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Wallaby Acquires phenox GmBH

By Anne Staylor on 4/21/22 6:41 PM

Wallaby Medical announced it has acquired phenox GmbH, including phenox's femtos GmbH, a German-based neurovascular company, for a total of ~$545MM (EUR 500MM) including milestone payments. SmartTRAK previously reported the possibility of the acquisition deal in early March 2022. Wallaby Medical acquiring phenox GmbH is one of the largest recent cross-border transactions in the medical device industry and will enable the Company to provide a wide range of neurovascular solutions to pts in the US, China, Europe, Japan and other international markets.

For more information about phenox, click to read "phenox Takes Aim at US Market with Novel Stroke Devices", SmartTRAK's interview with James Lago, President and CEO of phenox Inc., in which he discusses the Company's novel mechanical thrombectomy device and flow diverter, and what’s next in terms of bringing these technologies to the US market.

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Innovators Target Pediatric Hips: Just for Kids

By Lisa Mahan on 4/19/22 8:30 AM

Dr. Mark Figgie, Hospital for Special Surgery, and Nick Deeter, Founder & CEO WishBone Medical discuss their journey to develop a pediatric-specific hip replacement system in an interview with SmartTRAK

Dr. Mark P. Figgie, Chief of Surgical Arthritis Service at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York City, and Nick Deeter, Founder and CEO of WishBone Medical discuss their collaboration on the development of the first off-the-shelf hip replacement system for pediatric patients in an interview with   SmartTRAK. Dr. Figgie shares how his 30-year experience with complex joint replacements, many in juvenile patients, led to his collaboration with WishBone medical to create a hip system specifically tailored for pediatric and young adult patients.

To find out more, including the indications for a pediatric hip replacement, the global market implications, and the next steps Dr. Figgie and WishBone will be taking to bring this hip system to the market, click on the video below to listen to the recorded interview (17:53 min). A link to download the complete transcript of the interview is also provided below.

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Abbott: Expanding the Ecosystem in DBS - An Interview with Binith Cheeran

By Anne Staylor on 4/13/22 9:50 AM

Abbott’s Binith Cheeran, MD, PhD discusses the latest trends in DBS as well as the Company’s strategies for growth in an interview with SmartTRAK

Binith Cheeran, MD, PhD, Abbott’s senior director of medical and clinical affairs for deep brain stimulation (DBS), discusses the latest trends, research and innovation in DBS in an interview with SmartTRAK. Abbott is focused on growing the market through patient education, improving access to care through its NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic and expanding the ecosystem in DBS through the Company’s connected devices.

To find out more, including Dr. Cheeran’s thoughts on primary cell vs rechargeable devices, use of specific image guidance systems, closed-loop DBS and empowering patients through digital health solutions, click on the video below to listen to the interview recorded online via Zoom (32:45 min). A link to download the transcript of the interview is also provided below.

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Trends & Technologies in Total Joints: AAOS 2022

By Lisa Mahan on 4/11/22 9:32 AM

New products and signs of procedural recovery lighten the mood at AAOS 2022

The mood at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2022 Annual Meeting was upbeat despite scaled-back attendance and exhibit space. Surgeons and exhibitors alike were excited to get back to in-person discussions about issues in orthopedics, new products hitting the market and the potential for recovery from the impact of COVID. While at the meeting, SmartTRAK met with industry professionals from clinicians to company representatives identifying key takeaways from market drivers and limiters to new product introductions.

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Strong Gains with Room to Grow: Q421/FY21 AWC Market Recap

By Gary Delhougne on 4/7/22 9:41 AM

Advanced wound care delivers strong double-digit growth and still has room to grow.

The WW Advanced Wound Care markets regained their form in FY21 as wound care recovered globally after COVID-19 impacted FY20. Advanced Dressings delivered nearly double-digit growth, with Wound Biologics and External Devices also reporting excellent revenue growth vs FY20.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q421/FY21 AWC Market Recap* are:

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SAWC Know Before You Go: Wound Care News and Updates

By Thomas Wallick on 4/4/22 10:46 AM

In just a few days, the first SAWC Spring meeting since the start of the pandemic is set to begin. SmartTRAK has been tracking all the developments in the Wound Care market as the world changes, including how the market has responded to unprecedented times, what new therapies and treatments are being produced and when things might return to a “new normal. The following is a small sampling of SmartTRAK’s Wound Care news updates from the past week to help get you ready for the conference and Be the Expert who makes a difference in the industry.
Our SmartTRAK analysts have been compiling, reviewing and posting daily breaking news and developments from the global Wound Care industry. If you’d like to discuss some of these insights, you can also meet up with us at SAWC. Even if you’re not attending, you can sign up for 30 days of Free SmartTRAK Updates and a 15-minute Crash Course.

New Products:

  • Cardinal Health* 

    Cardinal Health announced the launch of the first surgical incise drape using Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG). The drape features Avery Dennison's patented BeneHold CHG adhesive technology, which helps reduce the risk of surgical site contamination w/ organisms associated w/ SSIs.

