Who's Next? Emerging European Wound Care Products

Posted by Susan Paquette on 1/17/18 11:39 AM

EWMA 2017, held in Amsterdam,  provided a unique and interesting look at the European Advanced Wound Care market - showcasing products approved for the European market but not yet launched in the US. Europe has always been a breeding ground for innovative medical devices, and has long served as a gateway for companies looking to bring new devices to the US. While some of these companies have no desire to enter the US market, many look to the US market with high expectations. It is the largest medical device market in the world, with one language and one regulatory and reimbursement system, and is much less complicated than the European market where distribution partnerships and regulatory approvals are sometimes needed for each country.

To read more about Advanced Wound Care growth for the US and EU and high tech advanced wound care products emerging from Europe that could be competing in the US market, please click to download the
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SmartTRAK  Attending NANS 2018

Posted by Anne Staylor on 1/8/18 6:32 PM


SmartTRAK is excited to be attending NANS 2018 - the North American Neuromodulation Society's 21st Annual Meeting meeting on Jan 11-14, 2018 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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SmartTRAK Publication Alert: Q317 Spinal Cord Stim Quarterly Market Recap

Posted by Anne Staylor on 12/30/17 3:59 PM

Fast Growing Spinal Cord Stim Market Slows in Q317 

While the overall Neuromodulation Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) market continues to see strong, double-digit growth YTD, sequentially the US SCS market decelerated in Q317 due to seasonality and hurricane-related supply chain disruptions, particularly affecting Medtronic.

By Anne Staylor, Managing Editor, SmartTRAK Business Intelligence

YTD, the US SCS market is trending at high growth rates, a faster growth than SmartTRAK’s original 2017 forecast, as next generation products continue to drive unprecedented growth in this highly underpenetrated market. In the US, AbbottNevro and Boston Scientific’s (BSX) Q317 YoY SCS revenues increased  respectively, while competitive pressures  accelerated Medtronic’s US SCS revenue decline, down YoY according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard.

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Catalyst OrthoScience Rethinks Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Posted by Kristina Meyer on 12/21/17 5:48 PM

Catalyst OrthoScience speaks with SmartTRAK at the Orthopedic Summit Meeting (OSET) 2017 regarding the Company’s next generation total shoulder solution and its strategy for competing with the big players in this space

The Catalyst CSR Total Shoulder System is the result of the visionary insight of Steven Goldberg, MD, a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and shoulder specialist, who devised the next generation, higher precision, less-invasive total shoulder solution with a greatly simplified method of implant placement. In 2011, Dr. Goldberg began development of the revolutionary implant with the new shape and created prototypes using a 3D printing service. Armed with two U.S. provisional patents and positive feedback from several prominent shoulder specialists, the Catalyst CSR Total Shoulder System was born.

Click on the video below to view SmartTRAK’s interview with Dr. Steven Goldberg, Founder & CMO, of Catalyst OrthoScience recorded live at the OSET meeting 2017.  (04:02 minutes)


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SmartTRAK Publication Alert: Q317 Wound Care Infection Prevention Quarterly Market Recap

Posted by Susan Paquette on 12/19/17 2:49 PM

Q317 Infection Prevention: Vascular Access Adjunct Products 

A slowdown in growth for another quarter.

By Susan Paquette, VP Wound

For Q317, according to BioMedGPS’ SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard, the US Infection Prevention - Vascular Access Adjunct Products market reached new market revenue heights in dollars and growth.

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SmartTRAK Publication Alert: Q317 Orthopedics Trauma Quarterly Market Recap

Posted by Natasha Weeks on 12/19/17 2:46 PM

Q317 Trauma Market Recap: Emerging Products, Players Boost the Market

New products and players, along with healthy international sales, gave the Trauma Market a boost in Q317.

By Natasha Weeks, Managing Editor/Sr. Analyst Trauma & Extremities

Strong US growth supported by healthy international sales helped propel the WW Trauma Market up in Q317 – the second quarter with growth. Despite more difficult comps, the trauma segment continued to post yet another quarter of steady growth. IM Nailing, the segment powerhouse, led the charge while Plates & Screws followed suit.

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SmartTRAK Publication Alert: Q317 Orthopedics Soft Tissue Fixation Quarterly Market Recap

Posted by Kristina Meyer on 12/19/17 2:24 PM

Q317 Soft Tissue Fixation Market: Flat Growth vs Q217

The Soft Tissue Fixation Market saw flat QoQ growth in Q317, as a mix of supply chain issues, increasing competition, specialized sales forces and seasonality caused the major players to take one step forward and one step backward during the quarter.

By Kristina Meyer, Sr Analyst, Sports Medicine

Although soft tissue fixation growth in the US was up YoY, growth was nearly flat as compared with Q217. In a specialty where many surgeries are elective, seasonality plays a part. Case volumes often dip during summer months as both surgeons and patients take vacations. In contrast, case volumes typically rebound heavily in Q4 as deductibles renew the first of each year. Most of the major players in the soft tissue fixation market, including  Arthrex Smith & Nephew  (SNN),  Zimmer Biomet  (ZBH) and CONMED Linvatec (CNMD) took one step forward in Q317 and one step back. 

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SmartTRAK Publication Alert: Q317 Wound Care Surgical Matrices Quarterly Market Recap

Posted by Doug Devens on 12/19/17 2:04 PM

Q317 US Surgical Matrices Market: Strong Growth Continues in Breast Matrices 

The US Surgical Matrices Market saw growth in Q317 as sales of allografts fueled double-digit growth in breast matrices and biosynthetics offset declines in biologics in hernia repair.

By Doug Devens, Senior Analyst Biosurgery

The US Surgical Matrices market, consisting of hernia repair and breast reconstruction products, continued uneven growth in Q317.  Allergan continued to capture share in the overall market, using its growth in allografts to increase its share.

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SmartTRAK Publication Alert: Q317 OrthoBio Quarterly Market Recap

Posted by Kim French on 12/19/17 1:02 PM

Q317 OrthoBio Market: Hurricane related disruptions

Hurricane related disruptions, competition and sales force dynamics impacts third quarter results

By Kim French, Senior Analyst, SmartTRAK OrthoBio

For Q317, the US OrthoBio Market grew substantially, compared to Q316. Both positive and negative developments are impacting company results. Positive happenings include increased revenue generation from synergistic sales strategies, market share capture and expansion of new users or new products. Companies experiencing lower than expected performance report hurricane related disruptions, slow ramp-up of sales force expansion, product portfolio gaps and market share loss due to increased competition.

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SmartTRAK Publication Alert: Q317 Extremities Quarterly Market Recap

Posted by Lisa Mahan on 12/19/17 12:20 PM

Q317 Extremities Market: Boost from New Products Offsets Challenges

New products and market segment penetration somewhat offsets slowing growth due to challenges faced by large industry players

By Lisa Mahan, VP, Content Development, Ortho and
Natasha Weeks, Editor/Sr. Analyst–Trauma

Large market players faced challenges that slightly dampened Q317 growth in the US Extremities market, with sequential growth down. Above market growth from smaller companies launching new products and increasing market penetration somewhat offset the negative effects of  Zimmer Biomet ’s supply issues on the largest market segment – Shoulder Replacement.

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