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SmartTRAK's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

1/11/21 10:00 AM

2020 Top Blog Posts2020 was a tumultuous year like no other, and SmartTRAK, the leading provider of real-time market data, analysis and advisory services for the orthopedic, wound, regenerative medicine and neuro therapies markets, was here to keep you informed of everything that transpired in the MedTech industry. SmartTRAK covered all the key happenings in 2020, providing comprehensive industry coverage of the latest trends, news, intel and interviews most important to you.

Here are SmartTRAK's Top 10 blog posts of the past year with 3 bonus posts, because at SmartTRAK we always strive to deliver more than what's expected!


1) A Critical Crossroads for COVID-19: An Interview with Krishnan                             Chakravarthy
   by Anne Staylor, 3/23/20

Krishnan Chakravarthy, MD, PhD discusses the COVID-19 pandemic, current and evolving methods for containing and treating the virus, how it's changing the practice of pain medicine and its impact on industry in an interview with SmartTRAK.

2) Europe: New Routines in Greetings and in Wound Management 
     by Anikó Szekér, 12/21/20

SmartTRAK examines the Top 5 countries in Europe during the time of COVID-19 and estimates how the Advanced Wound Dressing Market will be impacted in 2020 and 2021.

3) What's New in Spine and Orthopedic Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS)
     by Elise Wolf, 11/24/20

SmartTRAK highlights what’s new in the Spine and Orthopedic Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS) markets.

4) Elevating Stroke Care: An Interview with Imperative Care's Fred                            Khosravi 
     by Anne Staylor, 10/5/20

With plans to become a stroke strategic, Imperative Care Chairman and CEO Fred Khosravi discusses elevating stroke care through technology and streamlined care in an interview with SmartTRAK.

5) Skin Substitutes (CTPs) Continue to Push Boundaries in Advanced                     Wound Care
    by Susan Paquette, 1/19/20

Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, Skin Substitutes (CTPs) continue to push the boundaries in Advanced Wound Care with impressive clinical studies, new products and technologies, and changing market dynamics.

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6) Swim with the Sharks: A Deep Dive in the Biologic Association Think Tank
     by Freddy Buntoum, 4/17/20

The Biologic Association kicked off its very 1st Summit (Feb 5-7, 2020 in Carlsbad, CA) with what turned out to be a big crowd-pleaser. Initially set up as a “by invitation only” attendance, the Summit’s opening program, “Biologic Association Think Tank” raised such a high level of interest that everyone in attendance was ultimately let into the session.

7) Smith & Nephew: What’s New in Ortho and Sports Medicine 
     by Thomas Wallick, 11/9/20

SmartTRAK highlights what’s new in orthopedics and sports medicine, with a spotlight on Smith & Nephew (SNN).

8) Unwrapping the Market for Adjustable Compression Wraps
     by Terry Hayslett, 11/16/20

In recent years, leading manufacturers of static compression devices have expanded their product portfolios by investing in adjustable compression wraps (ACWs). 

9) Stemless Humeral and Inlay Glenoid Implants: An Interview with Dr.                  Gregory Nicholson
     by Lisa Mahan, 4/13/20

New research shows excellent results for anatomic TSA using a stemless humeral component with an inlay glenoid. Dr. Gregory Nicholson gives the breakdown on the research, indications, market acceptance and limitations. 

10) Issues in Medtech 2020: Recession, Taxes and Sterilization
      by Lisa Mahan, 1/31/20

The Orthopedic Market experienced healthy growth in H219, fueled by a strong Q319 in the face of difficult comps, with the usual fourth-quarter bump due to the seasonality of elective procedures. Looking ahead, several key issues have the potential to impact the US market in 2020.

11) Preventing Incisional Hernias: Mesh vs Better Surgical Skills
     by Doug Devens, 1/20/20

A panel session at ACS Clinical Congress 2019 examines the evidence behind currently proposed techniques to prevent incisional hernias after midline laparotomy closure, including the use of prophylactic mesh and small-bite 4:1 suture closure.

12) COVID-Era Consolidation in Spine
      by Julianne Burns, 8/20/29

The med device market downturn related to COVID-19 has led to a notable uptick in M&A activity across the board, with a number of acquisitions that will impact the Spine market.

13) 2020 ICRS Virtual Meeting Highlights - Strong Interest  Amid COVID-19           Pandemic
      by Kim French, 11/23/20

During the month of October, the International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society (ICRS) hosted its first virtual convention, allowing stakeholders to come together to learn about the latest cartilage repair techniques, review recent clinical outcomes and explore new products via a virtual hall.

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