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AAOS 2019: Arthrosurface Takes Aim at Patellofemoral Pain

Posted by Lisa Mahan on 5/20/19 9:00 AM
SmartTRAK Interviews Arthrosurface CEO Steve Ek about new Wave Kahuna PFJ Implant

Arthrosurface hopes to expand the market for joint arthroplasty with a novel patellofemoral arthroplasty implant and five-year data demonstrating long-term clinical benefits for treating patients with patellofemoral pain earlier in the treatment continuum, with evidence suggesting that it halts the progression of osteoarthritis (OA).

Today, many of these patients fall into a treatment gap. As much as 22% of the US population could be suffering from patellofemoral pain, according to a recent analysis of data from 23 studies. PLoS One Many orthopedic surgeons remain unconvinced that surgical management is of long-term benefit. Instead they choose to manage these patients with conservative treatment until they become candidates for joint replacement.

To find out more about the Company’s new patellofemoral arthroplasty implant, the Wave Kahuna, and how it can address surgeon concerns about long-term clinical benefits, SmartTRAK interviewed Arthrosurface CEO Steve Ek, and Gregory Nicholson, MD, Rush University Medical Center at the 2019 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon’s (AAOS) Annual Meeting held March 12-16 in Las Vegas, NV.

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Top 10 Things To Do in Gothenburg Sweden While at EWMA

Posted by Thomas Wallick on 5/15/19 10:54 AM

Beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden is hosting EWMA 2019 - the European Wound Management Association conference, on June 5-9.

Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city after Stockholm, located on the coast in southwestern Sweden, is considered "the quintessential 'second city': understatedly hip and unexpectedly vibrant with neoclassical architecture lining its tram-rattled streets, locals sunning themselves beside canals, and always an interesting cultural or social event going on."

Here are some of SmartTRAK's top things to do when taking a break from the conference. And we know what we're talking about - SmartTRAK's Senior Analyst, Advanced Wound Care, Lennart Stadler lives there!

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SmartTRAK Hosts Pre-EWMA Event at Gothenburg's Universeum Aquarium

Posted by Susan Paquette on 5/13/19 11:34 AM


BioMedGPS is excited to host its subscribers and guests on Tuesday, June 4th, at a very special Pre-EWMA 2019 event at Gothenburg’s Universeum Aquarium.

SmartTRAK will be hosting an exclusive Private Event Pre-EWMA at Gothenburg’s Universeum Aquarium. Guests will be treated to an aquarium tour, dinner and briefing on the latest Trends, Opportunities and Innovations in Advanced Wound Care.

SmartTRAK’s Advanced Wound Care Experts will serve as panelists. Susan Paquette - SmartTRAK VP & General Manager, Wound - will be providing overall insights on the wound market and Lennart Stadler - SmartTRAK Senior Analyst, Advanced Wound Care - will be presenting data on important trends and innovations.

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SmartTRAK Cited in 3M's Acelity Acquisition Press Release

Posted by Susan Paquette on 5/10/19 4:04 PM

SmartTRAK, the leading source of competitive intelligence used by the top ten global orthopedic & wound care companies, was cited as a source in 3M's presentation "3M to Acquire Acelity Inc." published on May 2.

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SAWC 2019 From the Floor

Posted by Rebecca Gonzalez on 5/10/19 11:59 AM

#SAWC2019 in San Antonio is fantastic! So many things to do and see. Stay tuned for articles from SmartTRAK with updates and highlights. In the meantime, a few photos!

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DSM Biomedical's Material Contribution to the Wound Care Market - SmartTRAK Interviews Raoul Verheggen

Posted by Susan Paquette on 5/8/19 6:30 PM

SmartTRAK talks with Raoul Verheggen, Global Product Director for DSM Biomedical, regarding the Company’s recent foray into the wound care space and how its addressing unmet needs for patients and businesses

Novel materials and components are key to innovative wound care products that provide superior patient outcomes. DSM Biomedical is a B2B supplier whose business it is to provide these unique components to the medical device industry. SmartTRAK talks with Raoul Verheggen of DSM Biomedical, Global Product Director for Wound, about the company, their capabilities and plans moving forward in support of wound care. A transcript of the interview is below. To listen to the interview recorded via Uberconference, click on the following video. 

