rebound that everyone had been hoping for was dampened by the COVID-19 resurgence in Q420. While the quarter got off to a promising start, COVID headwinds picked up negatively impacting Spine procedure volumes due to challenges with hospital resource utilization and renewed restrictions around elective procedures. For example, NuVasive* management noted that the Company entered Q4 with relatively stable case volumes but experienced market disruption from the resurgence of COVID-19 at the exit of the quarter, most notably in parts of the US and Europe.

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q420/FY20 Spine Market Recap * are:

Topics: Spine
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A Post-Pandemic Recovery? Q420/FY20 CAS Spine Market Recap

By Elise Wolf on 4/8/21 9:30 AM

A post-pandemic recovery appears to be on the horizon in the CAS Spine space.

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Spine's Next Big Biomaterial: DiFusion Technologies’ ZFUZE

By Julianne Burns on 4/6/21 7:45 AM

Derrick Johns, President and CEO of DiFusion Technologies, discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with developing and commercializing a new biomaterial in an interview with SmartTRAK. 

Nearly every company in Spine (and dare we say all of Orthopedics) is working to find the holy grail of biomaterials for interbody implants and more. DiFusion Technologies’ President and CEO Derrick Johns discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with bringing a novel material to market in an interview with SmartTRAK.

To listen to the interview, recorded live via Zoom, click on the following video. A link to download a complete transcript of the interview is also provided below.

Topics: Spine
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Mediq: Execution of Strategy Through Acquisitions

By Anikó Szekér on 4/2/21 9:30 AM

Ragna Ouwerkerk, PR Manager at Mediq, discusses the Company and its recent acquisitions in an interview with SmartTRAK.

Mergers and acquisitions have become an attractive business strategy for companies in the wound care space considering to expand into new markets or territories, reach a competitive edge or obtain new technologies. One company looking to strengthen its leadership position in the European wound care market through acquisitions is  Mediq.

Mediq is a Dutch healthcare company founded in 1899 by ninety-one pharmacists as a type of buying group to check the quality of raw materials and medicines. In 2021, Mediq provides pharmaceuticals and medical devices to patients and healthcare facilities globally. Recently, the Company decided to take a major step forward and has had a flurry of acquisitions in the last few months of which some strengthened the presence of the company in some European countries and another helped to enter the UK market.

SmartTRAK: The Company has recently acquired Medirum AB in Sweden, Puls AS in Norway, H&R Healthcare Ltd in the UK, GD Medical AG in Switzerland and Replant 4 Care in Hungary. Mediq also intends to acquire Eurocept Homecare and Da Vinci Kliniek in the Netherlands. What was your thinking behind those acquisitions?

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COVID Applies the Brakes: Q420/FY20 Spinal Cord Stimulation Market Recap

By Anne Staylor on 3/28/21 6:21 PM

While US SCS revenues were almost back to pre-COVID levels in Q320, rising COVID case rates put the brakes on procedure growth by the end of Q420 and the US and WW SCS markets ended down -15%+ in FY20 compared to FY19.

Although spinal cord stimulation (SCS) revenues were almost back to pre-COVID levels in Q320, by the end of Q420, rising COVID case rates in certain geographies put the brakes on procedure growth, resulting in a low-single-digit (LSD) decrease in YoY revenues in both the US and WW in Q420. For the full year (FY), US SCS were down -15.1%, with revenues, according to SmartTRAK SCS Financial Dashboard, totaling ...

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q420/FY20 Spinal Cord Stimulation Market Recap * are:

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Soft Tissue Fixation Weathered the COVID Storm: Q4/FY20 STF Market Recap

By Andy Knapik on 3/25/21 9:45 AM

Despite a spike in COVID cases, Soft Tissue Fixation was resilient and managed to ride out the COVID storm in Q420

While Q4 brought another surge of COVID cases worldwide, Soft Tissue Fixation was able to weather the storm with more resilience, resulting in YoY revenue declines but sequential revenue volume improvement over Q3.

Q4 saw an increase from the previous quarter and saw numbers that closely matched the same period in 2019. According to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard, worldwide in Q4, the Soft Tissue Fixation market was down -1.7% YoY. At the regional level, US Soft Tissue Fixation ended Q4 near even from the previous year, down -0.2%. The EU and ROW finished Q4 with declines of -2.9% and -2.8% YoY respectively.

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q420/FY20 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap* are:

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Abbott Launches Remote Programming for Neuromodulation: An Interview with Keith Boettiger

By Anne Staylor on 3/23/21 8:00 AM

In an interview with SmartTRAK, Keith Boettiger, VP of Abbott Neuromodulation, discusses the Company’s new NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic, a potentially game-changing technology that enables physicians to remotely program stim settings for patients with DBS, SCS and DRG devices in real-time.

On March 8, 2021, Abbott announced the US launch and FDA approval of the NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic, a first-of-its-kind remote neuromodulation patient-care technology that allows patients to receive new treatment settings from their physicians in real-time and remotely via cloud and Bluetooth-based technology. Using the patient controller app, a new remote programming feature, the clinician programming app and a new secure remote connection, physicians can communicate with patients and remotely optimize and digitally prescribe new stimulation settings for patients who are implanted with a deep brain stimulator, spinal cord stimulator or a dorsal root ganglion stimulator.

Keith Boettiger, VP of Abbott Neuromodulation, discusses remote programming using the NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic and what it means for physicians, patients and the market for neuromodulation devices in an interview with SmartTRAK. To listen to the interview, recorded recently via Uberconference, click on the following video (24:09 minutes). A link to download the transcript of the interview is also provided below.

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Healthy Growth in Q420: Q420/FY20 Trauma Market Recap

By Natasha Weeks on 3/22/21 12:16 PM

Healthy growth closes out Q420 as the trauma segment recovers in the second half of the year hitting pre-COVID levels.

Despite the rise in COVID cases during Q4, the Trauma Market fared well resulting in positive YoY revenue gains that represented healthy, pre-COVID level volumes. Trauma players cited another quarter of healthy trauma growth, as the second half of the year ended on an upswing (+5.6% vs. H219). Top US market leaders, DePuy Synthes (49.4% Q420 US share), Stryker (27.3%) and Smith & Nephew (9.8%) all reported improved sequential gains.

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q420/FY20 Trauma Market Recap* are:

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COVID-19 Surge Wipe Out: Q420/FY20 Total Joints Market Recap

By Lisa Mahan on 3/17/21 9:21 AM

Surge in COVID-19 Wipes Out Some Procedural Recovery

The surge of COVID-19 cases in Q420 likely brought on by holiday gatherings threatened to wash away the beginning of elective procedure recovery in Q3. In some regions of the US, healthcare facilities once again found themselves underwater as they struggled to care for COVID patients. OUS, Britain and other countries continued to face shutdowns and delay of non-urgent procedures.

Among the many topics covered in the comprehensive Q420/FY20 Total Joints Market Recap* are:

Topics: Orthopedics
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