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Q418/FY18 Joint Fluid Market Recap

Posted by Freddy Buntoum on 3/18/19 12:45 PM

Revenues down again, owing to intense competitive pricing pressures

Pricing pressure continued to negatively impact the US Joint Fluid market, which experienced a decline of -7.9% based on Q418 revenues according to SmartTRAK Financial Dashboard. While this market continued to see unit volume increases, ASPs experienced notable declines over the past four quarters as a result of several companies not listing ASPs to CMS, which fueled competitive pricing. Additionally, revenues were impacted by the Anthem non-coverage decision that took effect in Q118 and kept impacting suppliers over the course of the year...

Among the many topics covered in the Q418/FY18 Joint Fluid Market Recap:

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Q418/FY18 TJR Market Recap: Not Your Typical Rebound

Posted by Lisa Mahan on 3/14/19 1:03 PM

Typically, Q4 is a rebound quarter for Total Joints, but SmartTRAK reports that the Q418 US market experienced a sequential decline in growth from Q318’s unseasonably strong growth, due in part to easier YoY comps. In addition, Q4 growth was also slower than the same period last year. FY18 results for the US TJR market confirms a slowing in revenue growth compared to FY17. SmartTRAK believes that increased pricing pressure and a deceleration in procedure volumes during Q4 contributed to the lower growth...

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Computer Assisted Surgery Takes Center Stage

Posted by Elise Wolf on 3/7/19 10:00 AM

With the upcoming orthopedic conference season upon us, we thought it would be interesting to take a look back at a fascinating article written by Elise Wolf, Senior Analyst, Computer Assisted Surgery, from NASS 2108, discussing the future of robotics and other enabling technologies that created a buzz on the exhibit floor.

NASS 2018: New Technology in Computer-Assisted Surgery Takes Center Stage
Robotics, navigation and other enabling technologies were hot topics at the North American Spine Society’s (NASS) 33rd annual meeting, held September 25-28, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. Manufacturers are developing a variety of computer-assisted surgery (CAS) technologies for spine surgery, including surgical planning systems, navigation systems, robotics, augmented reality (AR) technology and artificial intelligence (AI). While growth in the fusion market has slowed over the past few years due to pricing pressure, reduced procedure volumes and reimbursement non-coverage, robotic and other CAS technologies have offered...

Download a PDF of Elise Wolf's NASS 2018 CAS Article now!

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Growth Amid Debate: Open vs Robotic Techniques for Inguinal Hernia Repair

Posted by Doug Devens on 2/26/19 8:00 AM

Doug Devens, SmartTRAK's Senior Analyst, Biosurgery wrote a fascinating article titled  "Growth Amid Debate: Open vs Robotic Techniques for Inguinal Hernia Repair", in which he shines a light on issues and trends in robotic surgery and the market for inguinal hernia matrices.

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SmartTRAK Start-Up Spotlight: OrthoXel

Posted by Tim Jeavons on 2/21/19 1:30 PM

OrthoXel is an orthopaedic trauma device company focused on evolving fracture fixation through evidence-based biomechanical implant design. The Company thoughtfully designed its flagship Apex Tibial and Femoral Nails with a focus on fundamental principles of bone healing, all while keeping the surgeon’s needs in mind. Every OrthoXel product features innovative locking modes not found in any other implant system on the market and all are meticulously designed and engineered to produce the best possible clinical results for every patient.  

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Meet Our VP of Orthopedics at AAOS

Posted by Sharon O'Reilly on 2/18/19 12:34 PM

Will you be attending AAOS this year? SmartTRAK will be exhibiting (booth #6847) and we’re hoping to schedule a quick meeting to check-in with you and learn how we can better meet your needs. 

We’ll also have several SmartTRAK analysts on-site consulting with customers. Have questions about market numbers or want to know more about the latest technologies on the market? Maybe you have some questions about our latest market recap or where the market is going?

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Advanced Therapies: SmartTRAK Interviews  Robert Keller, CSO of Axolotl Biologix

Posted by Kim French on 2/12/19 10:57 AM

Stem cell “secretome” is the latest advancement in regenerative medicine. Will it become the heart of tissue regeneration? SmartTRAK interviewed Dr. Robert Keller, Ph.D, Chief Science Officer of Axolotl Biologix to learn more about the Company’s platform and future plans.

The core of regenerative medicine and leveraging the abilities of stem cells and their products to repair diseased or damaged tissues has focused in two main areas, harvesting progenitor cells and the “paracrine effect” of the stem cell secretome.

Recent studies suggest that the benefits of stem cell therapy and the underlying mechanism of repair might relate more to a paracrine modulatory effect rather than the replacement of damaged cells at the site. The secreted factors from the transplanted stems cells have been shown to trigger the patient's own cells to repair the tissue themselves.

One company that is harnessing the power of the stem cell secretome is Axolotl Biologics. Started in 2016, Axolotl Biologics offers human amnion-derived mesenchymal stromal cell (hAMSCs) conditioned medium that contains hAMSCs paracrine factors which can be used in various applications in orthopedics, wound care, pain management, ophthalmology, cardiovascular and cosmetics.

At the 6th ICRS Summit, Bio-Orthopaedics in Sports Medicine, held in San Diego, January 17 and 18, 2019, SmartTRAK caught up with Axolotl Biologix’ Chief Science Officer, Robert Keller, Ph.D. to discuss regenerative medicine and the Company’s progress.

Click on the video below to view the fascinating interview,  scroll down to read a transcript of the interview or download a PDF of the interview by clicking the link below.

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Meet SmartTRAK's Freddy Buntoum - Sr. Analyst, Regenerative Medicine

Posted by Sharon O'Reilly on 2/4/19 11:14 AM

Frederique Buntoum (aka Freddy) has joined BioMedGPS as Senior Analyst, Regenerative Medicine, overseeing the Cell Processing, Amniotic Tissue and Joint Fluid modules. Formerly Senior Manager of Market Insights at Bioventus, Freddy has broad experience in sales, marketing and competitive intelligence. Her passion for market research and uncovering the “why” behind industry developments complements SmartTRAK’s team of domain experts and her thoughtful and keen insights and out-of-the-box perspective on market happenings make her a great addition to the SmartTRAK analyst team.

In addition to her role as an analyst, Freddy will also be assisting with consulting projects and product development initiatives – two key areas that will contribute to BioMedGPS growth in 2019.

Freddy will be representing SmartTRAK at the upcoming AAOS meeting. Please Contact us if you would like to set up a time to meet.

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Topics: Regenerative Medicine

SmartTRAK attending International Stroke Conference 2019

Posted by Anne Staylor on 1/23/19 10:24 AM
SmartTRAK is excited to be attending the AANS/CNS Joint Cerebrovascular Annual Meeting on Feb. 4-5, 2019 at the Sheraton Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii and the International Stroke Conference 2019, Feb 6-8, also in Honolulu.

Anne Staylor, Managing Editor, Business Intelligence and Senior Director, Advanced Technologies will be representing BioMedGPS SmartTRAK at both conferences. Please Contact Usif you would like a meeting!

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Q318 SCS Market Recap: On Track for Another Record Year

Posted by Anne Staylor on 1/21/19 10:17 AM

New Products, Continued Demand Provide SCS Market Tailwinds

SmartTRAK reports that with new products providing a strong tailwind in Q318, the SCS market saw another quarter of strong double-digit growth in both the US and WW, positioning the market for another record year. 

Among the many topics covered in the Q318 SCS Market Recap are:

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