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NANS 2019: Highlights and Key Takeaways

Posted by Anne Staylor on 5/7/19 7:30 AM

SmartTRAK highlights key takeaways from the recent North American Neuromodulation (NANS) 22nd annual meeting held in Las Vegas in January, including important company news, trials, technologies, and trends affecting the US market for spinal cord stimulation (SCS) and what's next in this market. This informative article also includes exclusive interviews with leading figures in Neuromodulation including Saluda Medical CEO John Parker, President Abbott Neuromodulation Keith Boetigger, Medtronic Senior VP and Pain Therapies President Marshall Stanton, and Medtronic Senior Global Product Manager for Pain Stimulation and Early Interventions Brian Ranck ...

Spotlight on Saluda Medical

In one of the most anticipated presentations at NANS 2019, Nagy Mekail, MD, PhD presented preliminary three-month results from Saluda Medical’s EVOKE US pivotal RCT (N=134), which is evaluating Saluda’s ECAP-controlled, closed-loop, Evoke SCS System. In the double-blinded study, the experimental arm (n=67) received closed-loop Evoke stimulation while the control arm (n=67) received fixed-output, open-loop Evoke SCS stimulation. At three months, the closed-loop group demonstrated superiority (Ps=0.005) having an 82.3% (51/62) success rate vs the open-loop group’s 60.3% (38/63) in 50% or greater reduction in overall Trunk and Limb VAS. The closed-loop group also met superiority (Ps=0.003) in terms of low back pain responders at three months with 80.6% demonstrating a 50% or greater reduction in back VAS versus 57.1% in the open-loop group. Of note, the closed loop Evoke group spent 91.1% of time (median % of stimuli) within the therapeutic window vs 59.5% of the time in the open-loop group.

In another presentation, Charles Brooker, MBChB presented updated results from the ongoing AVALON trial evaluating the safety and performance of 

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SmartTRAK's Q418/FY18 Trauma Market Recap

Posted by Natasha Weeks on 5/1/19 1:07 PM

Sequential improvement despite tough comps, supply disruption and pricing pressure

The WW Trauma Market experienced an upswing in Q418, posting +2.8% (reported) growth,  up sequentially compared to last quarter’s +1.1% gains. The US Market drove growth, up +4.0% YoY. Internationally, Europe and ROW fared much better during Q4 with +1.5% and +0.4% growth, respectively. Even with the bump up in Q4, H218 represented a softening in the trauma market as players posted moderate growth in the second half of the year. Market leaders experienced slight sequential increases while other players reported flat or declining growth.

Among the many topics covered in the Q418/FY18 Trauma Market Recap are:

  • Trauma Market Overview
  • Fourth Quarter Experiences Upswing as Market Leaders Post Healthy Results
  • Keeping a Watchful Eye

  • Trauma Regulatory Highlights

Read the entire Q418/FY18 Trauma Market Recap including news, data, company revenues and analysis*...

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Topics: Orthopedics-Trauma

SmartTRAK’s Elise Wolf Provides Robotics Expertise at ODT Forum

Posted by Sharon O'Reilly on 4/29/19 2:00 PM

BioMedGPS’s SmartTRAK Senior Analyst for Computer-Assisted Surgery, Elise Wolf, participated as an expert on robotics in a panel discussion entitled “Tech Talk: An Overview of the Growing Role of Additive Manufacturing and Robotic Surgery” at the ODT Forum (Orthopedics Device & Technology Forum) in Memphis, TN on April 11th. The panel, facilitated by Dawn Lissy, President of Empirical Testing, also included spine robotics entrepreneur Mitch Foster, CEO of Mindset Medical and former CEO of Excelsius Surgical, a surgical robotics technology company that was acquired by Globus Medical in 2013. Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Amplify, an additive manufacturing startup specializing in foot and ankle implants, and Chuck Hansford, Director of Advanced Materials Processing at Tecomet, participated in the discussion on additive manufacturing...

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Q418/FY18 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap

Posted by Kristina Meyer on 4/29/19 11:29 AM

The top Sports Medicine competitors are making moves

The consolidation within the Sports Medicine market over the past four years has allowed several of the top players to build upon their growing portfolio and make moves within the market.  While Arthrex continues to lead with innovation, Smith and Nephew is focused on the healing capabilities within its shoulder portfolio.  New-ish CEO Namal Nawana has set the tone of acquisitions across all of SNN’s franchises to enhance SNN’s portfolio and fill gaps in their bag. Stryker is reaping the benefits of their acquisitions and becoming a viable competitor in the hip arthroscopy market.  Zimmer Biomet and CONMED appear to be making a comeback in the Sports market with strong leadership, consistency and a launch into new areas of Sports Medicine...

Among the many topics covered in the Q418/FY18 Soft Tissue FixationMarket Recap are:

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