  • Coloplast is gradually launching Alprep Pad in select markets. Now available in the UK, Australia and New Zeeland. Alprep Pad is a foam for mechanical cleansing and debridement of wounds.

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New Products Offset COVID Headwinds: Q421/FY21 Trauma Market Recap

By Natasha Weeks on 3/31/22 9:30 AM

New product introductions offset slightly weaker Q4 results due to COVID-19 headwinds and international pressure.

While the Trauma segment was not impacted as heavily due to COVID-19 headwinds, companies that play within the space were impacted by deferrals of elective surgeries such as limb restoration. Long bone trauma volumes remained healthy as players cited new product introductions as growth drivers for the segment. 

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q421/FY21 Trauma Market Recap* are:

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The Future is Today in Remote Patient Monitoring: An Interview with Scott Laster

By Gary Delhougne on 3/28/22 9:30 AM

Scott Laster, CEO and co-founder of MiCare Path, discusses the present and future of monitoring patients between office visits in an interview with SmartTRAK

Scott Laster is the CEO and co-founder of MiCare Path, a leading platform to connect patients with their providers between visits. Scott is a medical device industry veteran with 15+ years of experience in the trenches launching products and supporting clinicians. In this interview with SmartTRAK, Scott shares his thoughts on the benefits of monitoring patients between office visits, the evolution of reimbursement of remote monitoring and where MiCare Path is going in the future.

To find out more, including Scott’s take on how MiCare Path benefits orthopedic and wound care patients and clinicians, click on the following video recorded live via Google Meet (17:04 min). Specific interview topics by timecode are outlined below. To download a complete transcript of the interview, click here.

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Taking a Hit: Q421/FY21 Soft TIssue Fixation Market Recap

By Andy Knapik on 3/25/22 9:28 AM

Soft Tissue Fixation Takes A Hit In Q421

After two quarters of significant growth, Soft Tissue Fixation took a hit in Q421, with another spike in COVID cases negatively affecting procedure volumes. 2021 was a year full of ups and downs due mainly to the COVID pandemic and Q4 was no different. COVID once again brought a new wave of cases, with the Omicron variant taking its toll on Soft Tissue Fixation case volumes resulting in modest YoY revenue declines over 2020.

Among the many topics covered in detail in our comprehensive Q421 Soft Tissue Fixation Market Recap* are:

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The Week in Orthopedic Research & Development - March 22, 2022

By Thomas Wallick on 3/22/22 9:30 AM

As the world continues to adapt to the "new normal", even with the possibility of a new variant ahead, SmartTRAK keeps calm and carries on, reporting daily on the challenges still ahead, covering all aspects of the Orthopedic market: Extremities, OrthoBio, Spine, Computer Assisted Surgery, Total Joints, Trauma, Soft Tissue Fixation and EU Extremities and Trauma. And, if you are in Chicago for the big Orthopedics conference this week, make sure you visit us at Booth #4350, or you can schedule a meeting with us...just click here.

SmartTRAK features curated content by our team of industry experts, bringing the most relevant information and insight directly to you in real time. Learn about the latest news, emerging technologies or start-ups to watch, conference happenings and more via articles, videos and interviews.

The following is just a small sampling of recent Orthopedic updates from around the world compiled, reviewed and posted daily by our SmartTRAK analysts.

New Products:

  • Nexxt Spine* 

    Nexxt Spine launches a product-line extension to the NEXXT MATRIXX 3D Printed Porous Titanium portfolio of implants indicated for use in stand-alone ALIF procedures, which features Nexxt Spine’s proprietary 3D laser printed titanium technology. LinkedIn.com

  • DePuy Synthes announced two new additions to its Attune Knee line, Attune Cementless Fixed Bearing Knee w/ AFFIXIUM 3D porous coating (tibial component) and Attune Medial Stabilized Knee.(medial stabilized fixed-bearing insert), that can be used with other Attune components.

  • On FY21 performance, Biogennix’s CEO Chris MacDuff also mentioned the Company saw increasing sales for its newest product, Agilon Moldable, esp in the F&A surgery market. The company also continued to see consistently strong growth of Agilon Moldable in the spine market segment.


  • Medtronic*

    Warsaw Orthopedic’s US Patent Application “SPINAL IMPLANT WITH FEATURES FACILITATING INDEPENDENT EXPANSION OF PORTIONS THEREOF & METHOD FOR USE THEREOF” was published describing an implant which facilitates adjustment of lordotic/kyphotic &/or coronal angulation. 20220079770

  • One-Way Adjustable Loop Suture Constructs  

    US Patent “One-Way Adjustable Loop Suture Constructs And Methods Of Forming And Using The Same” was issued describing surgical constructs & methods of use for a one-way adjustable fixation loop for a fixation device, such as a cortical button or plate.11,272,920

  • Acumed’s US Patent Application “HEADLESS COMPRESSION SCREW HAVING AN ATTACHMENT MECHANISM” was published describing a cannulated headless compression screw w/ an attachment mechanism that enables coupling various attachments to the screw. 20220079642

Topics: Orthopedics
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